Ed, Edd n Eddy Future is a fan-fiction about the characters' lives in the future.

Their Futures

  • Ed is the construction worker of Ed Co. and a book writer.
  • Edd is the vice president of Ed Co. and a doctor.
  • Eddy is the president of Ed Co. and owner of Eddy Land.
  • Sarah is a crossing guard. She doesn't remember anyone from the past.
  • Jimmy is the interior designer of Ed Co.,a star (who stars with May) and a lumberjack.
  • Rolf and Victor are the security guards of Ed Co. Rolf is also a barber at Ed Co.
  • Kevin is the owner of The Jawbreaker Factory.
  • Nazz is the secretery of Ed Co. and a dentist at Ed. Co.
  • Jonny and Plank are the mail room sorters of Ed Co. and are miners.
  • Lee is May's make-up artist.
  • Marie is May's make-up artist.
  • May is a star who stars with Jimmy.

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