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Picture for the Heritage Saga

Ed, Edd n Eddy Z is a crossover between Ed, Edd n Eddy and Dragon Ball Z, as the title implies. Unlike other fanfictions, this fanfiction is animated in Flash. There are currently 51 episodes (and 5 remade episodes) in this series. It is currently available in and

This series is created by SSJ7G.

Plot / Summary


Five years before the events of the series take place, the Cousin Trio, Corey, Zach, and Drew, are sucked in the conflict known only as the School Wars. It stemmed from evil Congressmen passing along No Child Left Behind to U.S. President George W. Bush to sign into effect. From there, evil teachers with questionable disciplinary procedures were hired, among them Dr. Gero and Prof. Utonium. The emotions boiled over and the rebellion began. Regretting his decision, Bush found it needed to send the armed forces into war. The war was even until Saiyan involvement.

From their involvement, the droid forces were cut in half before they realized Commander Drew, 2nd-in-command Zach, and General Corey were on the battlefield, ready to defeat the enemy. After three months of Saiyan involvement, the final destination, the SuperSchool, was attacked by the Saiyans and the armed forces. The heroes made their way down the corridors until three Super Saibamen confronted the heroes. Zach and Drew told Corey to go on without them, which Corey reluctantly did. The younger cousin made his way through the SuperSchool while his cousins defeated the Super Saibamen.

Corey found the core, but was attacked by a robot, known only as Proto-Metal Sonic. After nearly being killed, Corey's anger at the scientists peaked and his hidden powers awakened, allowing the seven-year-old warrior to defeat Proto-Metal Sonic. However, Corey's reserves of Ki were low, and he passed out. Goku came in at this point, and with a Senzu bean, restored Corey to full strength. The explosion that followed made Corey wonder if Goku survived the blast.

For the next five years, the cousins went their own ways, Drew living with his family, Zach protecting the ruins of the Super School from thugs, and Corey going out, exploring the world and training. Eventually, his travels brought him to Peach Creek. At first, passing by the Urban Rangers sentencing three boys to the "Walk of Shame", Corey thought nothing, until he sensed their power levels. After the Urban Rangers cleared out, having left the Eds slipping and sliding on lard (ending of "Oath to an Ed") down the gutters, Corey approached them, and introduced himself, hiding the fact he was a veteran of the School Wars. Corey himself was skeptical at first, but he had a belief those three boys before him were Saiyans, whose past had been covered up by their parents.

When he saw them in the junkyard the following day, he watched the strangest thing happen: tails sprouted from the three boys, much like Corey's own tail. That instantly confirmed it. Before Corey could approach them and tell them, flat-out, that they were Saiyan warriors, the Eds freaked out and ran home to have them amputated. Corey still told them, and for the next month, they were somewhat good friends. Even if the Eds complained at Corey's training a lot, especially Edd and Eddy. However, while Corey planned to bring in Drew, Eddy was stirring up trouble. After the events of "Robbin' Ed", Kevin's anger peaked -- he had finally had enough of those dorks and finally decided that they must be destroyed...

He began to look up how to build Androids. While Corey was still trying to tell the Eds their true heritage, Kevin met a shadowy figure, naming himself "Utonium", who offered to help Kevin. Blinded by his lust for revenge, Kevin accepted the offer from the evil professor...

Heritage Saga (Episodes 1-12)

In Episode 1, Corey walks with the Eds, still trying to convince them that they in fact, are Saiyans. Suddenly, three silver Androids drop from the sky. The prototype Androids have showed up! Corey charges into battle, as does Ed, although he still believes the Eds are "not like in a comic book". Eddy and Edd team up on the straggler and join in the fray. Meanwhile, Drew is en route to the Cul-De-Sac. Just over it, he sees the Prototype Androids, but he is caught off-guard and smashed into the ground. He rebounds, however, and smashes one of his metallic aggressors in the jaw. Soon, the Androids are destroyed. Kevin's second wave comes out and the results are the same, although the Eds and Corey do come very close to a near-fatal encounter in a beam struggle. Kevin's anger and lust for revenge builds over in Episodes 2-3. During this time, In Episode 2, the Eds learn the Kamehameha and Special Beam Cannon from Corey and Drew and the heroes learn the Kaio-ken from Goku.

In Episode 4, the ambushes take a near-fatal turn...after defeating most of the Saibamen squad on their training hill, Corey, Drew, and the Eds all search out for the last one, when it unexpectedly lunges out of nowhere and attaches to Double-D. Screaming in fear, Double-D is blown up by the kamikaze attack. Double-D is instantly knocked unconscious. Fearing the worst, Corey, Drew, Ed and Eddy believe there is nothing that they can do, when suddenly, Corey remembers his spare bean. He then feeds it to Double-D, who immediately goes for his hat. Because of this experience, the Eds now believe they are Saiyans.

Episode 5 only further intensifies the struggle: Kevin has finally completed four Androids. He sends them so that they can ambush the heroes at their site, not knowing they were already there. After that battle, the Eds, Corey and Drew have a solid idea of who the culprit is...

Episode 6 begins, and Sarah chases Double-D out of Ed's house and onto the street. The remaining four Saiyans follow, hoping to catch up to the two Saiyans before anything happens. Kevin sends out his final squad, and one of the prototypes hits Sarah, knocking her out. The Saiyans charge into battle, and after Ed destroys all the Prototypes on his own, Corey and Drew begin to lose their fights. With the Eds charging in, they begin to win. As Corey and Drew begin to battle back the Androids, #5 and #6, Sarah was still knocked out until, Jimmy, Jonny, Plank, and Nazz all immediately blame the Eds, Corey and Drew for Sarah's attack, but Sarah knows otherwise -- she tells the truth. Above, Drew and Ed combine their powers and destroy #6. Meanwhile, Corey and the other two Eds get into a close beam struggle, which ends with #5 being destroyed. After going to warn Kevin of his last warning, our heroes settle into somewhat normal lives, completely unaware of Utonium's evil plans with the Chaos Emeralds.

Episode 7 begins, and Corey takes on Double-D and Eddy together, and finds out they haven't been training. Meanwhile, Professor Utonium manages to convince the Mayor of Townsville that Corey, Drew, and Zach were at fault during the School Wars, and that Utonium was actually the hero during the conflict. With two Chaos Emeralds, Utonium begins to put his plan in motion. Meanwhile, back at the training site, during the evening hours, Ed and Drew are sparring, and Ed is able to keep up somewhat with Drew. Ed had been training hard to protect his sister, as told to by his mother. The Androids of that episode land, and it is clear that Kaioken is required to combat this threat. Corey has more trouble with his opponent than the others do, and, as everyone else finishes off their Androids, Corey is brutally attack and knocked into a semi-conscious state for a short period of time by #11, who is then sneak-attacked by Drew, who then gives Corey a bean. Now angry, Corey ascends into the air and blows #11 away. Kevin is once more interrogated by the angry heroes, but Kevin maintains his innocence. He tells the heroes a riddle...

In Episode 8, in the morning, in a remote town, a man by the name of Peter Jones is taking an early morning stroll, when he stumbles across the purple chaos Emerald. He doesn't know of its power, and thinks it to be a pretty gift for "Ashley", the girl of his dreams. However, he is instead brutally murdered by the power-suit clad Professor Utonium, who is now equally blinded by his lust for revenge. He takes the Emerald and vanishes. The news of the murder reaches our heroes, and inspires Double-D to train. Corey and Double-D train together for a short time until it is interrupted by three Androids. #14 takes on Corey and Drew together, #13 takes on Edd and Eddy together, and #12 takes on Ed alone. For a time, it seems like our heroes can't win. Suddenly, Ed uses the Kaioken x5. Realizing this might be their chance, Edd, Eddy, Corey and Drew use it as well, and then begin to win. Ed blasts #12 into the rock he was punching earlier, destroying it. He then passes out, noting that he can see stars. Edd and Eddy sandwich #13 between their blasts, destroying him. #14 is blasted away before he can try to destroy Peach Creek with a large Ki blast. Now noting the presence of evil, the Eds agree to help Corey and Drew with this. Meanwhile, in the cul-de-sac below, Kevin tells Nazz about Utonium, and the two reluctantly realize they have to trust the Eds and their friends to help them out.

In Episode 9, Jonny 2x4 explores the woods early in the morning. Searching through a bush, he finds the red Chaos Emerald. Before he can show it to the Kids, Utonium flies in, his power suit active, and knocks out the nature lover before he can say "HELP!" Before he can kill him, however, Sarah and Jimmy arrive, forcing Utonium to flee. Jimmy goes to warn the Eds, and Eddy finds his reason to train - although it is a little greedy. The three Eds spar while Corey meditates and Drew begins training with the Destructo-Disc. As they do this, Utonium converses with his two newest Androids and another hidden in the shadows. He seems to already have bonded with #16... The two new Androids arrive, and Corey and Drew are initially shell-shocked when they see #16--they think he resembles Dr. Gero, though Drew shoots this theory down, proclaiming "if Gero were behind this, he wouldn't be stupid enough to send himself after us!" With that, the two cousins use the Kaio-Ken times Five, and take to the skies. The Eds use it against #15. It is clear, however, that, as Drew states himself, "[the Android's] attacks are angry, almost as if I did something to it," leading the cousins to have trouble with the old-man Android. During the fight, Kevin reveals his secret to Rolf, Jonny, and Plank, they spread the word to those who haven't heard it, and soon the kids know of the evil professor who taught Kevin. Meanwhile, #15 is still being beaten, but the Eds have devised a plan to wipe it out completely. #15 takes to the air and starts charging his "S.S. Deadly Bomber", to which Ed counters, as planned, with a Sphere of the Sphinx. Edd and Eddy soon join in with their respective beam, and it is clear #15 will soon be least until #16 kicks away his struggling opponents, and adds in his own energy ball. Corey and Drew join in with their signatures, and Corey finds himself wondering "if Zach were here..." 16 is able to out-power them, but not for long, for with a single urge from Drew, they go up to the next level of the Kaio-Ken, six times base level, and blow away the two droids. On the way home, the heroes spot Kevin, Nazz, and Rolf awaiting them. The three want to tell the Eds, but memories of their trouble-making past prevents the kids from spilling. Meanwhile, Utonium ponders his plans, gazing upon the six gemstones that are his alleged key to gaining his revenge.

In Episode 10, at night, Goku is training at a canyon when he senses Utonium in his power suit approaching. Rather than deal with the evil scientist, Goku resolves to hide and observe his activities. As the malignant man blows up another rock for the last Chaos Emerald, he declares his revenge is coming ever closer. Goku leaves to his home, resolving to tell the heroes later on about the man who now dubs himself "Power Prof." in his power suit. 10 hours later, Utonium sends #17, the last Android he has, to try and distract the heroes. Our heroes stop sparring as he arrives. At first, Corey and Drew, using the Kaioken x6, are able to match #17 without needing help, Ed decides to get involved anyway, and the other two Eds just join in the party. A short battle again ensues, with Drew eventually using an energy attack volley to sever #17's arm. #17 decides to go out fighting, and uses his overdrive core. The heroes resolve to use a team Kaioken x10 Kamehameha against the Android's energy attack. Goku senses the disturbance, and comes in just in time to watch the heroes' beam destroy 17's body. 17 then mocks the heroes, telling of Utonium's plans and Utonium himself being behind it all. After Goku offers the heroes a training opportunity, and they accept, #17 mocks the heroes again, but this time, Drew leaps up, and crushes the Android's head, silencing the last Android.

In Episode 11, a week passes, and our heroes go to the Cul-De-Sac to warn the Kids of the oncoming threat of Utonium himself. Just as they finish warning the Kids, a bright light fills the area and Professor Utonium/Power Prof. appears. After a quick taunt, Corey and Drew use the Kaioken x10 and fight Utonium. Despite their best efforts, and Corey's new technique, the Rasengan, the veterans are knocked out by the powers of Chaos. Just as Utonium prepares the final blow, the Eds interfere, and are also beaten back. Edd uses his Scatter Kamehameha to take out Power Prof.'s Chaos Clones, but when Edd thought he destroyed him and his Chaos Clones, Power Prof. grabbed him, threw him, and vaporized his hat. Then, Corey and Drew awake to help out the Eds, but even with their best effort, Utonium still stands. With a team maneuver, ending with Corey's Kamehameha and Drew's Special Beam Cannon, it appears Utonium has been beaten. But the ground starts shaking, and Utonium vows it is far from over, as the seven Chaos Emeralds come to his side...

In Episode 12, Utonium explains a critical part of his conspiracy-Android 16 was really Dr. Gero! As Ed reminds the heroes of what he saw in a comic book, Power Prof. says they'll have all the time to talk about it in the afterlife, and proceeded to transform into his Super form. Though he notes a much lower output than he thought there would be, he nevertheless says that their defeat is inevitable. As Corey and Drew attempt to figure out a solution to the Super Power Prof. problem, the Eds, lead by Eddy, mount an offensive. After the Eds are eventually defeated (though spared death by Ed's energy shield), Corey and Drew, using the Kaioken x20 charge in to take their place, but are also defeated. After the Eds and the Kids donate their power to them, Corey and Drew communicate with King-Kai and end up telepathically communicating with the whole planet. While the Mayor and Townsville refuse to give their energy, the rest of the world complies and supplies the two with the energy they need. Meanwhile, Power Prof. notes the time he has left in his Super form is extremely limited. He is swatted around the streets and nearly blasted by Corey's Tri-Beam Cannon. However, he teleports out of the way and attempts to hit Drew. Having had more than enough of the cousins' meddling, he decides to blow up Peach Creek with a "Revenge Death Ball". As he gathers the hate of the Saiyans from the surviving teachers and Townsville, Corey and Drew prepare their counterattack. Even so, they are nearly destroyed, despite Power Prof. losing the Emeralds. The Eds get the Red Emerald and begin charging up an attack. As Power Prof. reverts to normal, he is hit with Chaos Spears from the Eds. Stunned and unable to charge up any Ki attacks, Power Prof. is hit by the Cousins' Kamehameha and dragged away from the scene. Edd decides to take the Red Chaos Emerald for study. As the Kids give their congratulations, Corey and Drew leave, saying the Eds still have much training to do-that they're sticking around. Corey and Drew look over Peach Creek and reflect on the past six weeks' events as the Heritage Saga draws to a close.

