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Ed, Edd n Eddy Kart
Released: Christmas 2009
Platform: Wii, DS, DSi
Genre(s): Racing
Mode(s): Single Player, Mutiplayer (2-12), Nintendo WFC (Around the world)
Previous Game: None
Next Game: Ed, Edd n Eddy Kart: Double Dash!!


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Characters and Vehicles

Name Kart Quote Speed
Ed O3 Kart "Fly with me!" 6
Edd Pin Roader Rolling Pin Roader Kart "You know I hate that!" 8
Eddy Tour Bus Kart "It's the scam of all scams!" 5
Nazz Search and Rescue Vehicle Kart "Dudes, that's awesome!" 6
Rolf Tractor Kart "Rolf is pleased!" 7
Jonny Roller Coaster Whiplash Roller Coaster Kart "Right on!" 4

Lou | Flower Kart | "Do your stuff!" | ?


Name Kart Quote Speed
Jimmy Big Daddy Cruiser Kart


Kevin Bike Kart "Dorks!" 7
Sarah Record Breaking Rocket Car Kart "Where'd you get your license?!? A chunky puffs box?!?" 4
Eddy's Older Brother Piggy Bank Belly Bumper Kart "Toughen up." 8
Lee n Seek Wagon Hide n Seek Wagon Kart "It's time for some smoochin' and moochin'!" 5

Speeder Garbage Speeder Kart

"She said "the sky", stupid." 7
May Tricycle Kart "What number do you dial for 911?" 6
Edna Love Heart "Thank you." 8
Sandy Cuddly Kart "We're just Edd's two favorite cousin's!" 5
Molly Teenage Racer "Well, I have no choice..." 7
Evil Tim Dark Destroyer "Evil rules..." 10
Kilobot Zomb-Mobile Kart "I am Evil." ?
Dum James SS Too Rich Kart "Am I in bad taste?" ?
Evil Ed Super Dark Destroyer "Evil does not die; it evolves." ?


Cup Name Difficulty Map
1 The Playground 1 Playground
1 The Lane 1 Lane
1 Melon Cave 2 ?
1 The Street 2 ?
2 Ed's House 2 ?
2 Peach Creek Jr. High 3 ?
2 The Trailer Park 2 ?
2 The Old Abandoned House 4 ?
3 The Junkyard 3 ?
3 The Factory 3 ?
3 The Creek 4 ?
3 The Store Lane 2 ?
4 The Jungle 4 ?
4 Lemonbrook Gag Factory 3 ?
4 Football Field 2 ?
4 Sunset Shore 2 ?
5 The Swimming Hole 5 ?
5 Mondo-a-Go Go 5 ?
5 Lady Liberty 5 ?
5 Requiem For a Whiplash 5 ?
6 The Jawbreaker Factory ?
6 Tiki Head Beach 5 ?
6 Evil Tim's Cave ?
6 Darkness Kingdom 5 ?



Name How to Unlock
Jimmy Complete Cup 2 in first place.
Kevin Complete Cup 3 in first place.
Sarah Complete Cup 4 in first place.
Eddy's Older Brother Win 32 battle mode games.
Lee Complete 10 time trial courses.
Marie Win 15 battle mode games.
May Win 25 battle mode games.
Edna Complete Cup 5 in first place
Sandy Get 1 star or more in all time trial mode courses.
Molly Get 1 star or more in 32 battle mode games.
Evil Tim Get 3 stars or more in all Grand Prix cups.
Kilobot Get 4 stars or more in Multiplayer Mode.
Dum James Get 5 stars or more in all Grand Prix cups.
Evil Ed Complete Cup 6 and Cup 7 in first place.


Name How to Unlock
Cup 2 Complete Cup 1 in thrid place or better.
Cup 3 Complete cup 2 in third place or better.
Cup 4 Complete Cup 3 in third place or better.
Cup 5 Complete Cup 4 in third place or better.
Cup 6 Complete Cup 5 in third place or better.




Two sequels, Ed, Edd n Eddy Kart 2 and Ed, Edd n Eddy Kart: Double Dash with Chowder!! have been announced. Both might come out in 2011.


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