Dungeons and Eds is an upcoming Fanfiction Game by TEd711, and is a fan video-game by him as well. It is based on the Mystery Dungeon series of games, although the game does not have the words "Mystery Dungeon" in the title.

Playable Characters

Ed (Is a leader during story, and is obtained at start)
Edd (Is a leader during story, and is obtained at start)
Eddy (Is a leader during story, and is obtained at start)


Basic gameplay is this - the Eds and other player characters go through dungeons. Gameplay is similar to that of Pokemon Mystery Dungeons, but the number of characters is limited. You can't recruit characters, unlike other Mystery Dungeon Games, although after the main story, you can pick a new captain and recruit other people as rewards for missions. You can also gear up the Eds with various material. You can collect items like apples for food, Nuts for health, and orbs. You can also buy stuff at towns. Explore a whole new world! Fight fierce creatures! Save this new world!


Eddy's latest scam involves retrieving something from somewhere under the Junkyard - a dungeon-like tunnel. After fighting various enemies and getting to the end of the dungeon (which isn't very large), they wind up lost, although Eddy refuses to admit it. They try going up, but end up in a town called Mercury City. There, they find themselves involved in the events of another world that they somehow ended up in. After being explained to them that this is a medieval world parallel to their universe, and that this universe has many problems with a dark force known as the "Anton" that is corrupting many people, the Eds decide to form a rescue team to find out what the heck is going on, find a way back home, and investigate the mysterious "Anton".


  • As homage to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, the woman that stores your items for safekeeping dresses up as a Kangaskhan. When you are shown around town, the mayor of the village explains that she likes to dress up as a being from another dimension, of which the "person who watches over all" may have experienced. This breaks the fourth wall.
  • "Anton" is derived from Danny Antonucci's last name.
  • The reason TEd711 created this game was because he has been playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon lately

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