Ed Edd n Eddy's flying adventure would be an upcoming flight simulation video game for the playstation 3, PSP, and the xbox 360. It would be rated E10+ for cartoon violence, crude humor and comic mischeif . You can chose to be ed edd or eddy as you barnstorm your way thru 15 diffrent areas with authentic world war 1 flying ace skills. you can blast enemys shoot targets and unlock special items along the gameplay

Plot: one night whale the kankers were sleeping a crash came from the kitchen. the kankers got up and saw that there kitchen was destroyed, including that there favorite ship in a bottle so they decieced that hey would destroy the whole neighborhood to find it so they ate over radiated mashed potatos and they grew and grew bigger. meanwhille next morning the eds were working on an idea to use `1920's biplanes to located all the jawbreakers in the cul de sac soon to discover giant kankers were destroing peach creek the eds decided that they would get a reward. so it was only up to ed edd n eddy to save peach creek and the rest of the cul de the end the kaners shrink back to normal size and crash into a sewer and it turns out it was all just a dream, or was it ???

Moves: fly in any direction, shoot a laser, barnstorm, speed boost and do a special attack.


1. cul-de-sac

2. playground

3. abandoned house estate

4. sewer plant

5. boss 1 may kanker

6. constrution site

7. factory

8. forest

9. peach creek main street

10. boss 2 marie kanker

11. junkyard

12. moutain range

13. peach creek high school

14. trailer park

15. boss 3 lee kanker

If this game was real it would come out around 2012 or 2013.

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