For the fanfiction by TEd711, see Yu-Gi-Ed!

Ed-Dy-Oh! is an episode of Me and The Eds. It revolves around Edd and Casimus playing a new card game and Casimus makes a bet.


Casimus and Edd are enjoying a day at the local pool, and it's a private swim. To kill some time to let thier food digest. They play a new card game called Mu-My-Oh!. Before the game starts, Casimus makes a bet saying that whoever loses has to jump off the high dive. Seems easy, right? Wrong. The loser has to do it butt naked. Casimus and Edd chew at each other's Health Points to win (and to suffer from embarrasement in the paper). Edd has 20 points left and Casimus forces him to roll a Bomb Dice. If it lands on a heart, he's safe, but if it lands on a skull, he loses. He rolls and it lands on a skull. At first Edd refuses to go naked, until Casimus sprays Edd's swimsuit with a fabric loosener. By the time he gets up to the platform, he is stripped. Casimus stands on the bottom with a Camera. Edd jumps. Before he hits the water, Casimus takes a picture and puts it in the school paper. Edd is ashamed but he feels proud to do it.


  • The game is a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • This is not, in any way a sequel to Yu-Gi-Ed!.