Levels are the same, just with new ones(which are long)and more playable characters.How to find secret level 1:1.Do the glitch "Hop over the fence(the fence with the actor movie.)"with all three eds.2.Do Batter-ed(with fast run activated.)to get to the end of the street.There you will see the Big Picture Show Level.How to complete it.:You will start off as Ed.First you must get to Ed's room.There you must quickly find buttered toast, a lot of sponges, and clothes before time runs out.Then, you must break through the wall and throw the sponges into the air.Then, you have to get to Double D's house without getting noticed.When you get him, you then have to get to Eddy's house.Then, you have to get to Eddy's Brothers room,use Double D to lock the door, and find a place to hide.But, Ed made too much noise, so now you have to find the key to the car and try to get the car to work before time runs out.Use Ed's stomp to get the car to work and escape to the streets.You then have to escape from Kevin and Rolf.But, Plank jumps on the car, so you have to shake him off.Then, Eddy forgot to make sure if the snake was in the car.It was.You have to use Double D to defeat it because if Eddy tries to, the car will crash and if Ed tried, the car will stop moving.So you have to make sure the snake doesn't get to them.When you defeat the snake, you then have get rolf off of Ed's feet.You then have to defeat Kevin and get to the playground.Use Double D to spin the car to fly to the desert.You have to get out of the desert and get through the cow barn.When you get to the flower field, Ed is now able to fly and Edd can now use the sextant.When you get to the factory,Eddy can use lighting gum, Ed can throw rubber chickens, and Double D can throw fake snakes.But, Ed did a prank that sended Double D flying and Kevin and Nazz figured out where they were.You need to quickly get out of the factory before time runs out.Then, you have to find Double D and build a boat.You must find a way through the swamp.Then, you have to find a place to stay for the night.When you wake up, you have to survive the fall.You have to find the whale trailer.Then, you have to defeat Eddy's Bro.(The Cul-de-Sac kids will help except for Double D and Eddy, who are being used as weapons.)Finally, you have to defeat the Gourd.TO BE CONTINUED!!!

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