Ed-Venture Time is a cross over possiblly coming to youtube.

It is about finn entering the cul-de-sac by a portal.

It will have 10 episodes a lost episode and a 4 part movie if it gets made.

More will be made if i get a chance.

The story will not have special FX.

There might be only about 3 between 6 actors and some will be paper or animation.

It might have special appreances like annoying orange or fred if the show is sucsessful.

some episodes will only be about the eds,finn,and jonny 2x4.

It's theme will be the adventure time theme.

It will have about 5 seasons if it gets made.

there might be a kid named victor like the goat that finn gets in a fight with.

this page will be different when i make it.\

it might be come out this friday

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