Ed Morphin' Power Rangers was an episode of Me and The Eds


The episode opens with Ed in the backyard searching for his Freezer Experiment. When digging near his room, he finds a small box containing 6 coins and badges. He takes them to Edd who has no idea what they are. Ed takes one of each and goes about his buisness. Just as he enters the candy store, a monster attacks him. Using the badge as a shield, he transforms into a green suited warrior known as the Green Ranger. He pulls a small dagger off his belt and strikes him with it, causing him to grow in size. Hoping to summon Sarah, Ed blows into the dagger, instead a robot dragon appears known as the Dragonzord. He uses it to take the beast down. Elsewhere in town, Eddy and Edd have done the same thing, turning into Yellow and Blue Rangers, Nazz and Kevin join the fight as the Black and Pink Rangers. After assembling, they realize they need a leader to fufill the position of the Red Ranger. Question is, who? Who was worthy enough. Prime was offered, but denied. He has had a history with the original Red Ranger and it wasn't pretty. Prime is suddenly spoken to by the Red Ranger's badge, it tells him he is worthy of his power and to become the next Red Ranger. Picking up the badge, Prime runs downtown to aid his fellow Rangers. Just then, a ginormus Zord known as Serpentera flies in piloted by none other than Lord Redd. Just when the fight was thought unwinnable, a cry of "It's Morphin' Time" booms through the streets. They turn to find the Red Ranger standing tall and with pride. He summons his Zord and forces all 6 to combine into the Dragon Dino Megazord. Serpentera changes to a fight mode, but he ended losing in the end. Why? BECAUSE HIS ZORD WAS POWERED BY AA BATTERIES!!!!! With a strike from the Megazord, Lord Redd is defeated. Back at home, Prime fully accepts the position of the Red Ranger for future battles. The episode ends with a collage of later battles with "Go Go Power Rangers" playing.

Ranger Positions

Red Ranger: Eddy

Blue Ranger: Ed

Yellow Ranger: Lee

Green Ranger: May

Pink Ranger: Marie

Black Ranger: Edd


  • Nazz: If only we had our Red Ranger.
  • Kevin: Forget it Nazz. We don't have one.
  • Edd: Is there anything we can do to...
  • Prime: IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!
  • All: Huh?
  • Prime: Tyrannosaurus! Red Ranger power! MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS!
  • Ed: I can't believe it.
  • Nazz: He toke the job.
  • Eddy: These guys are gettin' bigger.
  • Prime: And so are we.
  • All: Zords combine. Dragon Dino Megazord, we are united!


  • Even though the Yellow Ranger was a girl, Eddy is the Yellow Ranger.
  • In the original script, Edd was going to be the Red Ranger and Prime the Blue Ranger.

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