Eddy's older bro
EDD:what's happening to me! ED:Don't let them catch me! kevin:i get those ed's if it's the last thing i do! edd:we don't belong on this world! From the creators of Ed Edd n Eddy......And Ed EDD Eddy's big pitcure show brings you a MASSIVE edd edd n eddy fanon event.Eddy:i messed this up i don't care! Ha HA! Now,the ed's are back! but 2X the trouble! rolf:Momma! now ,if they want to save their friends and family they'll have to get passed foes.foe #1:what are kids doing? Eddy:wait,before i tell you,you have a black eye! foe #1:no i don't! (then,eddy punches him in the eye and says:Yes you do,sucker! HA! HA! Ed Edd n Eddy 2! nazz:ah nothing is girly! Eddy:who cares. DEC 2009
Rolf momma
 also,this the 5 to 15 pilot of the brand new fanfiction sereis The Grand Ed-ventures of Ed Edd n Eddy

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