The Ed, Edd n Eddy Show is a series of Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfiction created by Constinet gr.dont edit this im working n it.

Main Characters

New Characters


Big Jim

A fat kid who loves horrier movies he is something of the 4 the ed hangs out with the eds alot likes video games to


This whole time there was a real character named carl... he moved to peach creek looks like eddy except he has a weird hair due friends with the eds.

Meta robo 3000

A robot made by double d.

Planks Parents

Returned to the cul de sac they live in a wooden house in the consturction site built by jonny.


Jab Jib n Joba

Three kids who live in the trailer park the main villains they are bigger then the eds and compete with them in sports they want to take over the neighborhood!.

The Kanker sisters

No duh they suck end of disscuson most likely they will be killed and run over by a train! that will be the best day ever.


A robot which was created by some one in the cul de sac whoever created it is unkown


A monster

The principal

The prinicpal hates the eds sept for double d.

characters with are allies and enemies


Rolfs cousin he looks like rolf except he has a super tall sasuage like head he is a enemie and a friend.


Captain melon head's return

Captain melon head returns eddy gets pissed and becomes professor scam they have a huge battle when a mysterious super hero beats up eddy and runs away the super hero is called red cement because he throws cement his ideinty is unkown.

Neighborhood the 3 villains

The Eds stumble apon three big kids jab jib n joba who rule the trailer park and are going to take over the neighborhood the eds have to stop them so the eds and the cul de sac kids all go into hiding big jim and the eds defend the tree house and create a war like defeince the eds put booby traps all over the cul de sac the war begins.

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