Ed, Edd n Eddy The New Abridged Series


The title was called The New Abridged Series because no one has made an EEnE abridged in a long time. Therefore making the title. The Series was by PuppetMaster411. The first pilot and episode 1 was made with Windows Movie Maker and He has comfirmed that he will start making episodes with Sony Vegas 7.0

First Preview

Ed, Edd n Eddy The New Abridged Series aired their preview on thumb|300px|right

First Promo

The first promo showed various clips from the pilot and one clip from the first preview (Not sped up). It had the "Ed Edd n Eddy theme" playing and then played "Never gonna give you up". thumb|300px|right


The intro shows mostly clips from Season 5 and 6. The music is an abridged

version of Rewrite by Asian Kung Fu Generation. The intro only had one clip that wasn't from Season 5 or 6. thumb|300px|right

Pilot Special

When the pilot begins it shows a music video of The Characters of Ed Edd n Eddy with the song Without me by Eminen.

Then it begins with MS paint drawings which appear to be Eddy, Jonny, Plank, Kevin, and Nazz (Voiced by PuppetMaster411) at Eddy's house talking about The Abridged Series and how it's gonna be. Then when they start the count down the pliot starts. The pilot takes place at Peach Creek Junior High with Eddy chasing Ed because of the donut and Double D trying to catch his breath. Double D accidently finds a school dance poster and tries to hide it from Eddy. Eddy finds it and Double D runs off to go find Jimmy to help him ask Nazz to the dance. Jimmy says yes and a flip transition goes to the next scene where Double D asks out Nazz to the dance. She says yes and walks off with Sarah confused. The Scene ends with Jimmy yelling Sarah Wait. The next scene shows a record playing never gonna give you up. Double D accidently bumps into Nazz. Nazz grabs Double D's hand and they start dancing. Then everything starts to be a disater and ends with Ed saying No school tommorow.

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