Ed, Edd n Eddy: To the brink of violence is a game created by

A.K.A studios. The game is about the cul-de-sac kids, who have gone into being freshmans in highschool, but have been recruited into a tournament. This tournament has brought the deadliest soldiers, mercs, gangsters and prisoners and put them against each other. Each Ed and each other cul-de-sac kids have a secret occupation that the others don't know, and their job makes them deadly. But, unbeknownst to them, Eddy's brother knows who they are and what they do and decided to put them against people and each other to see who will triumph and who will be the king of the cul-de-sac.



Ed is a former Blackwater mercenary who has been recruited into the tournament. He was ex-military and joined Blackwater because he wanted the taste of blood to be at his lips again. He was a former fun, absent-minded kid. But, now he is a bloodthirsty killer wanting to see who he can or can't trust. Sometimes, he will protect his friends from many other fighters, and will sacrifice his life for his friends and loved ones His weapons of choice are an AA-12 and a golden desert eagle


Edd is a bounty hunter that is known to bring his contractors the dead bodies of the people stops. He is still kindhearted, but can't resist the pressure of being a wuss and not killing anybody. He wanted to prove them wrong and killed convicts, killers, and gangsters who had a price on their head. The only exception he will make is with his friend, Eddy, His weapons are an MP7 and an automatic glock.


Eddy is a gangster in the Star-9 gang. He was out doing a job when he was chloroformed. He is a cold-blooded killer who is not afraid to kill anyone who gets in his way. He is on ranked the number one in the the most wanted gangster list, at least that what he says. He is rivals with Kevin, who is a US Army. He is very loyal to his gang and will throw away his life for his boss. His weapons are an AK-47 and a beretta m9.


Kevin is a former US Army Ranger. During a draft period, Ed and Kevin were drafted. Kevin was assigned to fight in afghanistan to fight some of the taliban. Then, they were assigned to fight back home, where they were to fight some heavily armed gangsters. He fought Eddy, but he never knew about it until the tournament. He is fighting in the tournament, wanting to find out what happened to everybody else. His weapons are an M4 Carbine and a Desert Eagle.

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