"Ed, Edd n Eddy Strike Back"
Date written: 2009
Writer: Captian melon head
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Ed, Edd n Eddy Strike Back is Captian melon head's idea of bringing back Ed, Edd n Eddy around the 2020's. It will be similar to the series now but there will be a few changes.


  • The theme song will be turned into a rock version.


Ed, Edd n Eddy Strike Back will have four more seasons and some of the old episodes from the original show will be redone.

Season 1

  • "The Incredible Shrinking Ed"
    Rolf is summoning on one of his chickens. Ed runs after the chicken and a bolt of lighting hits Ed when it was suppose to hit the chicken. Ed starts growing and growing until he is the size of the Empire State Building. Meanwhile, one Eddy's new scams actually work but then Edd builds a cardboard airplane and Rolf gets the idea of using Eddy's money to fire them at Ed. What will happen?
  • Ed-letricity

The Eds make a videogame, but when Ed sees monsters as enemies in the game, Ed goes inside the game and returns as Lothar to stop monsters.

  • "Ed-Crubs"
  • Ed thinks Eddy has Leper, so he puts him in a plastic ball.
  • "Music to my Ed"

Ed and Eddy open a CD store. Meanwhile, Double D gives Rolf English lessons.

  • "Faster Than the Speed of Ed"

Eddy thinks he is faster than Kevin so the whole Cul-de-Sac has a race.

  • "The Ed and I"
  • When Double D writes a script for a play, Ed and Eddy change it completely which ruins the whole play.


  • "The Nutty Ed-ventures of Jimmy-Jonny"

When a hole in a fence is found, it seems to lead to a different universe. A universe where the characters of The Nutty Adventures Of Teddy The Bear and Jimmy-Jonny live..... (go on Captian melon head's main page to found out about these two unfamilar shows!).

  • "Big Picture Show Strikes Back"


The possible plot will be Eddy's Brother joining forces with some of The Eds greatest enemies: The Gourd, The Kankers, The Evil Eds and few from other universes that starred in The Nutty Ed-ventures of Jimmy-Jonny.

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