Ed Edd N Eddy's Biggest Ed-Vent Ever is a event that celebrates Ed Edd N Eddy's 10th anniversary and includes the first 10 episodes of Season 7 and other major events consisting only of Ed Edd N Eddy.

The event began on January 1, 2009 with the premiere of the first Season 7 episode "For He's A Jolly Good Ed/Quiet, We're On The Ed". "The Ed Is Here/Break An Ed" aired before the Top Ten Fan Episodes. "Don't Ed On Me/Viva Ed Vegas" was shown as an advance screening before the celebrity favorites. The remaining two episodes aired on January 27 2009, marking the end of the marathon.

Season 7 Episodes

  • January 1 2009
    • For He's A Jolly Good Ed/Quiet, We're On The Ed
    • Eds R Us/The Dark Ed
  • January 4 2009
    • The Ed Is Here/Break An Ed
    • Please Wash Your Eds/Astro Ed
  • January 18 2009
    • Don't Ed On Me/Viva Ed Vegas
    • Lights,Camera,Ed/Follow The Ed
    • Bend It Like Ed/Field Of Eds
    • Battle Of The Eds/King Ed
  • January 27 2009
    • The Ed Of The World/Survival Of The Ed
    • DJ Ed/Never Say Ed

Commercial script "Trailblazing" begins to play in the background

Since the beginning of time, great threesomes had either emerged in history or became lost in infamy. But only one had their name etched in the annals of time and it's worthy of a celebration of Ed-Normous proportions

Turntable scratch sounds then a clip says "Have you ever had one of these days?" and then "Every day of my life, Double D."

A remix of the Ed Edd N Eddy theme begins to play.

This January, the trio that revolutionized a decade will be celebrated in a all-day premiere television Ed-vent.

Eddy: Ooooh, this is gonna be good.

For the first time ever, all the episodes in one scam of a month with the top ten best episodes, celebrity guests, ten all-new games, and see The Eds like you've never seen them before in the first ten episodes of Season 7.

The Eds: "Welcome To Club Ed!"'

Plus, enter the Ed Edd N Eddy New Neighbour Contest on for a chance to have your creation become part of the cul-de-sac with The Eds and the other kids

Rolf: "How could this be?"

Hosted by Danny Antonucci.

Danny: "Hope you're ready, kids."

The world will rise, the jawbreakers will roll and the choice will be clear:

Live free

Kevin: "Dorks"

Or Be Scammed

Eddy: "Don't sweat it boys,When there's a will, there's a scam."

Ed Edd N Eddy's Biggest Ed-Vent Ever.

Children's laughter begins to play

The party begins January 1th to January 27th only on Cartoon Network.

Edd: "I'm surrounded by idiots."

Eddy: "Who's complaining?

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