EEnEUS is a Dragonball Z/Ed, Edd n Eddy crossover written by Son Gokua on


The story begins with a short fist fight between Ed, who is going insane, and Eddy, the perfectly sane kid. It is not explained why Ed is attacking him. Eddy seems to be a match for him, and Ed turns back to normal. Like nothing ever happened.

The next day at school, Edd demands proof that Eddy was attacked. And Eddy has none. Ed begins to lose his mind again, yelling, "Edd must die!" Eddy, Edd, and Rolf began to fight Ed.

An unrealistic aura goes over Ed, his hair begins to spike up. He was a Restrained Super Saiyan, kind of like Broly. Except with red hair. Ed easily starts to beat on them, then they go to full power and knock him unconcious.


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