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From left to right: Vanessa,Ed Jr.,Jesse,Casey,Kimberly,Susie,Jackson, Persephone (not pictured)

Ed, Van Jesse n Belinda is a fan series by Pattyp999.It is a spin-off of Ed, Edd Eddy n Eddie. It follows the adventures of Ed, Double D Eddy and Double E's children.


Ed Jr.

Junior or E.J. is the son of Ed and May.Like his dad,he is a monster/sci-fi movie fanatic and shares his love for chickens, skeletons, gravy,buttered toast, and horror comics. He is 14 years old.He is also a fan of The Hitchikker's Guide to the Galaxy book series.


Vanessa is the daughter of Double D and Sarah and the youngest of the group.Vanessa is smart like her father and has the brute strength of her mother, her cousin Junior and her uncle Ed. She is 11 years old. She enjoys living in a big house and reading in her family's library.


Jesse is the son of Eddy and Lee. Like his dad,Jesse likes to make up scams and he also has his mother's brute strength and will sometimes beat people up when they get in his way. He is 13 years old. He mostly resembles his father.


Casey is the daughter of Eddy and Lee and is Jesse's younger sister.She shares her mom's brute strength and she shares her father's former greediness.Like her dad and brother, she is skilled at scamming.She is 12 years old. She is named after the briefcase from Hand Me Down Ed. She mostly resembles her mother.


Kimberly is Jimmy and Marie's gothic lovechild who was concieved when Jimmy was drunk at a New Year's Eve Party. Unlike her dad,she is tough,unruly and like Vanessa and Jesse,will beat up anyone who gets in her way. She is 11 years old. Unlike her dad,who had headgear as a kid,she has braces. Like Sarah and her dad,she and Vanessa are both the best of friends.She secretly owns a stuffed skeleton rabbit named Mrs.Fluffles which is similar to her dad's old doll Mr. Yum Yum.


Jackson is the son of Kevin and Nazz.Like his dad,he loves sports and like his mom,he is the most popular guy in the cul-de sac.Unlike his dad who always rode a bike,Jackson uses rollerblades.He mostly resembles his mother.


Susie is the daughter of Kevin and Nazz and is Jackson's fraternal twin sister. Like her mom, she is the prettiest and friendliest girl of the cul-de sac and like her dad, she is the jock of the neighborhood. Both she and her brother are 12 years old. She is usually seen riding a skateboard.She mostly resembles her father.

Persephone 2X4

Persephone is Johnny's daughter and Vanessa's twin sister. After feeling very lonely without Plank and seeing that everyone's married, Jonny asked Double Dee and Vanessa to create him a wife and kid. Vanessa created by giving her a mix of her and Jonny's D.N.A. Persephone is very eccentric like her father and has a vegetable themed superhero alter-ego called "Lady Broccoli". She looks a lot like Vanessa.


Ed Sr.

Ed Sr. is Ed Jr. and May Jr.'s father and May's husband.Ed has become a famous author/ comic book artist and has made many monster/alien graphic novels including a series based on the 'Edzilla' incident. He, May and Junior live in the same house where he lived when he was a kid after his parents moved away to Florida.

May Sr.

May Sr. is Ed Jr and May Jr's mother and Ed's wife. She still looks the same as when she was younger, just taller and prettier.She works as a writer with Ed on his comic books.


Edd is Vanessa's father and Sarah's husband.Edd has become a sucessful lawyer/inventor and has become very wealthy (but not as wealthy as Eddy). Both he and Vanessa love to invent things and modify the love roller coaster that the Kankers built. He still hangs out with Ed and Eddy and will help them if they have legal problems.


Sarah is Vanessa's mother and Edd's wife. Sarah cares deeply for her family, so much so that she would do anything to express her love for them. Ever since she and Ed grew up (and a few anger management sessions), she has put aside her hatred towards him.


Eddy is Jesse and Casey's father and Lee's husband. Eddy has gotten extremely wealthy and has taken over the jawbreaker factory. After gaining the respect of the Cul-De-Sac kids, Eddy has become much nicer and less greedy than he was.


Lee is of Jesse and Casey's mother and Eddy's wife.Lee has stopped acting tough after Eddy married her. Like her sisters, they still look the same when they were younger, just taller and prettier.Lee has changed her hair style from curls to long straight hair like May's.


Jimmy is Kimberly's father and Marie's boyfriend. After finding out he got Marie pregnant, Jimmy went partially insane but was reassured that everything would be ok. After his daughter was born he became very protective of her. Jimmy still hangs out with Sarah and still has Mr. Yum Yum.


Marie is Kimberly's mother. After Jimmy found out that he impregnated her and went insane, She and her friends reassured him that everything would be ok. After their daughter was born she toned down her rough nature.She still tends to flirt with Edd even though he's married.She works as a mechanic at the gas station.


Kevin is Susie Jackson Jack and Jackie's father and Nazz's husband. After he and the other kids finally gave the Eds their respect, Kevin has become their closest friend.Kevin has become the PE teacher and the head coach at Peach Creek Junior High.


Nazz is Susie Jackson Jack and Jackie's mother and Kevin's wife. Like Kevin, Nazz works at Peach Creek Junior High but, as an English teacher.She still tends to call everyone dude.

Jonny 2X4

Jonny is Persephone and Nigel's father and Lisa's husband. After going through a deep depression without Plank, and seeing every one of his friends married with children, Jonny begged Double Dee and Vanessa to make him a wife and kid. Jonny is still very eccentric but has put aside his hero/villain alter-egos.Jonny works as an intern at the jawbreaker factory.


Lisa is Persephone and Nigel's mother and Jonny's wife.She is made to be the perfect wife for Jonny and the perfect mother for Persephone.


Rolf is Lindo and Linda's father and Rachel's husband.


Rachel is Lindo and Linda's mother and Rolf's wife.


Eddie is Belindo and Belinda's father and Leila's husband.


Leila is Belindo and Belinda's mother and Eddie's wife.

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