(Inspired by the hilarious scene from "Every Which Way But Ed")

Ed, Double Dee, and the other cul-de-sac kids star in various educational short cartoons ending with hilarious results.


Ed-Usually the one that messes everything up.Seen in every episode except "Photosynthesis" and with only audio in "Wires",and is the same oaf he always was.

Edd-The protagonist who tries to educate,but fails. He is always seen with a microphone in his hand when he is giving facts. Seen in every episode except "Surgery" in which only his voice is heard.

Eddy-In charge of the camera,he so far only appears in the Technology Chronicles,and in "Technology:The Past",he has no speaking part.His laugh can be heard in several episodes.

Nazz-Seen in "The Microphone" and briefly in the background of "E=MC2",Nazz tries the microphone with disastrous results.

Jonny-Seen in the episode "Diseases",he tries once again to steal the camera.

Rolf-Seen in "Taxonomy",Rolf's chickens are needed,with disastrous results.

Kevin-Seen in "Wheel and Axle",he reprises his role as an antagonist and still cares for his bike.

Jimmy-Seen with a major role in the Technology Chronicles,"Surgery","Wires",and "Photosythesis",Jimmy is a major character in this series.

Sarah-Seen in "Communication",she is still a loudmouth pushy-pants,even though Ed is her slave.

Elvis-The first adult to appear in Ed,Edd n Eddy,he is seen in "Technology:The 50's".And after Ed,Edd n Eddy and Jimmy ruins one of his concerts,he becomes the antagonist of the series.

Great White Shark- Whether the real thing or an animatronic, this giant 20ft fish is on a rampage to eat- you guessed it- Edd.


Gravity- Double Dee demonstrates the affects of gravity until Ed drops a house on him.

Wheel and Axle- Double Dee uses a bike Ed "found" to demonstrate the uses of a wheel and axle, but it turns out the bike belonged to Kevin and he was not happy about it.

Electricity -The scene from "Every Which Way But Ed" with an altered ending-Ed blows up the town instead of just Double Dee's house.

Rocket Science- Double Dee explains how a rocket works after Ed sends him into space.

E=MC2-Ed is off on his own while Double Dee explains Einstein's theory of E=MC2 until Ed disproves the theory by blowing up the universe.

The Art of Cleanliness-Ed desperatly tries to run away when Double Dee starts to demostrate how soap is made until Ed crushes a tree on him.

Technolgy:The Past-An 'Olde Tyme' sepia silent film showing what Ed,Edd n Eddy would look like in 1770,which is so bad it's funny in which they go to the candy store.

Hinges-Double-Dee explains to Ed what hinges are, and eventually is flattened by the door.

The Microphone-Edd is explaining to Ed how a microphone is,and astonishingly it is Nazz who messes it up this time.

Diseases-Ed is out with smallpox quarintine so Double-Dee explains what diseases are,and unfortunatly Jonny gets ahold of the camera.

Surgery-Ed is in charge of operating a surgical operation on a chipmunk.But somehow the chipmunk is replaced with Jimmy and it isn't good at all.

Taxonomy- Ed and Double Dee borrow Rolf's animals to explain taxonomy, until Ed runs off with the chickens.

Communication-The art of communication which goes fairly well until Sarah infiltrates the studio for no reason.

Technology:The 50's-Ed,Edd,Eddy, and Jimmy wind up on the stage of an Elvis concert,seen in black and white,with disastrous results.

The Piano-Double-D,who is learning to play piano,tries to teach Ed.

Digestive System- Double Dee explains the functions of human digestion, until Ed gives a "better demonstration" by eating the camera.

Reverse Psychology-Edd again explains to Ed about reverse psychology until Kevin shows up saying,"Don't destroy the neighborhood!"

Wires-Double Dee explains the terminology of wires until Jimmy 'accidentaly' becomes attached by one hooked up to an electric joy buzzer.

Photosynthesis- Jimmy and Edd explain photosynthesis until Kevin rides his bike threw the grass,with results too ghastly to name.

Technology:The 80's-Ed,Edd,Eddy and Jimmy,with a scarlet hue, examine the technology of the 80's, which creates trouble when Jimmy blends in and Elvis arrives.

Motion- Edd explains how and why things move, Ed accidently knocked Edd out showing some movement.

