Ed, Edd n Eddy: Resistance is a third person cover shooter game created by A.K.A Studios. The Chinese were disgusted by both North America and South America. They had the help of the Russians in a disagreement turned war for power. The Chinese (with the help of Russian soldiers and Mercenaries,

came overseas to rule the Americas, and they occupied key locations of the U.S stronghold. But, out of the rubble and ash a resistance group made by the original and new members of the cul-de-sac will change the course of the war and history forever.


Eddy: Eddy is one of the first people to start the Morningstar Resistance Militia or M.R.M after the first few days of the war. His father was an Iraq war veteran and gave his son an M16 for his 13th birthday. An average heighted kid with a stocky build, he and Kevin were rivals with each other, competing who was the strongest, who was best for Nazz and who's father was tougher. He takes his guns very seriously, and cleans them any chance he gets.During a bombing on his home, everyone went to Kevins basement for shelter. He talked to Kevin and made an announcement about it. As the Resistance blossomed, he and Kevin became legendary heroes. He meets his end saving the others from a nuclear bomb.

Age: 14

weapons: M16, Colt .45, Kukri blade.

Ed: Ed is a partisan in the M.R.M. A happy-go-lucky kid, Ed is not really smart, but his intelligence in firearms and military tactics is astounding. After the Resistance group was formed, Ed trained everyone in firearms and military plans. As the Chinese moved to South America, Ed and the others devised a plan to take back Rio de Janeiro and the whole country of Columbia itself. During an operation in Canada, Ed was nearly killed being shot in the stomach. He was evacuated during a nuking of the city of Peach Creek, but Eddy sacrificed himself to try and stop the nuke. A memorial service was held, and Ed was the last to make a heartbreaking and heartwarming speech

Age: 15

Weapons: Remington 870, Desert Eagle, bare hands.

Edd: Edd joined the M.R.M four days after the guerrilla war started. When the Chinese invaded Peach Creek, Edd was captured and taken to a concentration camp and was forced to work 24/7. One night, the M.R.M decided to invade the concentration camp and set free all of the prisoners. Edd was one of the lucky ones, and got out alive. He now is stationed at their new outpost, and works at command central. he evacuated the city with everyone else except Eddy, and held a memorial service after he bombing.

Age: 14

Weapons: Remington 700, Beretta M9, Ka-Bar knife.


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