Edd, Ed n Eddy and the Battle for Edsville is a crossover written by ThreeDerp, and can be found at


The story is centered around Edd, and an accident that he is believed by the other Eds to have caused. The accident drives all of the Eds to Endsville where they meet once again, only for their bonds to be broken by mistrust. Edd, using the help of the denizens of Endsville, must search for the real culprits behind this catastrophe, or die trying.


Edd: The meek but intelligent hero framed for an accident he didn't cause. To escape rumours, he and his rarely present family moved to Endsville for a clean slate.

Eddy: A greedy but clever con artist who was thought to be dead in the accident. Thinking Double D the source of the so-called 'accident', Eddy plans to get his revenge.

Ed: The last of the Eds, Ed, was thought by his parents to be the aide to Eddy's demise. As punisment, Ed was sent to his uncle's to be disciplined.

The Grim Reaper: While he is entrusted with the task of sending souls to the underworld, He is bound by contract to two kids, Billy and Mandy.

Mandy: A cynical resident of Endsville with ambitions of world domination. Mandy recruited Edd, mostly out of pity, and had him imbued with the powers of the Grim Reaper. What she plans to use him for is unknown.

Billy: A simple-minded companion of Mandy's.

Irwin: One part Mummy, One part Vampire, All parts Nerd, Irwin is a hopeless romantic that forever believes that there might be a chance that he and Mandy will be together. To him, Edd is an obstacle that stands in the way of his mission of love, And he refuses to let even him deter his mission.

Jr: As son of the newly appointed Demon Lord, has had the niceties of being treated like a prince, but that began to change, particularly around the time a certain Ed arrived in the underworld...


New School, New Problems

Open Hostility

I'm Not Your Friend

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