Chaos Saga (Episodes 13-22)


Poster of the Chaos Saga fighting characters

In Episode 13, one month later, our heroes are training. Edd is meditating off to the side, while Ed and Eddy spar under the two vets' observation. The two state they are a fair distance ahead, but the Eds are rapidly catching up. After Eddy displays one of three new moves, Edd pulls out the Red Emerald and remembers the events of Episodes 11 and 12, when suddenly, a large shadow passes overhead. Immediately, the smartest member of the team and the veterans identify it as a large orange flying battleship. Drew tells the two other Eds to call off the spar-an evil scientist looms overhead. The kids have already taken shelter by the time the Saiyans arrive, knowing that s*** was about to go down. Eggman tells the heroes, from his battleship, to surrender the Emerald, but Drew refuses, mocking the scientist. Eggman then sends out his Super Saibamen, "improved upon [Korematsu's] design." Our heroes quickly engage. The other two Eds also have one new move as well. After five of the Saibamen fall, our heroes' confidence is high. Suddenly, Drew realizes he senses three very weak Saibaman signals. As one charges Edd, trying to self-destruct, a large yellow energy blast flies in and destroys it. The heroes and villain watch in confusion as two blurs-one blue and one black, quickly dispatch the other two heavily damaged Saibamen. Just as Eggman realizes what happened, his ship takes a huge hit. Back on the ground, Eddy utilizes the Special Beam Cannon and his third new attack (resembles Vegeta's Maximum Flasher from BT2), and dispatches his opponent. Edd uses the Chaos Emerald and Ed uses his monstrous strength. Corey and Drew combine their signatures once again in the Double Finish to finish off the conflict. As the heroes wonder what saved them from the kamikaze henchmen, two figures land. These figures are none other than Sonic and Shadow. The former believes they are worthy of trust and respect, but Shadow has other plans. He said there is gonna be a test for the five Saiyans and Shadow told Sonic to tell them that's gonna happen on Angel Island.

In Episode 14, as Sonic tries to find his way back to the heroes' town, Corey and Drew engage in a heated sparring match. After Drew hits Corey into a rock, Corey powers out of the rock with the Kaioken x2. Drew follows suit. The Eds realize that this intensifies the training benefits as Corey and Drew continue their match, ending with both charging their Kamehameha waves. Meanwhile, Sonic is running in a forest nearby, when he hears the sounds of the beams clashing. He rushes towards the sound, and after Corey and Drew declare their match a draw, the blue hedgehog runs over Edd. After introductions are made (Ed surprisingly does not say a thing), Eddy decides to prove his superiority by racing Sonic. Racing Sonic proves to be more difficult than he expected, as Sonic is able to outrun a Kaio-ken x10 Eddy easily. After the results come in, Sonic warns the heroes of the upcoming test and Shadow and Knuckles' distrust. He gives the heroes the latitude and longitude of Angel Island (having received them from Tails), to which Drew replies "there's nothing there!". With that, he leaves the heroes. They are shown the next day, sparring with the Kaioken x5 level. After a brief spar, the Eds decide to make a XXXXL pizza (reference to "An Ed Too Many") to which Drew and Corey ask for explanation. Corey expresses confidence that they will be ready for the aforementioned "test", but Drew has his doubts about the Eds' faithfulness to training.

One week passes, and in the start of Episode 15, our heroes are seen flying across the water, trying to get to Angel Island. They discuss the animals in general and end up talking some more about general battle strategies. When they get to the location, it appears Sonic has duped them, until Ed looks up into the sky, and spots the floating island that will be the site of the test. Upon reaching the shrine of a large Chaos Emerald, Knuckles, Shadow and Sonic appear, and after introductions and insults are hurled in both directions, it is revealed it is a test of skill in combat: Pass, they get the Emerald; fail, and they lose it!

Corey and Drew sit out while the Eds fight, at least until Edd loses his hat and the Saiyans' Chaos Emerald. Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles state they know of the Kaioken x10, and will use the two Emeralds to power up. Corey and Drew enter the fray at this point, Corey assisting Eddy, Drew backing up Edd, while Ed is deemed strong enough to fight alone. The Saiyans utilize the Kaioken x10 while the animals transform into their respective Super forms, though at a restricted level. The fight is evened out, however, when the Saiyans use the Kaioken x12. Despite this, Corey is caught off-guard and blasted into a rock by Super Sonic. The heroes pass the test, but Corey, too angry to realize the test is over, powers up to the Kaioken x20, and eventually unleashes a massive Kamehameha wave, which unnerves the other fighters and curves away from the island and hits the Master Emerald!

As the light clears, both parties have returned to normal. Corey senses a powerful presence emerging from the Master Emerald shrine. The heroes return to find the Master Emerald broken in half. Before Knuckles can successfully repair the Master Emerald, however, a white aura appears around the large half. Knuckles and Shadow curse the idiot (Corey) as Knuckles complains he would never hear the end of this. As the Saiyans try to figure out what Knuckles is referring to, the heroes watch anxiously as the aura around the half darkens to a green tone and manifests.

Eventually, Corey tells Knuckles to go out and find the shards. Ed volunteers to fight "Chaos", since the other Saiyans are drained. As Knuckles leaves, Sonic tells the heroes Chaos's back-story. Eventually, Ed steps forward, and a large green flash fills the entire place. Knuckles, only a bit after finding the second shard, realizes he left the Chaos Emeralds with Shadow. As soon as Chaos takes form, he absorbs these Emeralds, transforming himself into Chaos 2. Ed uses the Kaioken x10, and Sonic and Shadow are shocked by this power.

Knuckles eventually finds the remaining shards. Meanwhile, Ed has had his fill of the fight after it ends, and thus attempts to finish it with a brutal combo in the Kaioken x12. However, as Ed prepares the "Zappity Zap Zap" technique, he runs out of power, allowing Chaos to heal. Chaos knocks Ed to the side, but is forced to flee when the other heroes get involved.

After Knuckles returns and repairs the Master Emerald, the Saiyans and animals decide to go to Tails' house to plan further, as Episode 16 draws to a close. Drew flies home to get the Senzu beans. After a quick conversation with the Kids, he heads out, 10 senzu beans in tow. Corey and the Eds eventually find Tails' house by tracking the Ki signatures of the Sonic cast. After Corey knocks Sonic into Amy, Drew arrives, and after humor, gives the Saiyans two beans each. They each eat one now to recover the lost energy from the previous episode. Drew proceeds to act the role of the common internet persona when it comes to Sonic.

While Chaos absorbs another Chaos Emerald from the desert, the heroes decide on their battle plan: to split up into groups and search the globe. Eggman, meanwhile, plots against the heroes. After the teams are formed, they quickly go to different places. Amy wishes Sonic luck, while Tails mentally notes he'll get tackled. The other evil scientist aboard his Death Egg then decides to send out his robots to try to defeat the heroes. He laughs evilly as the episode draws to a close with a view of the globe.

As the next episode opens, Drew sees the retro Sonic references in Shadow's looping and the zone itself. Knuckles and Ed also split up within their zone, unaware they are being watched by a Shadow-like lifeform. Elsewhere, Corey, having had enough of the race, uses a thrown Rasengan and hits both Eddy and Sonic with it.

There's no time for arguing though, for Eggman shows up with Metal Sonic. After the old fat man leaves, Corey angers and goes all-out against Metal Sonic, due to the memory of the School Wars. Elsewhere, Edd finds Emerl, who quickly transforms into G-merl and engages in combat with the three, knocking Shadow out and forcing Drew and Edd to use the Double Kaioken. Similarly, once Ed gets involved in Knuckles' struggle against the Shadow Android, he decides to use the 2x Kaioken as well.

Metal Sonic finally powers up, and almost kills Corey, but more memories are triggered in Corey's subconscious as he goes to 2x Kaioken as well. Shadow finishes off G-merl with his Chaos Corruption form and a Chaos Blast. Ed finishes off Shadow Android quickly with his Zappity Zap Zap finisher, while Corey uses a large green Ki beam to destroy Metal Sonic. As Eggman reads the results of what he got, Chaos is following the speed team closely, slithering along the surface of the water...

As Episode 19 opens, the Speed Team continues their search all along Green Hill Zone. At one point, Corey talks to Sonic about Drew, to which Corey accidentally mentions Sonic '06 by name and ends up being choked by Sonic for it. Scenes meant to be funny aside, the Ki Control Team and the Strength Team are also having trouble finding the Emeralds, which Knuckles states were detected by the Master Emerald, though not pinpointed.

Eventually, the Speed Team finds the Yellow Chaos Emerald on a rocky pillar. Their celebration is cut short, however, when Chaos arrives, kicking Sonic away. As the heroes use their transformations, Chaos transforms into his Chaos 4 form. His first move is revealing the ability to speak and revealing that he had changed his forms somewhat. Though Corey and Eddy, using the Kaioken x12, and Sonic using the Chaos Drive to sustain his Super form, fight valiantly, they are ultimately no match for the heroes. Drew, Ed, Edd, and Amy (somehow) are sensing this in their own ways, wishing they could help; Amy can't do anything more to help (Tails says this), and Drew, Ed and Edd were informed that Chaos could probably easily snag the other three Emeralds if he escaped from another massive group battle.

Corey and Eddy are knocked out by Chaos 4 for a minute. During that minute, Sonic first realizes he only has a minute left on his Chaos Drive before it wore off. He then once more attempts to battle, but is batted across Green Hill Zone. His Chaos Drive runs out, leading him to be pinned to a wall. Corey hatches a plan, and Eddy agrees upon realizing what Corey means.

The two Saiyans use Kaioken x20, and begin to actually do some damage to Chaos. The team combo eventually ends with Corey and Eddy combining their punches at the speed of sound to pierce Chaos's head and thus strike his brain. After kicking him away, Corey wonders aloud how many people will call this show a "Super Mario Bros. Z ripoff" for that scene. Sonic, meanwhile, grabs the four Emeralds, re-energizes them with his positive energy, just as he had done before, and transforms into a stronger suppressed Super Sonic. After the sensory groups voice their renewed hope, Sonic once more flies into battle with Chaos 4, Corey stating that he and Eddy "are no longer needed".

Sonic nearly manages to suppress Chaos, with several direct hits, including one from a Chaos Beam, but ultimately, Chaos escapes with Chaos Control (though barely). He is tired, but determined to get the other three Emeralds. He then teleports away to the wastelands where Knuckles and Ed are...

As it turns out, the war is far from over: Chaos manages to defeat the other two teams as well! With Chaos temporarily injured thanks to Edd's concentrated Special Beam Rasengan, the heroes elect to train in extreme conditions. Meanwhile, Edd and Tails, in four days, get a gravity chamber completed. The Saiyans are seen struggling against 20x gravity as the episode draws to a close.

The week over, both groups of heroes try to get in some last-minute training. However, Shadow foils an ambush by Chaos, thanks to his perfecting the ability to sense Ki. The animals use the four Chaos Emeralds on their person already to turn Super, but are being beaten. Corey senses this while he and the Saiyans are training, but Drew says they'll give them five minutes on their own, since they've nearly mastered the Kaioken.

Meanwhile, back in Peach Creek, fears run high that the Eds, with the assistance of Corey and Drew, are plotting another scam in secret, like the "Chimp Wurld" scam seen in "See No Ed". Jonny 2x4, with the assistance of Plank, decide to use their newly perfected sensory technique, "Nature Mode", to see if they can locate the Eds, but wind up sensing the ongoing battle with Chaos.

Chaos, meanwhile, manages to get the four Emeralds back thanks to his Light Speed Attack, despite Sonic and Shadow's best efforts to counter him. Chaos then unleashes his full power at Chaos 7, leading Knuckles to, after a brief intermission of complaints about Plot Induced Stupidity, use the Master Emerald to use the full power of the Super transformation. However, even with this, Knuckles, Shadow and Sonic are quickly dispatched. Before the final blow can be made, the Saiyans arrive, and are able to deflect back the killing blow with a Corey-Edd Giant Rasengan. However, even with the Kaioken x20 mastered, the Saiyans still have a hard time, with the Eds being taken out first.

Corey and Drew are also quickly dispatched, and in the process, the Master Emerald is also shattered. Thinking quickly, Corey and Drew elect to grab the shards, and undergo a transformation. With their Chaos transformations active, Corey and Drew are able to grab the lead. However, the trouble is far from over--Chaos still has one more transformation to make. Compounding this problem is the fact that, according to Knuckles, the Chaos transformation "drains twice as much energy as a full-power Super form!"

Thanks to some spiritual intervention by Tikal, Corey is able to, at the cost of a large chunk of his power, utilize a containment field; Chaos would have split the now grayed-out Emeralds across the world otherwise. The Emeralds are contained to the island. With this in mind, Shadow re-enters the fray, removing his bracelets. Tails, Amy, Sonic, Knuckles, Ed, Edd and Eddy are sent after the Chaos Emeralds.

A desperate move to stall for time ensues, during which Shadow is hit into a cavern. As six of the Emeralds are found, Shadow's energy buildup, caused by his removal of his bracelets, finally gets to him, resulting in a Chaos Corruption form. He slams onto Chaos, and unleashes a massive Chaos Blast.

Episode 22 opens with a full view of Angel Island. The cavern the heroes and Chaos were in was reduced to rubble, with large rocks falling from the sky. As soon as the debris stops raining down, Chaos comes in, injured, but still mad as ever. Before Chaos can kill Shadow, however, Drew, against whatever prejudice he may share with the common Internet user, uses his new move, the Bullet Beam Cannon, to save him. The move temporarily cripples Chaos's power level. However, it is not enough, for Chaos is soon once again in control and is beating on Corey and Drew once again. Meanwhile, Eddy finally finds the last Chaos Emerald.

Before Corey and Drew can be finished off by Chaos, the Eds, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Tails finally arrive back on the scene. After Shadow reveals he was the one who came up with the plan, the Eds use their respective super forms and deliver a severe beating on Chaos. Eventually, Edd reveals a new move, which the Eds use to put Chaos to his limits. Chaos, hard-pressed but unwilling to surrender, decides to blow up the Earth!

