EEnE Z LZR takes place one year after the series ends. Warning: CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Legend Saga

Ed, Edd n Eddy Z Revival The episode opens up with Edd fighting against Zach in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Zach attacks fiercely and turns into a Super Saiyan, Edd does the same. But is still beaten. Edd and Zach come out with their clothes burnt apart. Later on, Eddy recieves a call from his brother. Eddy says something simple. "He's coming."
Preparing for Death Goku comes in and hears the commotion. He gives Corey, Drew, and all of the other kids a training lesson. They accept immedietly. Goku brings in his partner, Vegeta. Goku begins to teach them the Spirit Bomb and the Super Kaio-Ken. The Saiyans learn it easily, but it's tougher for the kids. Vegeta teaches them the Big Bang attack and the Final Flash. His signature moves.
Another Super Saiyan Sarah begins to spar with Vegeta, but she is thrashed by the Saiyan Prince's abilities. She gathers up all her anger and begins to charge up her ki. Vegeta, shocked, looks at Sarah as she becomes a Super Saiyan. Therefore, making her the youngest Super Saiyan in the universe. After a quick battle with Vegeta, Sarah wins. Although, Vegeta does not let her know that he was holding back his power.
Hedgehogs Collide Sonic begins his training with Ed, Silver starts to train Edd, and Shadow takes on Eddy. Ed immedietly starts off by turning into a Super Saiyan, forcing Sonic to go Super. Ed begins to pound Sonic with a few energy blasts, until Sonic reveals his newest move. Sonic surrounds himself with energy and tackles Ed, knocking the Saiyan out. Eddy wins against Shadow, while Edd loses against Silver.
Battle of the Ages Goku and Vegeta fight before they leave. Goku goes to Super Saiyan 2, so does Vegeta. The fight goes on for hours, until they both call it a tie and leave.
The Monster Arrives The Eds wake up early due to an explosion in the playground. They see a man standing at the gates. It's Eddy's Brother. The other kids follow. Sarah charges, Eddy's Brother smacks her away. And begins to reveal his true power...
Fighting a Devil Eddy's Brother finally stops. His sleeves have disentergrated, revealing muscles, much like Broly's, according to Zach. The Saiyans are forced to go into Super Saiyan. They charge. Eddy's Brother laughs and beats the daylights out of them. Sarah comes in as a Super Saiyan and attacks. Eddy's Brother punches her in the face and throws her into a house. Zach states that they are not fighting a Saiyan. But a monster. Then Eddy's Brother states, "A monster? No, I am a devil!"
Upgrade to Super Kaio-Ken Eddy uses Kaio-Ken x20 and attacks his brother furiously. Seeming to have no effect, Eddy steps it up to the Super Kaio-Ken. Scared out of his mind, Drew begins to stop fighting. Corey uses split form as a Super Saiyan, but even with that he was slaughtered. With that, Eddy's Brother begins to tell the story of how he learned he was a Saiyan...
Tale of a Saiyan's Past Eddy's Brother explains that he was a normal child until the day he found his father in his room, with a knife, hanging over his back. He said that he saw some kind of object on the floor. It was a tail. Then Eddy's Brother explains that he murdered his father because of that. Edd asks why. Then Eddy's Brother said he felt like it.
Pointless Battle Eddy's Brother begins to laugh as he destroys Peach Creek with multiple ki blasts. Ed chases him into the creek, where he almosts drowns, due to Eddy's Brother shoving his face into the water. He pulls up the unconcious Ed, and blasts him in the face. Eddy's Brother flies above Peach Creek, and sees all the kids unconcious. He laughs and fires a ki blast at Sarah. Then something deflected it. He looks to see Knuckles.
Chaos Redemption Part 1 Knuckles begins to give the fighters senzu beans. Edd forms a plan. If the others are able to distract Eddy's Brother long enough, then they can form an attack with all the chaos emeralds. They do as they say and go to battle once more.
Chaos Redemption Part 2 Absorbing energy from the emeralds, all the Eds begin to fuse as the other kids are slaughtered. And they are formed into a being known as Pure Chaos.
Chaos Redemption Part 3 Eddy's Brother and Pure Chaos square off in an equal battle. Finally using his full power, Eddy's Brother nearly kills his opponet. Pure Chaos wakes up to find Sarah almost dead. Ed's anger begins to burn from inside Pure Chaos. He then screams and goes to a whole new level.
Chaos Redemption Part 4 Pure Chaos as a Super Saiyan 2, attacks Eddy's Brother head on, which makes him mad. Having enough of this, Eddy's Brother charges up a blast capable of destroying the planet. But Pure Chaos defuses. And the Eds have to make a plan within one minute.
Chaos Redemption Part 5 All of the Eds gather up their energy and fire three Super Kamehameha's at the huge blast that Eddy's Brother fired. But they seem to have no chance of winning, even with Corey, Drew, and Zach joining in with them, they cannot stop the energy blast.
Chaos Redemption Part 6 Sonic and Shadow begin to fire energy blasts at Eddy's Brother, which barely helps. But form the sidelines, Sarah is able to charge up a small spirit bomb, she fires it at Eddy's Brother, who screams and blasts her away. Taking this as a chance, all Six of the Saiyans use there full power and blast Eddy's Brother into space.
Chaos Redemption Part 7 The Saiyans begin to rest. Just when Eddy's Brother comes back down. Full of rage, he begins to slaughter them all. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver join the fight, only to get beaten as well.
Chaos Redemption Part 8 Eddy wakes up to find all of his friends unconcious. He snatches and a senzu bean and quickly eats it. Eddy then goes into Ascended Saiyan and fights his older brother. Even in this form, Eddy is still no match for him.
Chaos Redemption Part 9 Zach attacks Eddy's Brother to distract him. Eddy begins to gather up all his energy, and raises up his hands. And asks for energy. All of the fighters give Eddy their remaining energy. Making a gigantic spirit bomb, much like the one that killed Buu. Eddy fires it. Eddy's Brother laughs and grabs it. He now has the power to destroy the Earth.
Chaos Redemption Part 10 Eddy begins to look at all the destruction around him. And can picture everyone dying, and the Earth exploding. He screams in anger as his hair spikes up. He has become a Super Saiyan 2. Eddy kicks the spirit bomb into space and begins to beat on his brother. Eddy's Brother fires a blast at Eddy, who grabs it, and throws it back at him. Destroying him once and for all.

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