Ed, Edd n Eddy - Cul-de-Sac Smackdown is a fighting video game idea by KooKooManGuy. It is about the Cul-de-Sac residents hearing very loud noises. They try to found out and it is Yeshmiyek, cooking. It is available on PS3, Wii and DS.

Playable Characters




  • Selection Quote: "I love chickens, guys!" (from "Boys Will Be Eds").
  • Winning Quote: "I am Ed, See me!!!!" (from Big Picture Show).
  • Weapons: Fists and Head.
  • Type- Heavy, slow, strong
  • Ed-down: Ed says "I AM A MONSTER!!!", turns into Edzilla and crushes his enemies.


  • Selection Quote: "Curiosity killed the cat!".
  • Winning Quote: "I've broken everything, but a record."
  • Weapons: Ruler and Book
  • Type: Balanced
  • Ed-down: Edd takes off his hat and a giant beam of light hits his enemies.


  • Selection Quote: "Bingo!"
  • Winning Quote: "If you can't beat 'em, show off!"
  • Weapon: A pole with a giant dollar sign.
  • Type: Light, fastest, weak
  • Ed-down: Eddy pulls a trigger and all his enemies fall into a hole.



  • Selection Quote: "Dorks."
  • Winning Quote: "I'm outta here."
  • Unlock: Beat story mode with any of the Eds.
  • Weapon: Walnut Ratchet.
  • Type: Balanced
  • Ed-down: Kevin runs over his enemies with his bike.


  • Selection Quote: "That's my Horse!"
  • Winning Quote: "Come, Rolf makes good."
  • Unlock: Fight in Rolf's backyard 4 times.
  • Weapon: Pitchfork.
  • Type: Heavy, slow, strong
  • Ed-down: Rolf calls his animals and they run over his enemies.


  • Selection Quote: "I think I pulled something, Sarah!"
  • Winning Quote: "I am Jimmy, hear me roar!"
  • Unlock: Complete 5 Missions.
  • Weapon: Mr. Yum Yum
  • Type: Lightest, fast, weakest
  • Ed-down: Jimmy shouts "I AM JIMMY, HEAR ME ROAR!", becomes incredibly strong and smashes his enemies with a mailbox.


  • Selection Quote: "You're gonna get it!"
  • Winning Quote: "Serves you right!"
  • Unlock: Complete Mission 5.
  • Weapons: Fists and Mouth.
  • Type: Heavy, slow, strong
  • Ed-down: Sarah screams "I'M TELLING MOM!" so loud, it blows up her enemies.


  • Selection Quote: "It's Melon Time!"
  • Winning Quote: "No thanks are necessary, citizens."
  • Unlock: Complete Story mode with anyone, but not with any Eds.
  • Weapon: Splinter The Wonderwood (Plank)
  • Type: Balanced
  • Ed-down: Captian melon head runs foward and hits his enemies while saying "IT's MELON TIME!".


  • Selection Quote: "Speaking of Road hogs!"
  • Winning Quote: "We should jam sometime!"
  • Unlock: Complete Mission 20.
  • Weapon: Hair brush
  • Type: Balanced
  • Ed-down: Nazz blows her trumpet so hard, everyone and everything blows up around her!

Eddy's Brother

  • Selection Quote: "Looks good, Pipsqueak!"
  • Winning Quote: "You've got spunk!"
  • Unlock: Complete the game by 99%.
  • Type: Heaviest, slow, strongest
  • Ed-down: Eddy's Brother runs his enemies over with his car.

Lee Kanker

  • Selection Quote: "I love a man that fights!"
  • Winning Quote: "300 years of back rent of smooching and mooching!"
  • Unlock: Finish Story mode with Eddy.
  • Weapon: Fists and mouth
  • Type: Heavy, slow, strong
  • Ed-down: Lee pulls out a Kanker Burger and all her enemies start eating it. While eating, Lee blows kisses which defeats her enemies.

Marie Kanker

  • Selection Quote: "Hubba, Hubba!"
  • Winning Quote: "Wash outs!"
  • Unlock: Finish story mode with Edd.
  • Weapon: Fists and mouth
  • Type: Balanced
  • Ed-down: Marie blows a bubble gum with her enemies inside and it pops, destroying her enemies.

May Kanker

  • Selection Quote: "It's the Eds!"
  • Winning Quote: "Losers, snoozers!"
  • Unlock: Finish Story mode with Ed.
  • Weapon: Fists and mouth
  • Type: Heavy, slow, strong
  • Ed-down: Same as Ed's, only a female Edzilla.


  • Selection Quote: (Silent)
  • Winning Quote: (Silent)
  • Unlock: Complete the game by 100% three times.
  • Weapon: Pot and spoon
  • Type: Heavy, slow, strong
  • Ed-down: Yeshmiyek puts her enenmies into her cooking pot and boils them until they set on fire.


  • Quote: "I am the Replicant Engineered Insterstellar System."
  • Winning Quote: "I will absorb everything!"
  • Unlock: Finish Story Mode with Rolf.
  • Weapon: Lasers and legs
  • Type: Balanced
  • Ed-down: R.E.G.I.S. absorbs lots of stuff and his enemies and sends them flying at the screen.


  • The Kanker Sisters (Together)
  • Eddy's Brother
  • Yeshmiyek


  • The Park
  • Rolf's Farm
  • School
  • Melon Cave
  • Ed's Room
  • The Street
  • Chimp World
  • Mondo-a-Go-Go
  • The Trailer Park
  • The Junkyard
  • Construction Site
  • The Center of The Earth



  • Coins- Used to upgrade your characters and buy costumes.
  • Jawbreaker- Allows you use your Ed-down.
  • Bubble Gum- Allows you fly in the sky.
  • Chunky Puffs- Fills up your health bar by 50%.


  • Double G- Once this is threw, your enemies become dizzy for 10 seconds.
  • Potato Peeler- Shoots potatos.


  • Ed-
  • Lothar
  • The Cents
  • Winter Outfit
  • Edd-
  • Bubonic Plauge
  • Masked Mumbler
  • Mucky Boy Edd
  • Eddy-
  • Zombie Elvis
  • Karate Outfit
  • Professer Scam
  • Kevin-
  • Winter Outfit
  • Football Outfit
  • Pool Outfit
  • Rolf-
  • Goat
  • Battle suit from Dueling Eds
  • Sea cucumber dress
  • Jonny-
  • Captain Melonhead
  • Urban Ranger
  • Plank-head Jonny (from 2+2=Ed)
  • Jimmy-
  • Halloween Costume
  • Winter Outfit
  • Fighting Outfit (from A Fistful of Ed)

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