Please note that this Fanfiction WILL poke fun at this website and some of it's Fanfics. This is also what I think the "Eds" would think of this website. If you have a problem with it, please contact me, and I can make changes. Thank you.

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"Don't let the excitement spoil your grammar, Eddy." — Edd

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"Don't touch that dial, kids!"-- Ed

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One day, after Edd's mother buys him a laptop, the Eds search their names in Google.

"Hmmm... This seems like a strange website" says Edd.

"Let's check it out, It's bound to have something good about us on it." says Eddy.

So they click the link to "" on Google.

"Wait a second, who is that?" says Eddy.

"Buttered toast?" says Ed.

"No, Ed. It seems to be a badly drawn picture of us... with another boy?!" says Edd.

"Wait, I think that's a girl." says Eddy."

"I don't know, but in the corner it says 'With 40% more Ed', and it's linked. So let's see where it leads to." says Edd.

"Ok." says Eddy.

So they click the link, and it takes them to the "Ed Edd Eddy n' Edna" Fanfiction page.

"Pfft" Eddy tries to hold in his laughter, but fails, "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Eddy laughs uncontrollably.

"More intelligent then Edd, a better scammer than me, weirder than Ed? What a Mary Sue! This is an insult worse than 'Dork'!" says Eddy.

"This is absolutely suppository!" Says Edd.

"Hey, what does this button do?" Says Ed.

"NO ED!" says both Edd and Eddy

Ed clicks the "Characters" section on the Website.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!" yells both Edd and Eddy.

More to come tomorrow if this doesn't get deleted.

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