New Intro

The new intro for the show starts of with the Eds doing the same thing at the start of the orginal intro and then run around the cul-de-sac. First, the trio run past Nazz in a hammock spinning it around into a twist. Next, they meet up with Sarah, Jonny, Plank and Jimmy. Sarah and Jimmy are playing hopscotch & Jonny and Plank are just standing there. The Eds run past them and and Jimmy falls over. After running past Edna, the Eds bump into the Kanker Sisters but are able to escape. They then accidently push Rolf into a big eggplant and run away finally when Kevin crashes into them on purpose and they roll across Eddie who gets slammed into the camera. The intro tends with the Eds doing what they do at the end of the intro and then slams into the screen "created by Danny Antonucci". Plus the music was from the North American Trailer for the big pitcure show.

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