Ed unveils his new move, the Static Cannon, while Eddy uses the Ray of Riches and Edd uses the Masenko, all teeming with Chaos Energy. The struggle begins, with neither side getting any real advantage. Corey and Drew break away from the others to get King Kai to help. Once a telepathic link was opened between the cousins and Peach Creek, Corey and Drew instructed Sarah, Jimmy, and Nazz to come forward to speak.

Once the second telepathic link was made, Sarah offered some encouraging words, followed by Jimmy. However, the mere voice of Nazz pushed the Eds to their limits, and with one final burst of energy, neutralized Chaos's Negative Chaos Energy and hit him with everything they had.

Chaos reverts to his Chaos 0 form, falls down to Angel Island, and is quickly resealed into the Master Emerald. After the Eds hear they'll be getting a few days off, they all fight over who gets to date Nazz while the other heroes, Shadow included, have a laugh at this. Meanwhile, Jonny deactivates Nature Mode, and Kevin hosts a cookout to celebrate the Eds' defeat of Chaos.

Six months pass, and it is revealed Eggman will team up with someone to defeat the heroes--an obvious teaser for what lies ahead...

Revenge Saga (Episodes 23-37)


Revenge Saga Poster

11 months have passed since Episode 22, and as the newest episode opens, Sonic, Corey and Eddy are sparring at 50x gravity. After a short sparring scene, the timer resets and the gravity goes back down. Drew, Shadow, and Edd then spar with their unique talents displaying. During this, Knuckles arrives. Tails also receives a message from Eggman and his new associate. The second half of the message is written in a code, which takes Tails a while to crack. He finishes after Knuckles and Ed finish their sparring match.

During the reading of the message, Ed flips out. After Eddy "cures" this, the message is read to the point where a certain city is mentioned. On the mention of Townsville's recent defection from the Union, Corey, Drew, and the Eds suddenly realize that Utonium is alive and well, and working with Eggman to once again take over the world. As the two scientists above converse on the situation, the heroes prepare for the war against the scientists, leaving Tails' house once prepared.

The heroes continue their trek, using the Chaos Emerald radars given to them in the previous episode. Once they get to their sites, they realize that Utonium and Eggman have scouting units looking for the Emeralds already. While the heroes fight the first two units, Eddy's team recovers the Green Chaos Emerald while Drew's team recovers the blue Chaos Emerald. After finishing off the units, the heroes move on, while Jonny 2x4 watches the battle via Nature mode. The scientists, meanwhile, plan to "sic" their new robots on the heroes at the right time.

The heroes engage and defeat the other two scouting units, with both teams showing some new moves in the process. After the heroes recover the purple and red Chaos Emeralds, the scientists decide to send out the fruit of their joint effort: Mecha Sonic and Mecha Shadow, two fighting robots who have power levels exceeding that of Perfect Chaos. The two robots use Chaos Control and halt the heroes. After an exchange of words and Corey and Drew displaying their full base power, the battle starts to begin, with Corey and Edd taking on Mecha Sonic and Ed and Eddy taking on Mecha Shadow.

At first, the heroes appear to be winning their respective fights. Even the scientists seem to think so, but they know that their Mechas have a deadly secret. It is ultimately revealed when the Mechas are nearly destroyed by the heroes' combined efforts, as a heavily suppressed super form, also referred to as an "Overdrive" mode. With this new mode, the Mechas are able to defeat all eight of the heroes and claim two of the Emeralds. Before Mecha Sonic can claim the Blue and Red Chaos Emeralds, however, Corey suddenly rises to his feet and transforms into his Dark form. The two battlers stand staring each other down as the episode closes.

The next episode starts with Corey taking a slight edge over Mecha Sonic's super form, using his Dark form's powers to his advantage. Drew, Sonic, and Double-D can only watch as Corey is able to hold his own for the time being. However, as the fight drags on, the evil scientists note that Corey's power level of 1,650,000 has begun to fade rapidly. By the time the fight comes to a standstill, it was cut down to 975,000; and immediately after that, Corey's positive energy canceled out the negative hate energy in his system, reverting him to his base form, giving Mecha Sonic the opening he needed to use the Kamehameha to supposedly finish off Corey.

The others begin to grieve, but abruptly Drew becomes enraged. He gives out a shout, and powers up to the False Super Saiyan level. Edd notes that the only reason why Corey didn't do the same earlier was because the Emeralds inhibited his transformation. With his burst of False Super Saiyan power, Drew almost destroys Mecha Sonic, leaving him critically damaged at the end of a trench caused by his Super Kamehameha. Mecha Sonic escapes with Chaos Control, his power core apparently still able to function properly. With nowhere else to turn, the heroes opt to head back to Tails' house, where Drew says he'll introduce his new game plan. Edd remains behind for a few moments, vowing to avenge Corey. He then turns and flies off after Drew and Sonic.

Eventually, the fighters return to Tails and Amy and tell them the news. At this point, Drew reveals that he wants to contact Zach and see if he can help them any. Just then, Goku appears from nowhere, with Zach in tow via Instant Transmission! After a quick exchange, Zach revealed a new training method and how he got his current Power Level.

Afterward, Zach demonstrated his abilities in battle with Drew, and then the Eds. The former is a rekindling of an old rivalry, while the latter leaves Zach impressed by the Eds' battle ability, saying "they're full of surprises" when he witnesses Ed use the Chidori for the first time after having only seen Zach use it once (though his variant is the Raikiri seeing as how it sheared through Edd's lightning attack). With this, the heroes feel confident they can get very strong in a very short amount of time. They know they don't have long...

Two days later, the Eds recall their very first spar with Corey. Corey had pressured them into training with the promise that the training would ultimately impress Nazz. However, even with this motivation, only Ed had dropped his restraint. Later in the spar, Corey knocked off Edd's hat, causing Edd to get very angry. This leads to the Eds' first flying lesson.

As Utonium and Eggman reveal the upgrades they've made to Mecha Sonic and Mecha Shadow, Drew and Zach reveal Corey's first spar with Drew. However, the instant Corey threw a Ki blast, the spar ceased. It was revealed that at first, Corey refused to fight because he knew that he'd kill anyone that crossed him with his power. However, when the School Wars rolled in, Corey had discovered that fighting could solve some problems after all.

After that, Tails and Edd conversed about the new Emerald radars. Once that was over, the heroes vowed to not let another die to Utonium and Eggman's plot, and set out to find the remaining Emeralds.

But was Corey really dead? He seemed to think so, surrounded by darkness from all angles. He heard voices discussing above his head, and soon, was thrown into a bloody nightmare. After the images of all his friends being killed faded away, Power Prof. appeared in his vision, and appeared to kill him, too.

However, it really was only a horrific nightmare. Corey awoke with bandages on him. With him, was a female fox that bore a striking resemblance to Tails. She revealed she was a psychic, with some understanding of how Corey is as a person/alien. No one but the scientists, however, know what is in store for all of the heroes...

As the next episode starts, the team secures the Yellow Chaos Emerald in a canyon. As the scientists prepare to attack, it is soon realized by the remaining fighters that there are only two Emeralds on Earth--the Emeralds Corey was holding when he was blasted! Upon this, Utonium and Eggman sic the Mecha Brothers on the heroes, who counter with their power-ups. As expected, the Mechas received upgrades that made them all the harder to defeat.

For some unexplained reason, Jonny 2x4 and Plank are outside with Nature Mode already active. They sense the battle about to start, and begin to commentate on the ensuing battle. Zach, out of ideas mid-battle, decides to fully charge a Chidori while the others provide cover for him. During this, the Mechas are damaged somewhat, but not nearly enough to destroy them. Revealing that they were toying with the heroes, the Mechas use their full powers and proceed to lay a beating on the heroes.

During this, Drew uses the Primary Lotus on Mecha Sonic, damaging him somewhat, but also damaging himself "a lot more than he bargained for", and the animals are knocked out. With Mecha Shadow claiming the Yellow and Cyan Emeralds, Zach completes the Chidori, and almost succeeds in completely incapacitating Mecha Shadow. However, the mech is able to escape, leaving Mecha Sonic to clean up the Saiyans.

After Mecha Sonic makes short work of the tired Drew and Zach, the Eds step up to the plate, with Edd attempting a similar strategy to Zach's. However, this attempt fails, leaving Ed and Eddy the only Saiyans left standing on the battlefield. Back in Tailsko's forest home, Corey realizes that he still may have had the Emeralds. Miraculously, he didn't drop them while he was being blasted, and, with Tailsko's healing ability, Corey is ready to fight once again. But can the Eds hold out long enough for the newly healed Saiyan to reach them?

Ed and Eddy continue fighting the mechanical Sonic doppleganger, but the fight quickly turns against them once Mecha Sonic really decides to get serious. In the process, he knocks Ed out, reverting him to normal. This results in Eddy getting mad, and he gains a rage boost, enough to temporarily put him on the robot's level of power. However, after Eddy uses the Final Flash, Eddy cools off, and is swiftly defeated.

Just as all hope is lost, Corey arrives on the scene with Tailsko. After deflecting the weak kill shot, he reveals his full power of 110,000 and proceeds to take up the battle with Mecha Sonic, his power level 2,200,000 with the Kaioken x20. Meanwhile, Tailsko heals up the heroes. Meanwhile, Jonny is showing clear signs of stress due to the overuse of Nature Mode (the fact he's not trained to handle large amounts of power for extended time periods doesn't help matters).

Though Corey's power is higher and he's able to turn Mecha Sonic's Destructo-Disc attack back at him, he is unable to finish him before he once again escapes with Chaos Control. The cascade of revelations post-battle lead to the heroes being moderately shocked at the fact Tailsko is Tails' long-lost older sister, and moderately disgusted by the possible relationship between Corey and Tailsko, but Shadow is able to restore the heroes' focus on the matter, and thus the heroes resolve to train at 100 times Earth's gravity.

In the following episode, our heroes use the Hyper Training method at 100 times Earth's gravity to train. The heroes reveal some new moves during the sparring session. While the heroes take their turns, both sides prepare their plans. Tailsko and Corey eventually allow Tails to hack into the scientists' files and schematics on the Death Egg.

Up above the Earth, however, there seems to be some secrecy on the part of Utonium...he is actually planning to once again go mano-a-mano against the heroes, despite the beating he received the year prior! Thankfully, Tails might have an idea to "fool the scientists a little"...

The next day, Knuckles is in the Hidden Palace Zone's shrine with the Master Emerald, where he manages to create a temporal external seal for Chaos with the help of Tikal. It is stated that the seal lasts for 24 hours, but could decrease by battle. With this done, Knuckles leaves at Chaos's direction, so that way the Master Emerald wouldn't be taken.

A few minutes later, the Mechas attack the Eds, opting to use their base forms instead of their super forms straight away. As both sides begin to argue over secret plans made by fellow members of the same faction, the Mechas eventually once more use their Super forms, and deliver heavy blows, much to the chagrin of 80% of the heroes. The other 20% are confused, irritated, at how those people could be so calm.

Edd manages to inspire Ed and Eddy to fight again. Their inspiration fuels Chaos, enabling him to break out of the seal on the side of good. Now, the fight once again continues...

The fight continues, but Perfect Chaos's tripled power avails Ed little, as Mecha Shadow in his super form is still able to wreak havoc on their bodies with physical and energy attacks. Edd and Eddy can't seem to land a decent hit on Mecha Sonic either. When the Eds are knocked down, Chaos volunteers to take the Mechas on in a one-on-two match using his Kaioken derivative, the Chaotic Water Fist. Tinting his body and energy dark blue, Chaos once more flies into battle, taking a small advantage. However, this advantage wanes quickly due to the high energy usage the prototype move inflicts. When Chaos vanishes, Utonium gives the order to knock out the Eds and take the Emeralds. While all this is going on, Knuckles and Zach are about to snap and fly into battle, Zach's pupils disappearing twice. Corey and Drew finally agree to let them in on the plan. Tailsko experiences similar turbulence in the Cul-De-Sac, as she is the only one not freaking out over the Eds getting beaten aside.

Soon, only Ed is left. He enters a strong trance of rage, almost enough to propel him into a False Super Saiyan state. In his Rage Saiyan mode, Ed's power level increases to slightly over four million as the battle rages into action once more, with Ed being able to finally land some power punches on Mecha Shadow. Mecha Sonic, meanwhile, takes the Chaos Emeralds and leaves. However, even with his burst of power, Ed's level of strength wanes considerably and allows Mecha Shadow to take his leave as well. All hope seems lost...

...until Tailsko finally reveals the heroes' plan to the Kids. The Emeralds on Angel Island were in fact fake Chaos Emeralds, designed by Tails and Edd to fool the scientists. More specifically, it would deliver an appropriate charge to whatever the scientists were powering: if it was a Power Prof-style battle jacket, it would stun the wearer; if it was a laser cannon or other mechanical device, it would cause a devastating short-circuit. Either way would allow the heroes to take back the other five Chaos Emeralds and launch their official counterattack.

The heroes arrive on Angel Island, leaving the Master Emerald there under Zach's Galick Mine. With this done, the Eds, the Cousin Trio, and the Sonic Fighters all leave via Knuckles' Chaos Control, determined to put an end to this war.

The heroes teleport into the Death Egg, and get their mission objectives sorted out. Sonic's team is to stop the Mass-Produced Androids from being produced, and get the Chaos Emeralds collected. The Eds are to get to the navigational deck and move the Death Egg out of Earth's orbit. The Cousin Trio, meanwhile, have an objective similar to the School Wars: destroy the core. After a fourth wall break by Eddy and a subsequent one by Edd, inflitration starts. After a series of Metal Gear references (and one Pokemon reference), the heroes are spotted by the scientists on their monitor. This causes an argument between the scientists.

The nine fighters, meanwhile, destroy leagues of mass produced Androids only slightly stronger than their last incarnations. Eventually, the Cousin Trio reaches an area close to the Death Egg core, only to run into Mecha Sonic. Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles, meanwhile, team up to destroy the mass-produced Android maker, halting the primary defense force. The Eds reach the navigational deck, only to be denied moving the Death Egg by Mecha Shadow.

As the Saiyans prepare to enter their fight, Tailsko, who was filling in the non-fighters on the action, senses pure evil Utonium's mind! After she informs Corey, she immediately contacts Sonic and his team and tells them the news.

