Ed, Edd n Eddy go to Iraq is a movie in the Ed Edd n Eddy go to... series. The movie is a documentary documenting the cul-de-sac kids joining the military (and the UN/NATO) and going to Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and the Americas. They tell about the hardships of war and violence in those areas.


Eddy: Eddy joined the U.S Army because he wanted to outmatch his rival Kevin in fighting and shooting. When he found out Kevin was joining the Marines, knowing that they trained longer and shot farther, he joined the Army Rangers for extra training. As he was deployed to Iraq, his helicopter was shot down and he lost his friends in the explosion. He survived, and joined a Army-Marine branch partol, with Kevin in it. they disputed for a while, until they fought in Fallujah. After the battle, they became fast friends.

Edd: Edd joined The UN in search of a way of bringing peace to the world. Insead, he saw fighting and violence he and his troops had to resolve. He deployed to the Congo and Iraq with Eddy. As he fought in Iraq, he was wounded in the shoulder, and he was airlifted by NATO forces. As he recoverd, he was given an honorable discharge.

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