Ed, Edd n Eddy Baseball is a game only for the Wii. It features baseball in EENE style.

Team Leaders

  • Ed

Team Name: Ed-Bashers

Bat: His head

Special Attack: Yelling his yell from Little Ed Blue.

Pitch: 4/10

Bat: 8/10

Field: 5/10

Run: 6/10

Selection Quote: "I played in the T-Ball Leauge! Well, not really..."

  • Edd

Team Name: Edd Braniacs

Bat: A ruler

Special Attack: Pulls off his hat stunning all players.

Pitch: 5/10

Bat: 3/10

Field: 4/10

Run: 6/10

Selection Quote: "You've made the right choice!"

  • Eddy

Team Name: Eddy Money Stealers

Bat: A green stick

Special Attack: Throws alarm clocks at players

Pitch: 8/10

Bat: 5/10

Field: 3/10

Run: 9/10

Selection Quote: "We'll scam every possible pigeon!"

  • Edna

Team Name: Edna Butterflys

Bat: A pink stick

Special Attack: Uses her bat like a boomerang

Pitch: 5/10

Bat: 4/10

Field: 8/10

Run: 6/10

Selection Quote: "This is going to be awesome!"

Team Players

  • Jonny

Bat: Plank

Special Attack: Uses Plank as a boomerang

Pitch: 8/10

Bat: 6/10

Field: 5/10

Run: 8/10

  • Rolf

Bat: A mixing stick

Special Attack: Makes cows rampage the field

Pitch: 5/10

Bat: 3/10

Field: 4/10

Run: 8/10

  • Nazz

Bat: A purple stick

Special Attack: Stuns the boys with her "prettiness".

Pitch: 8/10

Bat: 4/10

Field: 7/10

Run: 5/10

  • Kevin

Bat: A bike chain

Special Attack: Stuns the other players with field dust as he rides his bike.

Pitch: 7/10

Bat: 3/10

Field: 8/10


  • Sarah
  • Jimmy
  • Lee
  • Marie
  • May
  • Sandy
  • Molly
  • The Kimono Sisters



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