Ed, Edd n Eddy Return is another fanfiction series and this one is created by User:TheBiggestEdFan.

Replacement of Reality

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Fanfiction Episodes is the replacment for this series. It is currently under voice gathering.


Season 1

Name Summary
Go to the Ed Store The Eds build a local store to impress the kids.
1,2,3, Ed! The Eds try to build a town. But it's a problem with all the machines.
Did I Miss Any Ed? The Eds are on a school test and Eddy gets a detetion-on a special day...
Jumble Ed Ed is forced to clean his room-right before school!
I've Got to Ed! The Eds remeber the past from previous episodes.
The Man With the Golden Ed Ed is convinced that Rolf is killed, and he convinces the kids.
License to Ed Eddy and Ed try to mess up Edd's driving lesson.
Flush the Ed It's another crummy sea scam but this on includes real fiish...FLUSH!
I'll Prove It It's Ed Eddy tries to tell the kids that Jimmy has an evil side.
The Great Ed Brothers The Eds put on a big circus, but the only problem is FEES!
Take Me Out to the Ed Game (Double Length) The Eds put on a big baseball game- but all content is Ed-related!
An Ed To Spare Mising all records, Eddy decides to search for new music records.
Cut Out the Ed Scene The Eds get Eddy into Embarresville when they accidently show a violent scene of Eddy in their scam!
When There's a Will There's an Ed (Double Length) The Eds need to stop Sarah and Jimmy from their play of building- they're destroying the house!
Trouble With a Captial ED Sarah tries to tattletale on Ed for an accident. Next thing you know she'll be telling the school principal.
Elementry, My Dear Ed The Eds are assinged to an England project. Double D researches like any old person but Ed and Eddy try to travel there!
The Fast and the Ed The Eds challenge Kevin to a race. But the only thing wrong is there are no rules!
Line My Eds Up Eddy accidently knocks out Edd's bookself and the two troublemakers are forced to put them back up.
FloodEd Ed accidently floods the cul-de-sac and it's up to Eddy and Edd to drain it out.
Pledge to the Ed Eddy is tired of getting disrespected so he creates a "law" that the kids have to respect them- or else!
Twinkle Twinkle, Little Ed Eddy does a solo-scam overnight, causing him to sleep during the day.
A Day in the Life of an Ed We learn what Ed would do if he didn't have Eddy around to

Season 2

Name Summary
Red Ed, Green Ed The Eds create a twisted up game of Red Light Green Light.
Challenge at the Ed Eddy seeks revenge on the kids by setting up secret battles.
The Other Side of the Ed (Double Length) Edd shows his dark side when Eddy goes off the deep end of his taunting.
Ed Takes All The Eds become game enimies during a game of Capture the Flag.
Big Fat Edder Ed gets in some serious trouble with Eddy, but Ed gets out by blaming Double D- boy is Eddy angry!
Funny You Should Ed A normal day is out when Edd is not very brainy today. Dumb as Ed. Actully dumber.
Trick or Ed The Eds try to get everyone on the block for halloween but the kids can make it harder.
Freckleface Ed Edd begins to gain freckles and he goes so crazy that he tries to create a formula to get rid of dipples, moles and freckles.
It's More Than Just an Ed Eddy gets high expectations for winning a spot in the school play. But he gets the part that'll humiliate him for the rest of his life...
Complete EdOver Edd doesn't pay attention to his math test and gets the worst grade which means- a dreaded sign by the parents and a COMPLETE DO-OVER!
Around the Ed in 80 Days To gain popularity, Eddy tricks the Eds into travling around the world in 50 days to break the record.
Eddy Island Eddy creates trick islands of the kid's dreams. And to participate, the island fees are you-know-what!
Over the Bridge and Through the Ed The Eds open a restraunt but they need food-so they go bear hunting with a bag of purple nurples from Ed. And the nurples aren't food.
Bummer EdCation Eddy deciedes to make his summer better due to over 18 failed scams. But Edd and Ed like their summer just fine.
Time Edders The scene from The Good Ole' Ed where the Eds do a time travel scam is made into a real 11 minute episode.
War of the Ed A scam gone bad causes the Eds, Jonny and Plank to battle the rest of the kids.
Silly Ed Rivalry Jealous of the Urban Rangers, Eddy creates his own team called The Ed Rangers. But as we all might know, nobody joins.
Nighty Ed Ed has a horrible nightmare, leavng Edd and Eddy to calm him down. 
Super-Ed  The Eds try to become superheros to make the kids want to be superheros too. 
We're Off to See the Edder Edd and Eddy accidently make Ed magic, making the kids go crazy for him. As soon as Eddy notices, he takes advantage of the situation.
Mary Had a Little Ed The Eds do a fairytale scam, creating dumb fairytales that sometimes invole princesses! 
X Marks the Ed 2 Ed gets a pimple!

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