In the room shown in Episode 31, Utonium, now in his power suit and with both real and fake Emeralds surrounding him, converses with Eggman, who furiously demands to know why he's wearing his Power Prof. suit again. The resulting conversation reveals that Utonium has gone completely insane. Just as Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles arrive, Utonium executes Eggman by Chaos Controlling him straight into the sun, angering the Sonic Fighters.

Utonium, sneering, goes once more to his Super Power Prof. state, only to find two of the Emeralds were fakes. Stunned by the engineered Emeralds, Utonium can only watch as Shadow uses Chaos Snap to take back the other five Emeralds. Now with all seven Emeralds, the Sonic Fighters go to their full power Super forms, which are close to Utonium's 5-Emerald Super Form.

Saying "brace yourselves", Utonium snaps a face shield shut on his suit as the episode draws to a close.

After Tailsko tells the Kids what happened to Eggman, the fight is shown beginning, with the heroes having a slight advantage over their respective opponents. The Mechas, however, started off the fight slightly damaged due to having only a short rest time between the fight on Angel Island and the current fight. With an integration ability used on the cores of the undestroyed "corpses" of the Mass-Produced Androids, however, the Mechas put themselves back at full power and turn the tide of the battle slightly.

Utonium, on the other hand, quickly begins to lose ground. He also reveals that he believes the Sonic Fighters still use Rings for their transformation maintence, as well as his suit's new ability. Even a quick burst of Chaos Corruption does little for him. Though the Cousins and the Sonic Fighters have their fights pretty much under control, the Eds aren't so lucky, and are eventually overwhelmed by Mecha Shadow's power. However, Mecha Shadow quickly wastes too much time taunting, provoking the Eds to the point that they too become enraged.

An even greater rage than that of what Ed had on Angel Island suddenly surges forth from all 3, and transforms them, allowing them to overwhelm Mecha Shadow in short order. Meanwhile, the Cousin Trio appear to have beaten down Mecha Sonic's spirit. Outside the Death Egg, Utonium's Super form finally fades. He tells Sonic that "he can't kill" him, that it is not in his nature to do so. Sonic, however, re-states what he said at the end of the previous episode, and holds out his finger, preparing to deliver the final blow.

While this is going on, Mecha Sonic crawls out of the crater, immediately after the Eds arrive. The Cousins stand down, firmly believing that the Eds can defeat Mecha Sonic. Just then, a disembodied Mecha Shadow's power core flies through the scene, and merges with Mecha Sonic's own power core, becoming integrated with his brother's.

With this complete, Mecha Sonic undergoes a violent power-up session, to which even the transformed Eddy can't do much about. Eventually, Mecha Sonic completes his transformation, and stands neutrally, ending the episode.

As Mecha Sonic denotes himself "Cyber Mecha Sonic", Corey flies into a rage, immediately launching a series of attacks that have no effect. He is thrown into the hole that the mecha just came out of. His cousins fare no better, and after a single arm cannon later, the Cousin Trio is assumed dead. The Eds achieve a small rage boost to boost them back up to their full power, but over time, the burst nature of the transformation begins to wear them down.

Power Prof. assures the animals that their death is near upon hearing this news, and after Sonic quickly issues a farewell blast, the Sonic Fighters are rushing to the Death Egg. Their aid arrives too late, for the Eds run out of energy, and are blasted to a near-death state. The Sonic Fighters attempt to take up the fight, but in short order, Sonic and Knuckles are knocked out.

The situation looks bleak. Suddenly, Tailsko finds the cousins' fragmented thoughts, and manages to reach out to them. After each of the Cousin Trio recalls a moment in which the Eds reminded them of or challenged their worldview, they suddenly burst with power, just as Shadow runs out of his.

The cousins undergo the same transformation that the Eds did, but there is something different about it: they got a forty-fold increase rather than the thirty-five-fold increase that the bursts provided! Zach announces that their form is now controlled. Shadow, vowing to one day surpass the powers of the Saiyans, uses the Chaos Emeralds that are still on his person to warp the injured and unconscious heroes, and himself, away from the Death Egg. The stage is now set for the final battle.

As Tailsko begins healing the injured heroes back on Earth with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, the fight continues on the Death Egg, with the Cousin Trio having every advantage that there is over their metallic opposition. Even strikes landed in the middle of Chaos Control do nothing to the Trio. Drew eventually blasts Cyber Mecha Sonic to a lower level of the Death Egg.

Meanwhile, the Eds finally come to, and find out the Cousins are still on the Death Egg. Tailsko immediately tunes back in to the action with the Chaos Emeralds aiding her.

As if on cue, Cyber Mecha Sonic reappears. Though badly damaged by the entire group of heroes, he announces he can still transform. He becomes his own Super form, which, due to the damage he'd taken up until that point, only leaves him roughly equal to the False Super Saiyan-transformed Cousin Trio! In rage, he tries to blast the Saiyans out into space, aiming to suffocate them in the infinite vaccum.

However, this doesn't go as planned. Mecha Sonic then aims to destroy the planet with a full power blast from his core. Corey counters with a Kamehameha. However, this was all part of Drew's plan. Drew joins in with a Special Beam Cannon, forming the Double Finish and sending the struggle back Mecha Sonic's way. The Mecha desperately tries to extend his life, but as soon as Zach forces in his Final Flash, the cousins' combined signatures form the Triple Finish and blast the Mecha through the core of the Death Egg, destroying both.

The fallout of the explosion of the Death Egg forces the weakened cousins to free-fall back to Earth. All seems set for a splatter in Peach Creek, but in a flash, Goku comes in, saving the trio from certain death. After the Cousins get healed, Shadow announces he's breaking off from the group, aiming to one day transform without the Emeralds.

Shortly after the celebrations conclude, Tailsko tells Corey she can't handle the stress of becoming involved with a hero such as him. Drew comes in, and only succeeds in making his younger cousin feel worse about what happened. Elsewhere, Tails and Sonic discuss the turn of events, and Sonic runs off, leaving Tails to wonder what's going on to his head. The blue hedgehog stops and gazes out over the beach that the Eds had gazed out over in Episode 31. With a sigh, he comments that he should wait before telling Amy a secret of his own, bringing the Revenge Saga to a close...

PPG Saga (Episodes 38-47)

It has been one year since the end of the Revenge Saga, and an unexpected boost in training activity leaves the Kids a little annoyed. Tails, Amy, and Tailsko also seem concerned with the rise in training activity. Knuckles ponders over the current events while Sonic goes for a run. Shadow, meanwhile, listens to the radio...and a disturbing broadcast.

Wasting no time, the black hedgehog declares his time as a lone wolf is over, immediately teleporting himself to Sonic, then both hedgehogs to Knuckles. As the training between the cousins wraps up, they arrive, telling Tails to go straight to the news.

The broadcast leaves the veterans of the School Wars slack-jawed as they see familiar structures on the broadcast. The Mayor of Townsville says that these are all precautions; against the Saiyans and the outside world. Then, in a twist of fate, an old foe is still alive and kicking: Utonium is still alive! With one side of his face burned and an eye lost, he declares that this time, he will win, with the help of three "weapons" of his own creation.

One of the weapons kills the gathered reporters, blowing them to pieces. Faced with this new threat, the team strategist, Drew, plans out a course of action, as the heroes debate on where to go from here.

The following episode opens in Townsville, minutes after Buttercup killed the reporters. The townspeople's eyes, surprisingly, are slowly starting to open to Utonium's true nature. Meanwhile, in his lab, Utonium dwells on the immediate aftermath of his being launched from Earth's orbit into the ground. Revealing exactly how scarred he is, Utonium realizes he won't die as long as the Saiyans still live.

Meanwhile, the Saiyans, lead by Drew, fly towards Townsville and discuss what they should do. The fear that the townspeople might be too far brainwashed to be saved begins to thrive within the group. The Cousin Trio spot a very familiar structure: the dome of a SuperSchool is indeed in the city! As the Saiyans land, the citizens begin to wonder who's on what side.

They get their answer soon enough when three energy blasts are fired down at them. There are three figures, but they looked slightly different from the shadows that killed the reporters! Eddy volunteers to have himself and the other Eds fight these creations while the Cousin Trio move on to City Hall. While the Eds busy themselves with the recolors, the Cousins make a startling discovery!

The Mayor is in fact a robot created by Utonium! Before they can figure out what exactly happened to the real Mayor, the new weapons appear: the same ones from the broadcast. The Cousins fight with these girls, and though they are having some trouble, the magnitude of the new foes makes itself known when the PPGs use some very familiar techniques...

As the Eds finish off the recolors, the Cousin Trio gets slammed into the ground by the PPGs. Faced with no options, and to the surprise of all present, the Cousins transform into False Super Saiyans from their will alone! The PPGs use their full power as a response. The Eds begin to arrive on the scene, seeing the same thing Utonium is seeing.

Utonium, in his lab, begins to fret:

"To think they'd have access to that wretched transformation...!"

The fight becomes more intense after this point, with the Powerpuff Girls each taking a normally grievous injury after some fighting. The three, however, easily regenerate the damage taken and then reveal a shocking ability: to pass their limits to a "150%" power state! The Cousins quickly call for help; the animals still gathering the remaining Chaos Emeralds. However, while Eddy is eager to fight, Ed and Double-D initially decline, on the grounds their opponents are girls.

As the other four Saiyans reel with shock, the Cousin Trio find themselves on the receiving end of a consciousness-removing assault, with Corey encased from the neck down in ice. The Eds, having seen enough, shockingly turn False Super Saiyan. Even though the Powerpuff Girls were drained from one use of their 150% state, they could still re-use it, allowing them to defeat the Eds...

Corey wakes to find the Eds unconscious and his cousins held hostage. Utonium, in his gloves, approaches Corey and lays a beatdown, using his cousins as psychological shields to prevent Corey from fighting back after the ice shatters. However, before Utonium can kill Corey, the Powerpuff Girls intervene, to everyone's surprise.

Everyone's surprise turns to outright disgust and shock when the Powerpuff Girls kill Utonium with their own hands. Before they can turn their attention fully to the drained Saiyans, the Super-transformed Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles intervened, having gotten the seven Chaos Emeralds for themselves. Though currently, the Super animals have the edge, the knowledge of the 150% form convinces the animals to back off for now. However, as the animals take the Saiyans and leave, Buttercup greets Shadow with some unfriendly remarks about his status as the Ultimate Lifeform.

Confused but undeterred, the Saiyans vow to train at 300 times normal gravity, with Corey stating the heroes need to do that to put them in their place. When asked if he felt sorry for Utonium's death, Corey corrected:

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not fighting to avenge him...they just really p****d me off..."

As Edd and Tails went to work on the gravity chamber, Drew went into the government files, feeling a surge of familiarity shared by Corey and Zach. The new creations resembled old foes they'd fought seven years ago. During this, it was also discovered that the Cousin Trio were not the lone martial artists behind victory in the School Wars. Three other Saiyans, Tai Ma, Terra, and Alicia, a Namek, Makuta, an anthro, Streak, and an Android, Jasper, were also involved in something called the "Neo Earth's Special Forces", who did battle with the earliest known versions of the prototypes...

Until Shadow cross-checked Buttecup's unfriendly remarks, and discovered that Utonium's grandfather, James Utonium, had competed for the Ultimate Lifeform project fifty years prior! Moreover, Utonium Sr. was the one responsible for the G.U.N. raid on the ARK! With this new information, the heroes trained at 300 times gravity, as the Powerpuff Girls began to lay waste to Townsville...and some Nappa recolor in denial.

However, Corey bailed, and searched for the one Saiyan that had helped him and his friends time and again...

Son Goku.

As the others continued to train, Tailsko sought out Corey's presence. She'd finally managed to find him after a day or two of searching him out, and there Corey made a promise to make sure everyone survived the next battle.

The results of the training began to show almost immediately. Sonic's speed had increased and so had Knuckles' physical strength. Shadow, meanwhile, had managed to reduce the number of Emeralds needed to go to a full power Super form, but pondered how to eliminate the other Emeralds from the equation when Chaos Energy was needed to spark a transformation.

After five days, no other Ki signatures were in Townsville. The heroes proceeded to transform, the animals notably using three Emeralds to power up to their fullest potential. Amy noted she had a bad feeling about the next battle, but Drew wasn't hearing it. With a final battle cry, the heroes were off without Corey.

Corey, meanwhile, was training in the Pendulum Room on Kami's Lookout, fighting one of Goku's past battles: against Android 19 of the past. When he finished, he sensed his friends' energies heading for Townsville. Goku told him not to worry, that Corey had one last test to get through, stating his opponent would be "an opponent he hadn't fought too often"...

Shortly afterward, the heroes made their way to Townsville, finding it a ruined city devoid of life. The heroes prepare to battle, but before a battle can officially start, Shadow suddenly warps the Saiyans away. The hedgehog explains that it was because of the insult they'd told him when they briefly met a few episodes back. Initially, Shadow wanted to fight alone to prove the better, but Sonic and Knuckles managed to convince him to fight with them.

On the exact other side of the planet, Drew raged; vowing to beat Shadow down for warping the Saiyans that far away. Edd estimates it'll be a five minute trip at their max speed; to which the Saiyans quickly start flying back.

Back in the Pendulum Room, Corey fights with Frieza, but certain conditions make it unclear if he will win this fight. Back in Townsville, the fight gets intense; however, it is revealed the PPGs have a power to reveal; a power attained through absorbing the undestroyed Prototypes from Episode 39: with their hair made spikier and their bodies aging to a teenaged sort of look, they quickly dominate the fight.

Even with Sonic's newfound max speed, it's all they can do to make the PPGs flinch. Having had an epiphany, Shadow vows to protect the things that matter, assuming his Dark form and going absolutely all-out. He briefly begins to pay back the beating they gave each of them, throwing Buttercup's words back at the group as a whole.

The Saiyans now only have one more minute to get back to the city.

Unfortunately for Shadow, that minute cannot pass soon enough, for he quickly finds himself running low on power due to the mixtures of real and fake Chaos Energy ravaging his body. The Saiyans arrive in time to see Shadow charging a Chaos Blast, but find him unable to actually use it. Shadow eventually manages to freeze his opponents in place, and unleashes a massive Chaos Beam that pretty much levels what's left of the city, minus the Super School.

