Ed Kart Is a Wii Ware Game Downloadable for 1,500 wii points the racers are as followed:

Ed: Bus (Look Into My Eds), Edd: Nice Car (Sir Ed-a-Lot), Eddy: His Older Brother's Car (O-Ed Eleven and Big Picture Show), Jimmy: S.S. Mutant Alomst a Chicken Duck "Now With Wheels" (Big Picture Show), Lou: Hide N Seek Wagon (Ed-n-Seek), Jonny 2x4 and Dum James: Student Driver Car "Now has an engine" (Is There an Ed in the House), Kevin: His Bike (Many Episodes), Rolf: His Father's Tractor (Many Episodes), Nazz: The Retro Van "Now Moves" (Dawn of the Eds, Dueling Eds and A Twist of Ed), Lee: Prototype Rocket (Dawn of the Eds), May: Rocket Car "Now Moves" (Ready, Set, Ed), Marie: Garbage Speeder (Don't Rain on My Ed), Eddy's Older Brother: Bike (Ed, Ed and Away), Kilobot: Sedan (Will Work for Ed), Sarah: Caterpillar Train (The Eds are coming), Evil Ed: None (just flies on his one).

Items: Alien Vacuum, Chunky Puffs, El Mongo Stink Bomb, Baking Powder Vapor Barrier, Special Attack.

Special Attacks:

Ed: Big Trouble: Ed will yell "BIG TROUBLE!!!" sending those who hear will spin around and are stunned for 10 seconds,

Edd: Hat Stun, Edd will take off his hat sending those who see it are stunned for 5 seconds,

Eddy: Ray of Riches, Eddy will his make his eyes BIG making Dollar sign lazers

Jimmy: Tough Jimmy, Jimmy will become STRONG!!! get off his car and attack the driver in front of him,

Sarah: Flaming Fist, Sarah will light her hands on fire and then she turn them into fits then throws fire at the drivers,

Jonny 2x4 and Plank: Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonderwood, Same as Jimmy's,

Kevin: Dork Flash, Kevin will speed up 1000mph and will attack any driver in front of him,

Rolf: Stampede, All of Rolf's animals will appear on screen and anyone hit will be stunned for 60 seconds,

Nazz: Kiss Stun, Nazz will send out a big kiss stunning only male drivers,

Lee: Hissy Fist, Same as Sarah's but with no flame,

May: Kiss cannon, Same as Nazz's but with a bigger kiss wave,

Marie: Makeover, Every male drivers car will turn pink and will drive backwards, Eddy's Older Brother: Fist Gun, he will hold out his hand and shoot it and if it hit a car it will be damaged,


Cup 1, Peach Creek Landmark's

Construction Site, Downtown Peach Creek, Swimming Hole, Peach Creek Jr. High

Cup 2, Head To Mondo a Go Go

The Junkyard, The Desert, The Cow Pastures, Mondo a Go Go

Cup 3, Clean Up Time

Ed's House, Lemon Brook Gag Factory, The Swamp, The Old Abandoned House

Cup 4 and Final cup, The Great Finish

The Playground, The Woods, The Peach Orchard, The Sewers, Evil Tim's Graveyard.

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