It starts out with The Eds doing what they did in the original intro. Then they get chased off by the Kankers, who then started beating up. Meanwhile, Plank appears on-screen followed by Jonny and Kyle who waved at the camera before having themselves and the camera knocked down by the Kanker fight. Edd and Edna fix the camera up before being chased off by Rolf who stops, looks at the camera and licks it before Eddy's Brother takes it and films Dick, Jimmy, Ezekiel, & Eddie. Eddie then looks at the camera and taps it before Kevin grabs the camera and chases Dick & Ezekiel with the camera attached to his bike. He then stops, sending the camera flying. It lands on its side before Nazz, Jenny, & Liz picked it up and smiled for it. Suddenly, the camera looks up and sees King Boy & Captain Melonhead flying through the air. Lee Kanker then appears and tries to smile for the camera before Rolf knocks her down, grabs it and starts punching the camera. Ed then pushes Rolf away, takes the camera, and gives it to Eddy, who then poses for the camera. Edd walks in, followed by Ed, Kevin, Kyle, Jonny, Liz, Dick, Eddy's Brother, Edna, Jimmy, Eddie, Rolf, Jenny, & Nazz. Suddenly, they all ran away as the background rips open to see Sarah tackle the camera, breaking it. It ends with the ending of the original intro, only that the words "Created By Danny Antonucci" lands on top of Edd & Eddy, leaving Ed alone and looking down with a worried look on his face. The music come from the North American trailer for Ed Edd N Eddy's Big Picture Show.

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