As the Saiyans pop a Senzu and Knuckles and Sonic pick their way out of the debris they were buried under, the PPGs regenerate, despite their best efforts. With Shadow leaving everything to the Saiyans, his battle ends. Blossom quickly confirms that the animals' fight meant nothing to her, for they had lost, which enrages everyone, Drew and Eddy included. Eddy fights Blossom one-on-one while Ed and Zach fight with Buttercup and Edd and Drew fight Bubbles.

The fight is pretty even despite Edd's somewhat reluctance to fight. Drew takes over for him, and after briefly fighting with Bubbles, comes to a conclusion, utilizing the third of the Inner Gates together with his FSSJ form, augmenting his strength. Even Bubbles powering up does little to help her. However, she manages to catch Drew off-guard, which enrages Edd to the point he drops his restraints completely and manages to pull a double KO against her. However, from that point on, the remaining battles don't seem to be going anywhere. Even Eddy's new move helped him little, but before Blossom could kill him, Corey arrived, saving him.

He then displayed the results of his training, doing better than his teammates by taking on Blossom and Buttercup simultaneously. However, they seemed to learn his attacks just by experiencing them, and Blossom confirmed it. The brief demonstration of Corey's newly acquired strength gave Edd and Bubbles the time they needed to recover, with Bubbles re-entering the fray. Corey vowed it was time to blow what was left of the age of Utonium away:

"I'll need everyone's pull this off!"

After giving Senzu beans to Drew and Shadow, and re-energizing the rest of the heroes, Corey, aided by the other fighters, begin to take on the PPGs again, with Blossom vowing to send them "to hell, together". The heroes seem to be doing well, but after some fighting, Corey realizes it: they can't win at this rate. Their opponents are adjusting more and more as the battle drags on. Thankfully, Corey had an ace up his sleeve...

The Spirit Bomb, originally designed by King Kai: personally confirmed by the man himself. The kai proceeds to once more open a telepathic link to the world, as Corey asks for everyone to share energy. The NESF members hear this, and one-by-one, begin to share their Ki with him. Knuckles realizes Corey's plan, and helps out in his own way by having Chaos donate energy from within the Master Emerald. Eventually, Zach sets up a Galick Mine again, which proves instrumental to the success of the Spirit Bomb once Corey completes it.

The others proceed to get the three in the same spot, with Shadow stunning them with a Chaos Snap; just after Zach stunned them with the aftermath of his Galick Mine. Corey threw the Spirit Bomb down as the others began to get clear. However, Bubbles, knowing full well what the attack could do, powered up, breaking out of the Chaos Snap effect, and putting a barrier around her still-stunned sisters. Edd, sensing that Corey was struggling to push the bomb into them, even as a False Super Saiyan, quickly flew back, and assisted Corey in the final push, blowing them and the rest of the city up.

All seemed ready to be finished, but it turned out; the Super school still survived, even with the rest of the city reduced to a smoking, vacant lot. The heroes began to head back for the Superschool, Drew wanting to put the legacy of Utonium to bed once and for all despite the feelings of celebration going across the rest of the heroes...

"Good job, everyone..."

The heroes soon reach the inside of the Superschool and make for the center. There, they discover a computer room. Edd manages to hack his way into the system, and discovered something important about the school: it had the capability to absorb energy released in the environment--why Shadow's attack and the Spirit Bomb had no effect on it despite the rest of the city being a vacant lot.

While attempting to discuss how to blow it up and escape, Drew and Zach are abruptly struck down--critically injured by death beams! The remaining heroes are shocked to see that Blossom and Buttercup had survived the Spirit Bomb, thirsting for vengeance for Bubbles, who had given her life in vain to try to stop the Spirit Bomb. Too shocked to move, Corey is Buttercup's first target. Reacting quickly, Sonic kicked Corey out of the way...but was himself fatally injured.

After imparting a few parting words to his friends, Sonic died. Vowing to continue the killing, Blossom and Buttercup prepare to kill off the rest, when Corey, enraged, blocks their way. Emitting a golden aura, Corey breaks through the previous limits and transforms into a golden-haired Super Saiyan form! Urging his friends to leave, Corey continued the fight alone, taking a massive lead.

While the others mourned Sonic's sacrifice, Corey contacted Tailsko, hoping to find the flaw in the girls' regeneration. It had been found--their ability to repair their skeletal structure was heavily limited compared to repairing the whole body. With this discovered, Corey made short work of Buttercup and very nearly killed Blossom.

Blossom, now with her own regeneration at its limit, began to power up past her own limits. Speeding past Corey, she caused the Superschool to go on its self-destruct sequence. With 12 minutes until the energy within the core goes critical and explodes, Corey and Blossom prepare to begin the final round.

The others wait anxiously as Corey continues the fight with Blossom. As the fight continues, it is apparent that her power has gone up more than Corey expected. This is revealed to be the result of how Blossom (and her sisters) were created: each time they had been destroyed, but not killed, their DNA had rearranged itself. As of the latest rebirth, she had gained a near-death increase, similar to the Saiyans' own! Instead of being intimidated, however, Corey gets excited, his Super Saiyan power corroding his judgment with a concerned Tailsko only able to look on.

The fight appears to turn badly from there. However, Corey survives, and is eventually able to defeat Blossom, with the power gained through his friends. A few weeks later, Corey lies on the beach while his friends are off doing other things. Amy continues to mourn her loss. When Tailsko speaks to him, Corey realizes he forgot something.

Corey flies to Kame House, retrieving an artifact of days gone by: the Dragon Radar. Splitting up around the globe using the groups' various talents, the group retrieves the seven Dragon Balls, and call forth Shenron (with a little help from King Kai). With this, the wishes are made to restore Townsville and the surrounding areas to their normal state, and to revive not only Sonic, but all of Utonium's victims. However, the latter wish uses up the group's last two, preventing Eddy from getting his selfish wish.

Two months later, the Saiyans are training at the site--except Corey, who only watches with Tailsko close by (excluded due to the Super Saiyan transformation he underwent). However, they are interrupted by two energy signals closing in...from space! A spaceship lands, and out of it comes two Saiyans, Zukai and Brandon.

As it turns out, the Saiyans are far from extinct--their ancestors being the pure Saiyans exiled long ago for their treachery against the evil Saiyans. The genes of the Saiyans had mutated over time, allowing for the personality shifts--among other things--to happen. Zukai and Brandon are looking for the group's help in the war: Saiyans versus the remnants of the long-thought defunct World Trade Organization. Corey reveals to the two he can transform, but to everyone's shock, Zukai can transform just as well. After a ridiculously quick match, Corey--together with his cousins--agree that they can't leave it, leaving the Eds in charge of the Earth's protection. The Eds smile as they watch the Cousin Trio depart, knowing the future is going to bring a lot of changes...

Inheritance Saga (Episodes 48-??)

Two years after the Cousins' departure into space, life seems to have returned to normal. Even the Eds have gotten into the peace, beginning to slack off as they began their scamming once more...with Eddy's new scam being horrible due to being out of practice. The Kids are all disappointed, and so is Tailsko, reflecting that they were able to learn the mental training method before the Cousins departed. Just as Sarah and Tailsko discuss how the Eds graduated high school, Jimmy runs in, saying the Eds are up to no good. Their pile of fish is now on fire.

On Angel Island, Sonic and Shadow are having a race. Sonic gets too into it, and boosts straight off the island, causing Shadow to save him. Sonic, frustrated that Angel Island just isn't big enough anymore for their kinds of races, states he knows of a good place to run: Snake Way, in Other World. Meanwhile, Knuckles is training in Lava Reef Zone, and laments he may be hitting his limit. Just then, he senses something is up with the Master Emerald.

While the Eds are chastised by Tailsko for slacking off (after being beaten into the ground by Sarah), Eddy is treated to a scornful reprisal when he suggests Corey is Tailsko's boyfriend, showing that Corey hadn't exactly taken care of everything before leaving. Just as she tries to get back to scolding them some more, she freezes.

Back on Angel Island, Knuckles approaches the Master Emerald, only to find himself sucked in! Sonic and Shadow rush to the altar, only to find a new hedgehog waiting for them: Silver. Knuckles falls into the realm inside the Master Emerald, where Chaos confronts him and begins a fight that takes the form of an exam: if Knuckles fails, Chaos will take his body. Meanwhile, Tailsko, now urgent, insists the Eds come with her to get some things, "For the future..."

Knuckles is beaten about, even after Tikal explaining a bit of what's happening. Eventually, Chaos tells him how weak he is for a guardian. Knuckles admits he's right, but vows to not give up, and goes Super using the energy of the Master Emerald before rushing into the fight once again. Chaos seems to get sloppier, as though aiming for something, through the rest of the fight. However, Knuckles is the first to drop his fists, letting Chaos cover him and absorb him!

However, it turns out that this was the point of the trial: now, a guardian is given power, and a beast is free. A new Knuckles has been born, with Sonic and Shadow failing to recognize the new power. Only after Knuckles explains exactly what happened is the birth of Knuckles Neo explained...

Silver is from the future, and has come back in time in order to warn those gathered of the present threat. He states that in order to stop one man from plunging the earth into total darkness, the "Day of Disaster" must be stopped. Though Shadow initially has trouble believing it's not Silver that's the cause of it, with a quick memory scan from Knuckles, his story is verified as true, as several images from Silver's memories play. Though Sonic suggests they go get the Saiyans, Knuckles shoots this idea down, saying that this time they'll handle it. One quick power demonstration from Knuckles later, everyone grabs the Emeralds and heads off...

it turns out, they are heading to the same area that Tails and Amy saw earlier. After a wild Raticate attacks and Amy knocks it out, the two enter the chilling space. Team Knuckles arrives a short while later, and breaks directly into the base.

As the anthros get their investigation underway, Tailsko and the Eds search for the Dragonballs. Through a series of misadventures demonstrating how each of the Eds have been getting sloppy in their martial arts and Ki control, they eventually manage to recover three of the balls. Tailsko is then messaged by the person from the future, telling her and the others to step it up a bit. Tailsko and Ed bud off into one group, Tailsko able to "visualize" the general area of their ball. Edd memorized another with his geographical knowledge and nerd power. Eddy took the radar for himself, and all three went after a different ball.

While this happens, it appears that whoever is behind the strange space in that forest is getting ready to make his move. Sonic and the others find themselves staring down a horde of mouthless, discolored Tails and Amy clones, who Knuckles sweeps through with ease after sensing they're not the real article. Just as Team Knuckles breaks through, the Eds each encounter mouthless, discolored clones of their own.

The cousins have been cloned as well??

As the Eds stare down the shadows of their past, the mastermind behind this whole incident makes his question very clear...

"How will you play into my hands, little lights?"

As the clones reveal their hostility to the Eds, the Eds begin to fight back, unveiling their max base power without transforming. Edd is pressured by the much stronger Zach clone, Eddy can't seem to land many hits on the strategic Drew clone, and Ed has a bit of trouble keeping up with the clone Corey's speed. Yet, they manage to hold their own... until each of the cousins unveil their transformations. Not to be outdone by the transformed Drew and Zach clones, Edd and Eddy transform as well to False Super Saiyan. However, the Corey clone retained Corey's ability to go Super Saiyan, and unleashes a Kamehameha that seemingly kills Tailsko.

Elsewhere, Team Knuckles has been busy uncovering some of what's happened. The mastermind behind the recent activity is revealed at last: Mephiles, the Dark. The Silver that was with the group up until now appears to be yet another clone. Enraged by the apparent loss of Tailsko, Ed's mind breaks, letting out a so-called "Storm", as his mental narrator puts it. Whatever he meant by that, Ed has finally become a Super Saiyan. However, it seems Tailsko wasn't lost.... she was saved, by a second Silver.

Knuckles and Mephiles resume their duel, as Knuckles recalls the previous events leading to it: Team Knuckles finally gets to the culprit's location and meet Mephiles at last. Holding Sonic at standstill, he reveals he was behind the Anti Tails and Amy army, all before bringing out the originals themselves! As Knuckles steps in, Silver attacks the trio and seemingly incapacitates them. Just before Mephiles can knab the Emeralds, Knuckles breaks free and strikes the newly revealed Anti-Silver! As he takes on Mephiles in the upper levels, Sonic and Shadow go head to head with Anti-Silver, both hero divisions gaining an advantage.

Meanwhile, "The Storm" begins to dominate Anti-Corey. Silver introduces himself to Tailsko and explains that The Storm is a different personality of Ed's that takes over during the bleakest of times. Although his specialized combat skill makes him far superior, he is considered limited by Ed's current level of power. Edd and Eddy's fights meanwhile aren't as successful at first, still struggling against the advantages their opponents have. Just when their backs are against the wall, they step up to the challenge, using never before seen techniques and gaining the upper hand in the process. Eventually, all three of the Eds manage to triumph over their opponents, surpassing the Cousins and their limits!

As Eddy passes out from his victorious encounter, a mysterious stranger dressed in black approaches him. Having observed Eddy's battle with Anti-Drew, the stranger whisks him away from the field.

Anti-Silver continues to struggle against Sonic and Shadow's synergy tactics, racing off and reacquiring Tails and Amy as an edge. When given an ultimatum, Sonic decides to hand over the Emeralds for their safety, only for Amy to break free and stun Anti-Silver. Mephiles too has a hard time handling Knuckles, outclassed in every turn. Creating a Chaos Rift, Mephiles aims to take Knuckles effectively out of the picture. However, thanks to the full power of the Twin Chaos Fist, the guardian was able to cancel out the anamoly.

Though their counterattack seems extremely effective, the heroes can't call it quits yet...




He is the strongest out of the Eds, as before they found out about their Saiyan Heritage, he was the powerhouse of the Eds, lifting things most people would never dream of, and when you add all that strength with his Saiyan strength, he is a great fighter. His specialty lies in his strength. During the initial training, Ed suffered from "Split Personality Disorder", but the two personalities began to bond together as the episodes progressed, with the normal lax personality being dominant. His faster punches are still slower than the other Ed's (still far from slow), but they make up for it in pure power.


He is the brainiest out of the Eds, and also the brainiest out of the whole team (Ed, Eddy Corey, and Drew), as his brainpower exceeds that of any child or even genius, still, and thanks to his Saiyan Heritage, with his combined strength and unmatchable brainpower, he is also a great fighter. Due to his great intelligence, he has developed two other variations of the Kamehameha, as well as taught himself the Masenko blast. Along with his intelligence, he has the largest variety of techniques out of the heroes. His specialty lies in his Ki control. His punches are faster, though he lacks physical strength on par with Ed.


