Based of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, this game shows you the power of 3 trouble-making hedgehogs.


Playable Characters

  • Ed = Knuckles
  • Edd = Tails
  • Eddy = Sonic

Main Enemies

  • Sarah = Chaos
  • Plank = Dr. Eggman
  • Kevin = Shadow


Plank has taken over Jonny's mind and made him create robots to take over the world! So Double-D has created a hyper juice to help him and his friends gain the power to stop the evil wooden board! But Sarah and Kevin found the juice and are now on Plank's side. Go threw 10 high paced zones to defeat Plank and save the world!


Ed the Hedgehog

Ed's powers revolve around strength! Use his massive muscles to your advantage by punching, running and bouncing enemies to their doom!

Ed's Controls

D-Pad: Move/Run

1: Punch

2: Jump

A Button: Yell!!!!

B Button: Hyper Mode

Ed Story

Ed drinks the hyper juice and gains super strength! But Sarah tells Ed "I'm Telling Mom!!!!!!!!!" so Ed must race Sarah to stop from being grounded!

Ed's Bosses

1: Spider: Ed meets a giant spider in the desert and must defeat it! The strategy is simple, just wait for the moment to jump its big butt! 3 hits should make it explode.

2: Eddy's Big Bro: Ed faces off with Eddy's Bro in Mondo-A-Go-Go! The strategy is to let him run into the whale trailer, then jump on his head. 7 hits should make him pass out.

3: At the factory, Jimmy summons a tree and throws apples at you. Use Ed's punching ability to punch the apples back at Jimmy! 10 hits should do it.

4: At Sarah's volcano lair, you face her in the final battle! She's tough! So look out for her rock throw! She can run at you, but jump on her head while she runs at you and she will be in a daze. Punch her to get in some damage! 20 hits should do it.

Edd (Double-D)


Edd (Double-D)

D-Pad: Move/Run

1: Thought Blast

2: Jump/Hover

A: Thought Bomb

B: Hyper Mode


he gain super intelligence and go against plank


  1. Cul-de-sac
  2. Trailer Park
  3. The Desert
  4. The Swamp
  5. The Mountains
  6. Mondo-A-Go-Go
  7. Volcano Lair
  8. Factory
  9. Plank Land
  10. Plank's Lair/Space


  • Fire Shield
  • Ice Shield
  • Lightning Shiel
  • Water Shield
  • "Chaos Jawbreakers"

Super Forms

Throughout the game, you will collect Chaos Jawbreakers. When you have collected all 7, you can activate your Super Form! Collect 50 rings and activate Speeder Mode, then the 7 Chaos Jawbreakers will surround you and you will transform! While transformed, you will jump higher, go faster and become invincible. But during your transformation time, your 50 rings will deplete. After all 50 rings are gone, you will turn back to your normal trouble making self.

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