Ed Edd n Eddy Short is about the 3 eds as babies.

Short Episodes

Season 1: 2011

List of Ed Edd n Eddy Shorts episodes.

# Title Synopsis Original Airdate
1 Good Night The first scene of this episode features a psychologically fueled dialogue between Eddy and his dad say good night. Eddy soon falls asleep.The episode's second scene features Double D's Mum telling Double D to have a good sleep and to not let the bed bugs bite. This, however, concerns Double D, whose reservations are shown in a panicking form.The third scene of this episode features Ed's Mum singing Ed "Rock-a-bye Baby", while Ed is imagining the real-life scenario of the bough of a tree breaking. He falls onto the ground and Ed is nervous by the end.Soon, Eddy was asleep in bed, the two guys walk into the door, and wave their arms frantically. They climb into Eddy's bed, before falling asleep, each closing his or her eyes in turn, with Ed last. January 4, 2011
2 Watching Television This episode starts with some diegetic sounds from the television before Eddy and Double D begin to fight in a very cartoony style during the advertisement break. Ed walks into the room and the two berate her for changing the channel before Maggie apologetically moves back to her original place. Eddyand Double D resume fighting, before Ed leaves. Once again Eddy and Double D are watching a show which Double D does not approve of, when they have a long drawn out argument. Eddy finds this unsatisfactory and Ed once again changes the channel. Another argument ensues before the start of the next scene, where the Eds have joined together on the couch. Ed talks to fill the gap within the commercial before being told to stop by Eddy. End scene. For most people, this is a lesser-favorite short, due to its loudness and the fact that Eddy and Double D fight. January 11, 2011
3 Eddy's Jumps coming soon. January 18, 2011

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