He is the self-appointed leader of the Eds, and comes up with most of the ideas and scams the Eds do, he is also a great fighter, especially when his temper gets the best of him (this stirred a few problems for the others), also due to his Saiyan Heritage. His specialty lies in his speed, as he is shown traveling at high speeds several times. Eddy's punches are the fastest of the the Eds. Eddy's speed is stated to be one-tenth of Sonic's in Episode 13 although after his intense training this may have changed.


Five years before the series' outset, he and his cousin Drew (see below) and other cousin Zach (see below) participated in the School Wars, when villains Dr. Gero and Professor Utonium had seized control under No Child Left Behind (Episode 2). They had blazed through that conflict. After five years of training, the twelve-year-old ran into the Eds after settling in Peach Creek... He then sensed their power levels... surpassing those of average humans.

Corey has potential unlocked through anger and transformed into False Super Saiyan, seen in Episode 2 during the flashback of the School Wars when Corey and Drew recount their war experiences to the Eds. He also seeks battle somewhat, training daily and experimenting with moves he had seen others perform. In Episode 15, we get a glimpse of his FSSJ powers in a yellow aura shortly before he unleashes a devastating Kaioken x20 Kamehameha. In Episode 21, he transformed in ME Saiyan: Master Emerald Saiyan. In Episode 26, he supposedly died at the hands of Mecha Sonic's Kamehameha Wave; however, he returned in Episode 28.

After gaining a new resolve to defeat the new threat that was the Powerpuff Girls, Corey underwent special training with Goku that put him above the new threat in their confrontation in Episode 44. In the following Episode he is forced to call upon the strength of everyone on Earth to create a Spirit Bomb. This proves not enough however, as two of the girls survived, one of which was able to murder Sonic. Through the impact of the hedgehogs death, Corey became the first to achiece the true Super Saiyan tranformation. The final climactic battle between the E-Fighters and the Utonium Empire was concluded when Corey defeated the final girl, Blossom, with his Fire Release: Napalm Spiral.

At the end of the Powerpuff Girl saga, Corey leaves along with Drew and Zach to fight in the war with the Planet Trade Organization.


Drew is Corey's cousin, although he is unrelated to Zach. Like Corey, he is a Saiyan who participated in the School Wars. He was called in by Corey before the first episode to help train the Eds, who at the time refused to believe they were Saiyans. Drew is seven years older than Corey, being nineteen years of age by the time of the story's beginning. He and Zach had to let Corey continue on to the core of the Super School while the older Saiyans fought the Super Saibamen.

Drew is a tactician when it comes to battle, although he does show an overpowering amount of confidence at times. He is also the only Saiyan who hasn't been told to watch his language by Double-D thus far (until Episode 15). Like Corey, he also commands a variety of moves. In Episode 21, he transformed in ME Saiyan: Master Emerald Saiyan. After Coreys supposed death at the hands of Mecha Sonic in Episode 26, Drew want into his False Super Saiyan form for the first time and nearly put Mecha Sonic out of commission.Though this was only a burst, and Mecha Sonic managed to escape.

At the end of the Powerpuff Girl saga, Drew leaves along with Corey and Zach to fight in the war with the Planet Trade Organization.


Zach is Corey's other cousin, although he is unrelated to Drew. He served alongside the two in the School Wars. Zach hasn't been seen yet except in a flashback in Episode 2, so it is unclear exactly what he can do. However, in Episode 2 when the younger Drew prepares a Special Beam Cannon, Zach states, "Drew! So you did have a new move!", to which Drew replies, "Stop your b----ing, Zach.", which may possibly imply a rivalry between the two. Zach made his first non flashback appearance in Episode 27 where he spars with Drew and the Eds, and joins the heroes.

At the end of the Powerpuff Girl saga, Zach leaves along with Drew and Corey to fight in the war with the Planet Trade Organization.


Goku is from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, however his role in Ed, Edd n Eddy Z is minor. He has only appeared in Episodes 2 and 10, first to help the younger Corey escape the exploding Super School, and later on to teach the heroes how to access the Kaioken. Despite his warning not to go above the Kaio-Ken x3, our heroes have since used over three times that without any hassle. In Episode 10, he witnesses Utonium complete his Emerald collection and then offers the heroes a training opportunity so that they can be prepared for the upcoming battle.

Centuries of experience have made Goku the strongest warrior in the universe (Although some villains or rivals tend to try and fix that theory), and rather, a little like Master Roshi.

In other words, he feels that it is necessary that the younger generations must take up the reins in protecting the Earth, as did Master Roshi, since he stated that he wouldn't be around forever. Some have speculated as to why Goku is still wearing his Kame School uniform in the 21st Century, as it is shown at the end of Dragon Ball Z that he had finally got a change of clothes into a blue and yellow gi, along with different shoes. Perhaps it is the time confusion which many fans have been lured into, as it is stated in the DBZ manga that the DBZ storyline takes place in the late 700's, rather than in the 21st Century.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is from the series that bears his name. He makes his first appearance in Episode 13, when he saves Ed from a self-destructing Saibaman. He hasn't been shown to use any special techniques as of yet, but he was stated to be ten times faster than Eddy by Eggman himself.

In a succesful attempt at saving Corey, Sonic met a temporary end in Episode 46. He was later revived in the following episode using the Dragon Balls, gladly embracing Amy for the first time afterwards.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog is also from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the self-appointed Ultimate Lifeform. Defeated by Power Prof. in the previous saga, it is unclear what moves Shadow can pull off, other than the Chaos Control and Chaos Spear seen in Episode 13. He is just as fast as Sonic, seeing as how none of the heroes recognized their figures when they destroyed the Saibamen. He also appears in Episode 13, wanting to test the heroes for an unknown reason. In Episode 21 he performed a Chaos Blast due to too much power and energy.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna is another character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the guardian of the Master Emerald, and the true reason why the combat test had to be moved to Angel Island. He makes his debut in Episode 15. He is assumed to know the same Chaos powers as both Sonic and Shadow, since he's the expert on Chaos Emeralds in general. He also has a super form.


Dr. Gero

Dr. Gero appears in Episode 2 alongside Professor Utonium in the flashback portion of the episode. He helped Utonium create the Proto-Metal Sonic that nearly killed Corey during the School Wars. It is revealed in Episode 12 that Dr. Gero was in fact Android #16 from Episode 9, as he felt he could be of more use as a fighting Android than as a decrepit, stressed-out old man. He was defeated and destroyed along with Android #15 in a fateful beam struggle against the Saiyans. Dr. Gero is from the DBZ universe and is adapted to the Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z universe.

Professor Utonium / Power Prof.

Professor Utonium is actually a (good) supporting character from "The Powerpuff Girls", adapted to fit into the Ed, Edd n Eddy Z universe as a villain rather than a hero. He created the Proto-Metal Sonic that nearly killed Corey during the School Wars. In the Heritage Saga, Utonium has done these activites:

  1. Taught Kevin how to build the Androids that nearly killed the Eds, Corey and Drew on more than one occasion.
  2. Got the entire town of Townsville on his side (Townsville has also been adapted to the EEnE Z universe.)
  3. Supposedly defeated Shadow the Hedgehog offscreen for the green Chaos Emerald in Episode 8.
  4. Killed an innocent man for the purple Chaos Emerald.
  5. Sent Androids of his own to attempt to kill the heroes.
  6. Almost executed Jonny 2x4 and Plank for the Red Chaos Emerald in Episode 9.
  7. Gotten all seven Chaos Emeralds in his bid to get his revenge.

Utonium is a calculating scientist, although he often puts his faith into one plan as seen in the Heritage Saga (the current saga). Power Prof. is Utonium's alter ego, just as evil as the scientist himself. He assumes this identity when he gets all seven Chaos Emeralds in Episode 10. His techniques involve using the powers of Chaos in his suit. The color of his aura and energy is gray/white, much like the first Chaos Emerald he found. His techniques are based and named from Shadow's moves.

Unlike his canon counterpart, who practically does nothing but experiment with chemicals and substances ninety percent of the time, the other ten percent being spending time with the PPGs, he seems to be more focused on his work, practically because his desire for vengeance is extremely strong. This is proved as he mercilessly struck down a boy(and his wood) and a young businessman for his own need of the Emeralds. (It is noted that he wishes to gain infamy across the world and stand as its emperor.) How he came across the gray/white Emerald is unknown, as nothing is confirmed yet.


Dr. Robotnik / Eggman

Dr. Eggman is from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, just as evil as he was before. Unlike Utonium, however, Eggman prefers to sit back and let his henchmen do the work this time around, as evidenced in Episode 13. He has no fighting talent whatsoever, though he has a very high IQ. In Episode 34, Eggman was killed when Utonium used Chaos Control to warp him straight into the sun. 

Androids / Prototype Androids

As of Episode 10, there have been forty Androids destroyed by the heroes who progressively get stronger through these episodes. The Prototype Androids are weak and are shown easily destroyed by only a few solid hits by our heroes. The Androids range in power, and as of the recent Episodes, have become diehard enemies who are often destroyed by beams rather than by melee.

Androids come in two flavors -- infinite energy and energy absorbers. Infinite energy androids have no limit to the amount of Ki they can burn up, as stated by #8 when he struggles with Eddy in Episode 7. Energy Absorbers, on the other hand, can leech energy off their opponents, demonstrated prominently in Episode 6.


Chaos is the ancient water beast sealed within the Master Emerald. The seal was broken once again in Episode 15, when Corey, with rage in his heart, broke the Master Emerald in half. He has been shown to use the Chaos Bolt and Chaos Control techniques, though, since he bears the name of the Chaos Emeralds, may know all known Chaos powers. By absorbing Chaos Emeralds, he alters his appearance and increases his power.

In Sonic's explanation from Episode 16, it is hinted that Chaos may only be filled with rage himself, and is acting upon this to destroy the world, and thus must be beaten to "heal the sadness". It is also hinted that he may be immortal, as (in this continuity, anyway) Sonic had stated he tried to destroy him.

In Episode 19, he reveals his full Chaos 3 form, which is just a giant version of his Chaos 0 form, as well as his Chaos 4 form, which appears quite similar to Cell in terms of body appearance (though he retains his skin and eye color). His water body in Chaos 4 had solidified to hard ice. He has also been able to use a "Dark Chaos Kamehameha" while in this form, a Kamehameha combined with his negative Chaos Energy.

The Cell trend continues in Episode 21 when Chaos re-appears on Angel Island. His Chaos 7 form looks like Cell's second, and his Perfect Chaos form looks like that of Cell's own Perfect form. He also has copied a large array of moves from the heroes as well, including dark variants of Edd's Galactic Donut and Drew's Special Beam Cannon. In Episode 32, Perfect Chaos took the form of a green and blue hedgehog.

Saibamen / Super Saibamen

Saibamen are from Dragon Ball Z, adapted to fit into the EEnE Z universe. As stated by Kevin, people with enough money can purchase a Saibaman jar to use as protection or for a murder. Saibamen are seen in Episode 4, and one nearly kills Double-D by self-destructing. The Saibamen seen in Episode 2 were prototypes for the Super Saibamen, and were weaker then. In Episode 4, all of the base level heroes can't make the plants flinch, and are forced to use the Kaio-Ken times four to combat them.

Super Saibamen were originally in Dragon Ball Z sagas, but were adapted to fit in EEnE Z. There has been only one documented appearance of the super-powered Saibamen, in Episode 2, when Drew and Zach fight three to allow Corey to continue on to the SuperSchool. Even then, the Super Saibamen were still no match for the power of enraged Saiyans.

Super Saibamen appear under Eggman's direct command in Episode 13. When the heroes go all-out, though, they are decimated just as easily.

Proto-Metal Sonic

Proto-Metal Sonic is the enemy Corey fought at the end of the School Wars. It was programmed to defend the SuperSchool Core, and nearly killed Corey before Corey used his hidden power (FSSj transformation) to defeat him. It is unclear how well this robot would compare to the heroes at present.

Mecha Sonic

Mecha Sonic is one of the main villians of the Revenge Saga. He is the "brother" to Mecha Shadow. He was created by Dr. Eggman and Prof. Utonium as an attempt to defeat the heroes. He makes is debut in Episode 24 where he attacked Corey, Drew, Sonic, and Edd.

Mecha Shadow

Mecha Shadow is the other main villian of the Revenge Saga, and the "brother" to Mecha Sonic. Like Mecha Sonic, he was also created by Dr. Eggman and Prof. Utonium in an attempt to kill the heroes. He first revealed himself in Episode 24 when he confronted Ed, Eddy, Shadow, and 


Blossom is the leader and the strongest of Powerpuff Girls, She's smart, wicked and ruthless. Blossom fully understands her status as a Ultimate Lifeform, taking great pride in herself being such. 

She is also the only girl to assess and comprehend the heroes' power, as when Shadow and Corey powered up, she (unsuccessfully) advised Buttercup against rushing in and fighting them. Despite this, she can sometimes be as cocky as Buttercup, believing that the heroes do not stand a chance against her and her sisters. Unlike Bubbles, she seems to have a limited sense of honor, allowing the heroes to escape so that they may grow stronger and thus give them a better fight It is also for this reason that Blossom and her siblings rebel against and brutally kill Utonium Jr., who kept them underground all their lives.

Blossom loves and cares about her sisters, as she often employs synchronized attacks with either one of them (especially Bubbles), and significantly improves her game when she senses one of them is in danger or out for the count. This bond is returned by both of her siblings, as they too assist Blossom when she is in danger. When Corey has slain both Buttercup and Bubbles in front of her eyes, she entered an extremely strong, almost unhinging rage that allowed her to temporarily outclass the young Super Saiyan.

She is fond of using ki-based attacks in battle, performing techniques such as the Final Flash, Special Beam Cannon, and the Rasengan, which all demonstrate her superb ki control.

Her great power and tactical nature proves effective, leaving her the last girl standing. She ultimately met her end against Corey after he achieved his Super Saiyan strength.


Bubbles is the smallest and least powerful of the Powerpuff Girls, She acts very naive and light headed, though this only hides her true nature of being just as psychopathic as her sisters.

