Takes place during the Chaos Saga.

The mayor of Townsville has had enough with the E Team (Strong take off of the Z Team fron Dragon Ball Z), so he combines forses with Dr. Eggman. Togeather, they hold a tournament to draw out the saiyans. Eggman releases his ultimate weapon; a strange creature only known as... Kano. As the matches drag on, a match of Drew vs and a green man with no name takes peoples attention. Drew attacks, but the man throws an energy ball. Drew dodges, and sees that the man isn't human. So he yells "What the HELL are you?"; the man laughes "Someone not to annoy.". After a large fight, the man throws Drew to the ground; he tells drew to give up, but he uses Kaio-Ken X30! He defeats the man, but a large green man comes up. Drew feels his power, and uses Kaio-Ken X40. But is easily defeated. Everyone screams, and runs away; Cory and the Eds come into the fight. They use Kaio-Ken X30, and start their attack. The green man laughes in victory as he defeats the E Team. Drew sees the world go still; then hears King Kai speak. He tells Drew the man is Kano, a being of pure evil, and crazier then Ed! The E Team fights bravly; but Were easily defeated... again! Eddy surprised everyone by using a technuiqe of pure power... the spirit bomb! He shot the ball of pure power, but Kano shot a massive beam at the spirt bomb. The rest of the team joined in, and shot kamehamehas to increase the power. They used a power that they've never tried... Kaio-Ken X50! It still wasn't enough. One by one, the team fell from the strain. Soon, only Cory was left; he put all his might into the kamehameha. He couldn't keep it up; but he remembered something Zach said. "Remember cous... the only time you lose... is the time you quit... never quit." Cory unleashed all his power; he transforms into a False Super Saiyan. Then his kamehameha destroys Kano. In the end, The Eds, Drew and Cory lied in bed; Double-D got up. He walked outside, and looked into the night sky. Sarah walked up; they sat down, and looked into the sky. Double-D asked "Did you ever think there was life in the universe?" Sarah replied "I'm looking at you, aren't I?" they will later try the kaioken x50, x,1,000, and x100

This movie's release date is not reviled.

Movie Poster

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