1. Ed-ing in Style-The Eds are tired of seeing the retro-van as un-drivable so they repair it with Edd's constructing skills.They complete it and show it to the kids in the cul-de-sac as Eddy's Riding Van and they can ride it for 25 cents each.Everything goes smoothly until The Kanker Sisters come and steal it. Angry the Eds go to the the trailer park and using the junk they got from the junkyard attack the the Kanker Sisters and trap them with tape.The Ed's return to the kids and all the kids go in the retro van at once but the retro-van goes out of control it crashes and the kids get seriously injured:Kevin gets a broken arm, Rolf gets pain in his stomach, Jimmy and Sarah get almost all of their hair gone, Jonny gets a piece of junk stuck in his finger, Plank gets cut in half, and Nazz gets a broken leg. And they get their money back leaving the Eds jawbreaker-less and it ends with Ed saying Let's watch a movie! with Eddy responding Shut Up Ed.

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