The first EEnEZ movie. Not much is known about the movie, ecsept for a few things.

Basic Plot

The team (The Eds, Cory and Drew) have defeated Power Prof, and are taking a vacation. But as they get some RnR, a small ship lands near the cul-de-sac. A being comes out of it, and starts destroying the cul de sac! The team goes towards the threat, and finds out that the being is a Saiyan! The Saiyan calls himself "Banoka". Cory and Drew use Kaio-Ken X20, and attack. After a heated battle, Banoka beats Cory and Drew; the Eds see that Kaio-Ken X20 isn't good enough, so they use Kaio-Ken X40, and attack. They're even with Banoka, but the strain of the high level of Keio-Ken is too much, and they turn back. Banoka swats them away, and the Eds feel their bodies burn. Double-D got up, and starts to get mad. He uses Kaio-Ken X80, and attacks; he starts to overpower Banoka, and unleashes a Maseko on him. But banoka survives the maseko, and laughes; Double-D's Kaio-Ken power fades, and he falls to the ground. Sarah does the impossible; she stands up for the Eds! She shoots a small energy blast at banoka; it hits, and Banoka gets pissed. He punches Sarah into the ground; Double-D sees this. He stumbles over to Sarah, and sees her uncountios body. His anger transforms him into a False Super saiyan. He attacks Bonoka, and kicks his butt! After a massive battle; Double-D kicks Banoka through the stomach. Banoka launches a massive energy ball at Double-D, but he shoots a Kamehameha, and destroys Banoka. He turns back, and they wind up in the hospital. The kids thank the Eds, drew and Cory for saving the day. Sarah gives Double-D a quick kiss; and walks off. In the shadow of a tree, Goku says "Yep... they have talent."


Double-D: (Before using Kaio-Ken X100) I've always been the weakest... I've never had muscular skills... but that... ends... TODAY!!!!! KAIO-KEN X80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah: (Has an energy ball in her hand) I don't care how strong you you; you're still a jerk. (Throws the energy ball) From me to you... choak on it.

Double-D: (Looking at Sarah's still body) Sarah... you gave up so much; just for us...

Double-D (Thinking): I... I feel my will slipping... I'm loosing control...


(Becomes a False Super Saiyan) I will make you pay for all the lives you've destroyed! You end NOW!!!!!!!

Banoka: You... (Stumbles from getting hit in the mouth) any last words?

(Banoka summons a massive green energy ball)

FSSJ Double-D: Just one... KAMEHAME...

(Banoka throws the green energy ball)

FSSJ Double-D: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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