Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Ed Back To School"
Season No.: 1
Airdate: July 31, 2009
Title Reference: Get Back To School
Writer(s): Me
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: Ed In Trouble

This is the first episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy Back To School!


Part 1

The Eds were walking into the school. When the three entered they realized What are we doing here? Thats when Eddy stormed out of the building. Edd went to see what the class posting were.

It said that Ed,Edd,Eddy,Jonny,Jimmy,Rolf,Sarah,Kevin,Rolf,Nazz and Plank were all in the same class. At 9:00 am, everyone went to the classroom. Edd,Nazz,Jimmy and Rolf were the only ones in there. So everyone else got a detention.

Part 2

Eddy,Ed,Jonny,Kevin,Sarah and Plank were all in detention. They were bored out of theyre minds. At Nazzs house she was doing gymnasticts. The teacher,Ed and Eddy all left. Jonny was curious where Ed and Eddy went so he and Plank followed.

Kevin and Sarah just stayed. Weird huh. When the teacher got back she sent out Kevin and Sarah. Ed,Plank,Eddy and Jonny all got another detention.

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