She is apparently not above using dishonorable strategies in battle, as she pretended to be helpless and truly good at heart in order to make Drew let his guard down so she get in a near-fatal sneak attack. When she attempted this against Edd, he knew it was a ruse, and managed to temporarily incapacitate her with a rage-fueled Masenko (albeit in a tie).

Bubbles was also shown to have incredible speed, as she was able to easily outpace Sonic and go toe-to-toe with Eddy, even utilizing the Light Speed Attack on occasion. As a result, the heroes started to have trouble keeping up with her in her final battle.

In order to save her sisters from the heroes Spirit Bomb, she lost her life in Episode 45. 

It is also worth noting that thanks to Sonic's Speed Blitz and Drew's Third Gates, Corey was able to find out the Girls' weakness, as Bubbles' power went down enough from those attacks that the Spirit Bomb was able to kill her.


Buttercup is the edgiest of the Powerpuff Girls. She enjoys a battle just as much if not more then her sisters, constantly making comments that would point this out.

In and out of battle, she has proven herself to be a ruthless and merciless warrior, taking delight in mass murdering the innocent citizens of Townsville, and being the first to attack Utonium. Buttercup has also shown to have an foul temper, as she displayed aggravation towards being interrupted from killing the cousins, Dark Shadow attacking her, and being beaten and taunted by Corey. During these moments, she is also prone to cursing.

Buttercup is also rashest of the PPG's, as evidenced by Blossom's failure to stop her from launching herself at Dark Shadow and Super Saiyan Corey. She additionally is the brawniest of her sisters, preferring to slam her opponents into solid surfaces instead of blasting them, though she does energy attacks fairly often.

She was eventually overpowered and killed by Corey in his Super Saiyan form in Episode 46.


Kids of The cul-de-sac

They aren't too different from their canon counterparts, except for these noteworthy differences:

  • Kevin: Sometimes a bully. The one who created the androids and tried to kill the Eds for faking a Thigamajig, but failed to kill them and got told by Drew to leave the Eds alone. Ever since Episode 7, however, he has changed instead of trying to kill the Eds.
  • Sarah: She is Ed's little sister that likes Edd and hates Eddy. She has a friend named Jimmy and she's also a Saiyan. She doesn't know she is a Saiyan. In Episode 6 she got hit by one of Kevin's androids and was knocked out. After Jimmy woke her up she told him, Jonny, and Nazz what happened.
  • Jimmy: He is Sarah's friend and is a little weaker than Edd before he knew he was a Saiyan. Jimmy doesn't know that his friend Sarah is a Saiyan.
  • Jonny 2x4: He is a wood-loving kid and has a best friend named Plank which is a piece of wood, but knows what he's saying. In Episode 9 he and Plank were the second and third victims that got attacked by Power Prof. They both woke up and helped tell Sarah and Jimmy about Professer Utonium and everyone in Peach Creek. In Episode 21 he and Plank now have Nature Power to see everything in nature and performed it with Plank.
  • Plank: He is a piece of wood. The only person that understands him is Jonny which is his friend. In Episode 9 he was either the second or third victim that was attacked by Power Prof. They both woke up and helped tell Sarah and Jimmy about Professor Utonium and everyone in Peach Creek. In Episode 21 he and Jonny now have Nature Power to see everything in nature and performed it with Jonny.
  • Rolf: He was one of the Kids of the Cul-De-Sac ever since he came here, though his customs may come off as strange to the rest of the kids, the Eds, Corey and Drew, and the Animals.
  • Nazz: She is a cheerleader in Peach Creek Junior High just like Jimmy and Sarah. Every boy in the Cul-De-Sac likes her except Jimmy, Rolf, Corey, and Drew. It is unknown to Plank.

Tails the Fox

Tails, aka Miles Prower, is Sonic's best friend since Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He has fought in the past, but recently has decided to stay on the sidelines and be the team inventor. His power level is stated to be around 4,000 by Corey in Episode 17.

Amy Rose

Amy Rose is Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, a pink hedgehog. From Corey's eyes, she's no more than a fangirl stalker, as evidenced in his mental monologue in Episode 17. Despite this, she admits not being a fighter, with her power level also stated to be around 4,000. Whenever she comes out, the blue hedgehog runs away, as observed by Eddy.

Tikal the Echidna 

Knuckles' ancestor, who lives in the Master Emerald along with Chaos as a spirit. She is the good spirit. However, on the shattering of the Master Emerald, only Chaos is released. This was likely done as animator's convenience, though Chaos may have done something when the Master Emerald was broken to prevent her from getting out.

King Kai

His first appearance was in Episode 7. He arranged for telepathic communication between the cousins and everyone else on Earth to donate their energy to defeat Power Prof., but the Mayor of Townsville ordered everyone in Townsville not to relinquish even a bit of energy to the "blasted" Saiyans. He also arranged telepathic communication for Sarah, Jimmy, and Nazz, so they could motivate the Eds enough to defeat Perfect Chaos. It should be noted that he is no longer dead. This was probably due to Goku paying him back for killing him in the first place.

Trivia, Evidence, Similarities, and Info

  • Ed, Edd n Eddy Z is just an alternate series of the Ed, Edd n Eddy series - it takes place two years after most of the events.
  • This flash series is rated T for excessive swearing (especially by Eddy).
  • Characters break the fourth wall through out the series so much, it's like there's no fourth wall at all.
  • The fourth wall seems to have come back as the series took a darker turn in the fourth saga.
  • There will be 5 Sagas and over 50 episodes, as stated by the creator.
  • A storyboard version of EEnE Z is available on and This is created by a different author, with SSJ5G/SSJ7G's approval. The storyboard version is notably different, but it still contains major elements from the original Flash series, like the School Wars.
  • In "Floss Your Ed" Ed said 'I wish I had a tail!' And in the prologue above it says the 3 Eds grew tails but cut them off.
  • If the viewer notices closely, the inside of the kids' houses (seen in episodes 6 and up) are styled as the inside of Ness's house (from EarthBound). The wallpaper's just a different color.
    • Sarah's room also closely resembles Paula's room.
  • The series is set after ALL the events in the original Ed, Edd n Eddy cartoon series, probably set after the events of Dragon Ball and set after the events of Shadow the Hedgehog (game).
  • There is actually a reference to the regular series in every episode: where there is destruction done to the training site - at least thus far - in the following episode afterward, the area is shown without the impact craters. In The Destruction of Rathink Avenue, the Kankers physically destroy the cul-de-sac, leaving only Edd's house intact, except for the front door. Yet, in the following episode, the cul-de-sac is completely undamaged, as if nothing happened. (Note: These events took place in "Run for your Ed ").
  • In EEnE Z, the Eds appear to be the same height.
  • There are some outfit goofs when it comes to some of the characters, namely Edd, Sarah, and Kevin. Kevin and Edd are supposed to be wearing shorts, not long pants. Kevin's pants are the wrong color (black, not dark blue) and Edd's shirt is also the wrong color (orange-red, not red). Sarah wore different shoes: Episodes 6 and 7 she wore brown shoes and in Episodes 9, 11, and 12 she wore purple shoes. (always purple shoes).
  • In "An Ed is Born" Edd teleported will rolling the camera on Eddy, but Eddy didn't notice.
  • Ed is 5 feet 9 inches tall, Goku is 5 feet 7 inches... so Ed is two inches taller and he was only 14!
  • In the events of "Run Ed Run" before the Eds hit the sky Edd was hanging on to his hat and some figured he's bald. He's not bald, his hat makes his Saiyan spiky hair invisible.
  • The things Ed, Edd, and Eddy have in common with Dragon Ball Z.
  1. Ed's big appetite is just like a Saiyan.
  2. Edd's intelligence matches a Saiyan Scientist.
  3. Eddy's temper is just like Vegeta's.
  4. Ed's strength is just like a Saiyan.
  5. All the Eds can survive in space without space-suits just like Saiyan.
  6. It takes a lot to hurt Ed.
  7. Without Edd's hat his hair is just like Gohan's hair when he was in high school. (Though what is really under Edd's hat is unknown.)
  8. Ed and Goku get serious when they are needed.
  9. Sarah's strength is just like a Saiyan.
  10. Sarah's temper is just like Pan's.
  11. Ed and Goku are afraid of needles.
  12. Eddy and Krillin are short and bald. (But technically Eddy has 3 hair stings.)
  13. Sarah cries loud like Pan.
  14. Saiyans and the Eds can hold their breath under water for a long time and talk under water.

Heritage Saga

  • Ed, Edd, Eddy, Corey, and Drew made their first appearance in Episode 1.
  • Corey is the only character and the only cousin with a tail (until episode 12, anyway).
  • Edd goes through a near-death experience in episode 4 when a Saibaman self-destructs on him.
  • In Episode 5 when it was a 1-on-1-on-1-on-1-on-1 sparring match Corey "accidentally" punched Eddy where no one wants to be punched - in the nuts! OUCH!
  • Ed fires his "Lazah" in Episode 6 when Prototype Androids hit his little sister Sarah.
  • As of Episode 9, all three Eds have a desire to train.
  1. Ed to protect Sarah.
  2. Edd to protect Peach Creek.
  3. Eddy to protect his cash pool.
  • Eddy's only Special Technique thus far is the Kamehameha.
  • Episode 1 was Kevin's first appearance.
  • In Episode 2, it showed 2 flashbacks.
  • Ed once again references an internet meme in Episode 8 - when he goes to fight #12, his first move is to jump in from nowhere with a steamroller, crushing the Android underneath it, and yelling "WRYYYYYY!!!" before pummeling the steamroller with 91 hits until it explodes. This move fails to defeat #12, however.
  • If the viewer may notice, most of Ed's moves or phrases are mostly based on Internet memes, comic books, video games, or food.
  • In Episodes 6 and 7 Sarah wore brown shoes and in Episodes 9, 11, and 12 she wore purple shoes.
  • In Episode 6, Drew uses an attack that slightly mimics Future Trunks' Heat Dome Attack from the Budokai Tenkaichi series of video games, twice - the first unsuccessfully, the second successfully.
  • In Episode 5, Edd uses a variation of the Kamehameha called the "Magaru Kamehameha". It is charged and fired normally, but it curves past the opponent, and then curves around and attempts to strike the enemy in the back. This attack was taken from a DBZ RPG that SSJ5G/SSJ7G played.
  • The Sphere of the Sphinx was originally from the storyboard version of EEnE Z.
  • The Kaio-Ken is shown to cause stress nearly all the time in the source series (DBZ), but Kaio-Ken works differently in EEnE Z: If the user can control the level, it can be used without inflicting too much self-injury, but any higher and there is a risk involved much like in DBZ.
  • Episode 10 is the first time Ed actually uses the Kamehameha.
  • In Episode 11, Edd uses yet another variation of the Kamehameha called the "Scatter Kamehameha" to take out Power Prof.'s Chaos Energy Clones and injure the professor himself. This is derived from DBZ: Shin Budokai: Another Road-it was Krillin's Ultimate in his base form, though it is fired like a Kamehameha in EEnE Z.
  • In almost every battle they've had to date, the next level of Kaio-Ken was always needed to overcome the enemy, almost.
  • In Episode 8 Utonium says "Where's that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?". This phrase is from the SEGA video game Shadow the Hedgehog. (It was also used as an EEnE Z episode name.)
  • In Episode 11 Professor Utonium uses Shadow's Chaos abilities (Chaos Arrows, Chaos Spear, Chaos Blast and Chaos Control) during the fight between him and the Eds, Corey and Drew.
  • Professor Utonium's lab resembles the Final Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog (1991) for the Genesis/Mega Drive.
  • Professor Utonium mentioned Shadow the Hedgehog at one point series.
  • Proto-Metal Sonic resembles Mecha Sonic (created by Dr. Robotnik / Eggman in Sonic 3 & Knuckles).
  • The Chaos Emeralds are from the Sonic The Hedgehog game series (obviously).
  • Episode 11 contains a fourth-wall break when Double-D asks Drew and Corey to explain why they have such an abundance of Senzu beans.
  • In Episode 10 Edd and Corey did a Mental Battle.
  • Ed's jacket was destroyed 1 1/2 times.
  • Edd's hat was destroyed twice and 3 flew out of his head.
  • Eddy's clothes were destroyed 1 time.
  • Starting with Episode 9, SSJ7G began to narrate the opening and ending sequences of Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z over sepia-toned stills or clips of the previous episode.
  • In Episode 6 was Sarah's, Jimmy's, Nazz's, Jonny's and Plank's first appearance.
  • Eddy mentions his brother in Episode 9, saying that he showed him some stuff that "wouldn't compare to" the current situation. Could it be that his brother knew of his ancestry this whole time?
  • A some lines from the end of episode 12 were taken directly from Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show.
  • In Episode 12 Corey's head was dripping blood after fighting Power Prof.
  • Rolf's first appearance was in Episode 7
  • Power Prof.'s first appearance is in Episode 8
  • Jonny 2x4 & Plank were attacked by Power Prof. in Episode 9.
  • The Eds, Corey, and Drew have not lost a battle yet, though they have been quite close to losing a few of them.
  • Episode 11 was the first time Corey was the first character that used a move like the "Rasengan" from the Naruto series.
  • At the end of Episode 12 both Corey and Edd made fourth wall breaks.
  • Episode 12 was the first time the Eds used a Chaos Emerald, foreshadowing the events of the Chaos Saga.
  • In Episode 12, Corey lost his tail when Super Power Prof. blasted Corey with Chaos Beam, vaporizing it.
  • Super Power Prof. repeats history by effortlessly standing and taking Corey's Kamehameha without a scratch, just like Legendary Super Saiyan Broly had done against Super Saiyan Goku.
  • Jimmy doesn't have a retainer anymore.
  • King-Kai's first appearance was in Episode 12.
  • Edd used Split Form in Episode 11.
  • After defeating Power Prof. in Episode 12 Corey and Drew looked over the Cul-De-Sac while Edd is examining the Red Chaos Emerald in case new evil looms over the horizon.