Social Science- Edd researches people and how they interact. He and Ed catch Kevin trading with Jimmy his knitting supplies for tools to repair his bike.

Businesses- Edd show the kids how to run a business, but Eddy uses Edd's advice and scams the kids.

Gardening- Edd shows Jimmy and Ed how to take care of a garden, until Nazz shows up and somehow blows up all of the flowers.

Movies- Edd, Eddy, Jonny and Jimmy write the script of a movie, but when they film a scene with Nazz, Ed is so love-stricken that he accidentally drools on the camera, causing it to short-cicuit both the power of the town and Double-D.

Technology:Present Day- Ed, Edd, Eddy and Jimmy become microscopic to examine the innards of a laptop, but then Elvis sends a computer virus into the computer which poisons them all.

Water- The Miracle Substance- When Edd and Ed go to the beach of Florida to discuss water, Ed is so thirsty from the journey he drains the ocean of its water.

Books- Edd (without Ed nearby) discusses books until Eddy turns the camera in his direction so he can advertise his book- which is not a book at all, but a Playboy magazine.

Special Effects- Edd and Jimmy explain the special effects of movies until Ed sends in the animatronic shark from Jaws which eats them.

Cars- Edd explains how cars and trucks work until Ed drives a truck holding the cul-de-sac kids off of a cliff.

Wind- Edd explains how wind works and is blown into outer space after Ed 'creates wind'.

Health Control- At the school, Edd tries to inspects to see whether there are any bugs, but is almost eaten by cockroaches.

Technology:In 20 Years- Ed, Edd, Eddy and Jimmy examine technology in the future, which shows them in computer animation. Pretty soon, though, Elvis arrives with a pet Great White Shark.

Animals- Edd shows how animals like the Barbaruab Ape can be trained and kept as pets, until Ed gets out his 'pet'- Angus. Soon Rolf also arrives with Bobo.

Dinosaurs- The Eds use a time machine to go back in time to study dinosaurs, but Ed accidentally brings back to the present day a raptor.

Construction-The kids of the cul-de-sac (under Edd's supervision) work together to build a house, until Kevin crushes the Eds with a steamroller.

Insanity- The Eds go to an insane asylum to discuss psychological insanity, until they find the Kanker Sisters are inmates.

Uranium- Double-Dee has purchased uranium to show to the kids, until Eddy gets mad that Double-Dee wasted money, and becomes mutated when he tries to put it back in the mail for a refund.

Superstition- Edd tries to explain why superstition should not be taken seriously until Ed shows up with none other than Evil Tim.

Monsters- The Eds and Jimmy go on the hunt for monsters, and all get scared out of their pants when Ed catches a Chupacabra.

Technology:In 100 years- The Eds use the time machine to go one-hundred years into the future to look at the technology, but they find the world poisoned by ozone and global warming. This is a message to all. Please recycle.


  • From the "Gravity" episode.
  • [Ed is offscreen and Double-Dee is holding a tiny ball.]
  • Edd-Okay,Ed!Drop the bowling ball on three.One,two...
  • [The camera zooms out to reval Ed dropping the house on Edd]

  • From the "Hinges" episode
  • Ed-Buttered toast!
  • Edd-Ed,I'm the narrator.
  • Ed-Why?
  • Edd-I probably got a better grade than you in Language Arts class Ed!What did you make?
  • Ed-An 'F'-at least I think it was an F that's what everyone told me.
  • From the "Technology:The 50's" episode.

  • [Ed,Edd,Eddy and Jimmy are on an Elvis concert stage.]
  • Eddy-How did we get here?
  • Edd-It's part of the episode Eddy.We are in the 50's to examine the technology there.
  • [Ed walks off.]
  • Jimmy-AH!I broke a nail!
  • Eddy-Wow.I couldn't care less.
  • Ed-Guys!What's this thing?
  • [The camera reveals Ed eating the microphone with a fuming Elvis beside him.]

  • From the "Wires" episode.
  • Ed-How to kill a mocking bird!One-Hold out the paper.Two-Bake with three or more friends.

  • From the "Motion" episode.
  • Edd- The action or process of moving or of changing place or position is movement. Now Ed is going to demonstrate some movements.
  • Ed: Okay, (Starts dancing) One, two, three, four! Stick it all right out the door! (Accidently knocked Edd out). Double D? Oh, Double D?!

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