Ed, Edd n Eddy: the war between friends is a fanfiction created by Jack A. Jones. The eds have gained almost super skills and powers that led to an evil clone of Professor Utonium to want to see them destroyed. this led to blame between the eds and it turned to madness then it turned to a battle the Cul-De-sac would never forget. It turned out that the kids had gotten enhanced by the Utonium Corp. to become super soldiers or evil operatives. each character or Ed fight each other in the period of time it will take to make each story


Edd: Edd is one of the main protagonists in this series. He was taken away from his parents and experimented on to see if he was right for the A.A.D.P.F.E (Attributing.And.Distributing.Powers.For.Evil.) test. he was proved to have special skills. This made Eddy jealous and he set out to kill him. As the series go on, he does get killed by Eddy. But, after he does... he feels intense remorse, and he decided to revive him. But, he had to get to a computer and put his body into a container.

Eddy:Eddy is both an antagonist and a protagonist. He was jealous because Edd got special powers. He decided to take the test after he killed Edd. He thought he didn't have powers, but after he found out he decided to revive him. His first mission was to take out Professor Utonium. He was killed on the first try. He was later revived by Ed and Rolf. As the series goes on, he gets one last chance to beat Professor Utonium.

Ed: Ed is also the third and last protagonist of the series. He and Rolf went to revive Eddy to defeat Professor Utonium. Although they are both strong, Professor Utonium has a suit that is tentimes stronger. So they attempt to revive both Double D and Eddy. Ed would die later and like the others will be revived. Rolf will stay alive.

Agents: These agents are exact clones of the other kids in the Cul-de-sac. These special agents have all the weapons all of the worlds militaries would have combined. A select few sign up for the super soldiers, which makes their blood green and makes them powerful.

Rolf: Rolf is also a last protagonist of the series (If I said Ed was the last, I was wrong.). He and Ed set out to revive their friends and have them fight Professor Utonium. He is the one who used the most weapons.


This is influenced off of Madness Combat.

I will write this later.

I will do the flash version as soon I get Adobe Flash.

Sorry for the lame title.

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