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First Appearance:

The Ed in the Iceberg

Ed is the current Avatar. He has super strength. He is the last air bender. He goes on a journey with Nazz, Eddy, Kevin, and Marie, to learn the other three elements, so he can beat the Firelord, Eddy's Brother. Though his Airbending skills are great he has a lot to learn before he is ready to save any one.


If Ed didn't have his two friends Nazz and Eddy, there's no telling where the Earth would be. It would probably be on fire. He is a relatively nice guy, as he hangs out with Eddy and is very dim-witted. Ed is quite gullible, constantly falling for things Eddy comes up with. As most kids do, Ed has a crush on Nazz. It has been shown very vividly at times Ed will do nearly anything to make her happy, even though he usually fails, along with the majority. Ed is infamous for being a very strong person, as he has been shown being capable of carrying around a concrete boulder square with his mere fingertips. He is also has an supernaturally high tolerance of pain, demonstrated in many episodes where he is beaten and attack by various
Ed, Edd n Eddy 0001

Redirecting Lightening

things and characters. This tolerance was most visible when he accidentally dropped the concrete boulder mentioned above on his toes, remaining eerily silent after it hit him. Ed is a huge fan of gross horror pictures and scrolls. His collection of scrolls is unmatched,and is the biggest in the nations, as a matter of fact the only one in the tribes! (That is unless you count Eddy's "Magazines"). His preferred genre "ooze action" - "Slug-U-la " is his favorite, although "No Body Earth Man", "Evil Ozai","Zula", "Brain Bender", and "Marlene of the Water Tribe" have all found their way into his collection as well. Most of them have surfaced in his daily adventures with Nazz and Eddy when the slightest thing can send his mind racing and send his memory to release quotes from "I was a Teenage Airbender from the Planet Kyoshi" or "Space Beach III"
Ed Waterbending

Ed Waterbending

Water Training

Ed was trained by his friend Nazz who was the only waterbender in her village. They went to the North Pole to find other available teachers. He was learning it from Nazz at a fast rate, making her jealous.

Ed in his gi.

Angry Ed1

Ed in the Avatar State

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