Chaos Saga

  • Sonic and Shadow made their first appearance in Episode 13
  • Ed, Edd, Eddy, Corey, and Drew use red Kaio-ken in Episode 14.
  • The Master Emerald will be in this Saga.
  • Ed, Edd, Eddy, Corey, and Drew will use the full power of the seven Chaos Emeralds themselves (though in their own way).
  • Shadow has the Green Chaos Emerald again. He also fought Utonium and lost, as evidenced by his statements.
  • The Ray of Riches makes a return when Eddy heavily injures his Saibaman opponent. It is shot from his forehead.
  • Eddy also knows the "Blaster Shell", something he said he learned from his brother. Is his brother really more than meets the eye?
  • Dr. Eggman's first appearance was in Episode 13.
  • The moves that the Eds used in Episode 13:
  1. Ed: used the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.
  2. Edd: used Chaos Blade and Galactic Donut.
  3. Eddy: used Special Beam Cannon, Blaster Shell, and Ray of Riches.
  • The 10 Red Saibamen are Bigger than Ed, Edd, Eddy, Corey, and Drew.
  • Episode 14 marks the first time Kaioken is used in a sparring session.
  • In Episode 14 Eddy and Sonic had a race, but Sonic won.
  • Episode 15 was the first time that the E Fighters fight the Sonic Team.
  • Knuckles first appearance was in Episode 15.
  • After a cocky Shadow's introduction, Drew swore and was finally told to watch his language by Double D.
  • As was the Sphere of the Sphinx, the Chaos Punch was also originally from the Storyboard version of EEnE Z.
  • Chaos' first appearance was in Episode 16.
  • Ed used Zappity Zap Zap in Episode 16.
  • Tails' and Amy's first appearance was in Episode 17.
  • In Episode 17 there was no fighting.
  • Sonic and Amy also did a awkwardly position. (It would be more funny and awkward if Amy was moaning.)
  • From the second half of Episode 15 to the second half of Episode 20, Edd has gone without his hat.
  • There is a deliberate fourth-wall break in Episode 19 when Corey asks Eddy "how many people will call this show a SMBZ ripoff" after they get four Chaos Emeralds back from Chaos by striking Chaos simultaneously. This is a reference to the apparently large number of sprite movies being called "SMBZ ripoffs", EEnE Z included.
  • In Episode 20, it had 2 flashbacks.
  • Chaos' transformations are just like Cell's transformations, except it's blue and only needs Chaos Emeralds.
  • In Episode 21 Corey and Drew transformed into ME Saiyans.
  • In Episode 22 the Eds transformed into E Saiyans.
  • For the first time ever, the Eds defeated the main villain.

Revenge Saga

  • Takes place about 1 year after the defeat of Power Prof.
  • Takes place 11 months after the defeat of Chaos.
  • Zach will finally have a non flashback appearance in the series.
  • Ed, Edd, and Eddy are 15, Corey is 13, and Drew is 22.
  • In Episode 23 Corey uses a fire based attack.
  • The heroes finally learn of Utonium still being alive.
  • Mecha Sonic & Mecha Shadow made their first appearance in Episode 23 or 24.
  • The Chaos Drives have been upgraded sense the Chaos Saga. They now induce a 10 minute long Suppressed Super Form with four Chaos Emeralds worth of power!
  • Mecha Sonic & Mecha Shadow both have power levels greater then Chaos.
  • Corey used the power of two Emeralds to go into is Dark form in Episode 25.
  • Corey seemingly died in Episode 26, in his battle with Mecha Sonic.
  • After seeing what happened to Corey, Drew is able to tap into the False Super Saiyan power and nearly destroy Mecha Sonic.
  • As of the end of Episode 26, the Heroes have no Emeralds while the Villains have 3.
  • In Episode 30, the heroes (with the exception of Corey) discuss how obvious it is about Tailsko might be Tails' sister, and make yet another reference to the series' creator.
  • In Episode 32, Ed shouts, "I AM GORO!" at Mecha Sonic during their fight, and sprouts two more arms, referring to both Tien's technique in Dragon Ball and Mortal Kombat.
  • In Episode 34, Corey is seen holding a Poke Ball while lying in cover from the androids. This is a reference to the Pokemon games the creator was playing at the time, along with a few Pokemon creepypastas he had been reading.
  • In Episode 34, Ed is seen using box to hide himself from the androids. This is a clear reference to one of the creator's favorite series, Metal Gear Solid.
  • In Episode 30, after Corey begins beating down Mecha Sonic, Plank mentions a "litmus test", a reference to the Mary Sue Litmus Test.
  • In Episode 36, Cyber Mecha Sonic makes several references to his other incarnations featured in other fanfictions.

PPG Saga

  • Takes place 1 year after the end of the Revenge Saga.
  • In episode 38, Shadow is listening to the radio. A very obvious Big Bang Theory reference is made before the Townsville broadcast.
  • Eddy makes another reference to the shrunken role the Eds seem to have in this series in Episode 39.
  • Just like with Gero Sr. long ago, John Utonium was killed at the hands of his own creations.
  • Utonium is the first on-screen death in the series since Peter Jones from Episode 8.
  • Zach finally gets Corey and Drew to inform the team of the N.E.S.F., who were originally apart of the School Wars.
  • Drew finds some intresting information, regarding the Project PowerPuff vs Project Shadow competition. James Utonium was the one that sold out Gerald to G.U.N.
  • Sonic gained a new shoes and a new Super-Speed
  • Corey finally learns several techniques and abilities thanks to the training in Pendulum Room.
  • The PPGs have finished their rampage, and have exterminated every single being in Townsville.
  • Shadow decides to fight alone with the Powerpuff due the fact when in his all life he put the title of "Ultimate Lifeform" but sonic and knucles help him.
  • The Saiyans (away from the fight thanks to Shadow) fly from the other side of the world to Townsville in more than 5 minutes.
    • An actual timer counts down the last minute to their arrival.
  • The PPGs reveal that their final forms are the result of absorbing their prototypes only five days earlier.
  • Corey's battle with the PPG's (especially Blossom) has an abundance of similarities with Goku's final fight against Frieza:
    • Corey prepares a Spirit Bomb while the other heroes run interference
    • Bubbles makes an ultimately futile attempt to stop it.
    • Blossom and Buttercup survive the blast and incapacitate Drew and Zach with death beams.
    • Buttercup kills the group's weakest member (Sonic).
    • The death of said member provides a rage trigger strong enough to elevate the group's strongest member (Corey) to Super Saiyan for the first time in the series
    • The Super Saiyan proceeds to very heavily damage his foe(s), leaving them no choice but to power up and past their limits.
    • The villain then does something to make the battleground explode after a certain amount of minutes.
    • The time limit then drags out for a much longer period than originally set.
      • There's an actual timer for the countdown itself, but is relatively ignored for most of the fight.
    • The immensely powered-up and pissed villain gains relatively brief control of the fight, but begins to rapidly lose strength due to overexertion.
    • The villain attempts to obliterate the Super Saiyan, taunts them (thinking they won) only for the Super Saiyan to ambush them with a surprise boot to the head
    • The Super Saiyan finally reigns victorious via an energy attack fueled by righteous rage.
    • The Super Saiyan narrowly escapes the battleground mere moments before it explodes.
  • This is the only time when a hero (Sonic) dies in the series. However, he is revived soon after.
  • The first ever character poll was taken here, and the results were announced at the end of the saga. Check out Episode 47's after-credits sequence to see the results!

Inheritance Saga

  • After seemingly many years, Ed and Eddy have finally grown out their hair.
    • Ed's hair is ginger (technically orange).
    • Eddy's hair is dark blue.
  • For the first time in the series, (one of) the Eds' scams are featured onscreen.
    • Episode 48: Ed's Sea Ranch 2
      • Involved catching all of the fish from the lake (including Magikarp)
      • Ended in failure due to (as usual) Ed's shenanigans.
  • toonking911 has taken over writing duties for the Inheritance Saga.
  • Episode 48 was aired the same day (in America) that Dragon Ball Super premiered (in Japan)
    • Also aired on July 4th. Happy Independence Day, Eds!
  • Eyecatches are featured from Episodes 48 onward. Try to see if you can catch them all!
  • Episode 48 features a VERY hilarious after-credits sequence.
  • As usual, there's a ton of pop culture references that Ed makes. Can you spot them all?
    • "Dragon, dragon, rock the dragon..."


Heritage Saga

Chaos Saga

Note: newgrounds links are unavailable as of this point so all links will link to youtube videos

Revenge Saga

PPG Saga

Inheritance Saga

"Official" Power Levels Listing


  • Rage Boost: Varies with user and amount of rage
  • Kaioken: Whatever multiplier called out
  • FSSJ Burst: x35 Base
  • FSSJ: x40 Base
  • SSJ:x50 Base
  • Semi-Super (Power Prof.): x2.5
  • Inexperienced Super (Power Prof.): x4
  • Chaos Form: x40
  • Super Form: x7-x49, depending on number of Emeralds used
  • Super Form by Super Emeralds (Tails, S3&K): x21-x147, depending on number of Emeralds used
  • Dark Form: x15-x105, depending on number of Emeralds used
  • Hyper Form: x1,200

School Wars (Episode 2 Flashback)

Corey: 143 FSSJ Burst: 5,005
Drew: 140 Rage Boost: 420
Zach: 142 Rage Boost: 426
Saibamen: 72
Battle Droids: 6.3
Super Saibamen: 187
Proto-Metal Sonic: 1,200
Goku (Heavily Suppressed): 5,000

Neo Earth's Special Forces, c. May 2001

Corey: 98 Enraged: 120
Drew: 112
Zach: 114
Makuta: 121
Streak: 90 Raiken: 117
Tai Ma: 115 Genso Hoshutsu: 144
Terra: 92
Alicia: 99
Jasper: 110 X-Burner: 132
Blue Prototype: 110
Pink Prototype: 130
Green Prototype: 120

Ed, Edd n Eddy, Pre-Z

Ed: 40 When angry: 340
Edd: 17 When angry: 27 and 320
Eddy: 23 When angry: 323
Sarah: 50 When angry: 350
Jimmy: 3 When angry: 33
Nazz: 5 When angry: 35
Kevin: 10 When angry: 50
Jonny: 5 When angry: 32 As Captain Melonhead: 35
Plank: 5.1 When angry: 10.1 As Splinter the Wonderwood: 30.6
Rolf: 35 When angry: 53
Lee Kanker: 75 When angry: 175, 275, and 775
Marie Kanker: 73 When angry: 173, 273, and 773
May Kanker: 71 When angry: 171, 271, and 771
Eddy's Brother: 123

The Sonic Characters, Before the Chaos Saga

Note: These power levels are based on guesses and also what was given. Boss fights and badnik swarms were avoided, because they are redundant in the games. All of the Sonic games below are assumed to take place after the School Wars and before the Heritage Saga. The real levels for SEGA Sonic in relation to DBZ characters may be different.

Note 2: I must also say that Tails and Amy will not be fighting in EEnE Z, as compared to the Saiyans, the Sonic cast is already at a disadvantage as far as power goes...Even so, what-ifs are always good, so I don't have to write them in as fighters and possibly screw things up.

General Badniks: 5.1
Bosses: 1.1-1.3x less than player character
Final Bosses: 1.01-1.2x less than player character.

Sonic 1

Sonic: 120

Sonic 2

Sonic: 200 Super Sonic: 9,800
Tails: 94

Sonic CD

Sonic: 450
Metal Sonic: 420

Note: Amy is not shown fighting in this game.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Sonic: 1,200 Super Sonic: 58,800 Hyper Sonic: 1,440,000
Tails: 720 Super Tails (Super Emerald Boost): 105,840
Knuckles: 1,350 Super Knuckles: 66,150 Hyper Knuckles: 1,620,000
Mecha Sonic: 1,400 Super Mecha Sonic (Knuckles's Final Boss): 68,600

Sonic Adventure (DX)

Sonic: 3,400 Super Sonic: 166,600
Knuckles: 3,700
Tails: 1,520
Amy: 1,240
Chaos 0: 1,500 Chaos 2: 3,000 Chaos 4: 6,000 Chaos 7: 18,000 Perfect Chaos: 24,000

Note: In each of the Chaos battles, the player is told to attack the brain-his weak point. Thus, why ~3,000 power levels could beat him. Also, characters from games unlisted here or characters not returning physically in EEnE Z will not be shown here.

Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle)

Sonic: 4,200 Super Sonic: 205,800
Knuckles: 4,500
Tails: 1,720
Shadow: 4,200 Super Shadow: 205,800
Biohazard: 3,000 Finalhazard: 600

Note: The Biohazard was stated to have become weaker without his life support system, and clung to life to fulfill his creator's destruction wish. As for the difference between Sonic and Shadow...well, Shadow is a synthetically created living being, with alien cells...

Sonic Heroes

Sonic: 4,700 Super Sonic: 230,300
Knuckles: 4,850 Super Knuckles: 237,650
Tails: 2,840 Super Tails: 139,160
Shadow: 4,820
Amy: 2,600
Metal Sonic: 4,500 Neo Metal Sonic: 9,000 Metal Madness: 90,000 Metal Overlord: 360,000

Note: Metal Overlord's level is because it took the combined efforts of Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails to subdue him. And the teams' fight against Metal Madness was stalling for Sonic and his team to transform.

Shadow the Hedgehog (Game)

Sonic: 5,100
Knuckles: 5,350
Tails: 3,440
Amy: 3,330
Shadow: 5,700 Super Shadow: 279,300
Black Arms Troops: 12.4
Black Doom: 6,250 Devil Doom: 306,250

Note: All gun-wielding aside, the levels here, for the most part, make sense, as both military forces (PL: 8) and the Badniks (see above) were having trouble with them. This game was needed just for convenience-so Shadow wouldn't have PTSD flashbacks in the middle of fights. Also, you basically only attack his eye in the game, a real weak point. Not a stab wound that healed over 20 years earlier.

Pre-Heritage Saga

Corey: 942
Drew: 987
Ed: 840
Edd: 730
Eddy: 790

Heritage Saga

Episode 1-6

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Shadow vs. Power Prof (Episode 8):
Shadow: 6,000 Suppressed Super (x7): 42,000
Power Prof. (Episode 8): 30,000 Semi-Super: 75,000

Episodes 7-12

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Chaos Saga

Episodes 13-14

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Episodes 15-20

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Episodes 21-22

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Revenge Saga

Episodes 23 - 27

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Episode 28 - 30

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Episode 31 - 37

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PPG Saga

Episodes 38 to 40

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Episodes 43 to 47

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Inheritance Saga

Episodes 48 to Present

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