The eds and the kids were doing their own thing when an unknown virus struck on Peach Creek. Trapped in the Peach Creek Junior High school, They fought zombies and tried to survive in their own stories and found survivors, fought zombies and psychos, and met their fates at the hands of the apocalypse

Eddy: Eddy was trying to scam the kids of the Cul-de-sac when the virus broke out. Trapped in the school, he and the eds fought to save lives and kill everything in sight. Eddy was rescued like the eds but the helicopter was shot down and their fate is unknown.

Edd: Edd was studying for school when it happened. He heard it over the news and learned the only safe place was the principals office on the second floor. he is the first person to know about the apocalypse, thinking it was only a riot. He decided to do a report on it for the school newspaper. he built a helicopter and he and Eddy, and Ed flew it so they can make it to the school safely. They make it in, seeing the barricade and seeing the zombies and how they could all have survived.

Ed: Ed was one of the first to hear of the invasion. He thought it was cool at first, but when Sarah let the zombies in to get her doll, he realized how dangerous they were. He was then put under attack by Samuel, a mysterious student at Peach Creek, attacked him and Eddy. His fate is unknown after his helicopter is shot down.

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