Ed Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is a season of Ed Rangers.     

"Ed Rangers Lightspeed Rescue"
Writer: SuperSaiyanKirby
Series: Ed Rangers
Fanfic No.: 8
Title Reference: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Previous Fanfic: Ed Rangers Lost Galaxy
Next Fanfic: Ed Rangers Time Force
Lightspeed Rescue Logo



In the fictional town of Mariner Bay,California,demons have been realeased after 1,000000,000000 years.Now,a organzination called Lightspeed rises to stop Queen Bansheera from destroying the world.


Color Name Acts Like
Red James Carter Grayson
Blue Kyle Chad Lee
Green Eddy's Brother Joel Rawlings
Yellow Susanne Kelsey Winslow
Pink Molly Dana Mitchell
Titanium Casimus Prime (Character) Ryan Mitchell


  • Captain Mitchell
  • Angela Fairweather
  • Lost Galaxy
  • Time Force


You know em!Oh,and here's a addition villain:



  • 1.Operation Lightspeed
  • 2.Lightspeed Teamwork
  • 3.Trial By Fire
  • 4.Riding the Edge
  • 5.A Matter of Trust
  • 6.Wheels of Destruction
  • 7.Cyborg Rangers
  • 8.Up to the Challenge
  • 9.Go Volcanic
  • 10.Rising from the Ashes
  • 11.Deeps from the Shadows
  • 12.Truth Discovered
  • 13.Casimus Prime's Destiny
  • 14.Curse of the Cobra
  • 15.Strength of the Sun
  • 16.The Cobra Strikes
  • 17.Edzilla Ascends
  • 18.A Face from the Past
  • 19.The Queen's Return
  • 20.The Omega Project
  • 21.The Fifth Crystal
  • 22.The Chosen Path
  • 23.Yesterday Again
  • 24.As Time Runs Out
  • 25.In the Freeze Zone
  • 26.The Mighty Mega Battles
  • 27.The Great Egg Caper
  • 28.Ocean Blue
  • 29.Trakeena's Revenge,Part 1
  • 30.Trakeena's Revenge,Part 2
  • 31.The Last Ranger
  • 32.Socrerer of the Sand
  • 33.Olympius Unbound
  • 34.Crashed Rangers
  • 35.Web War
  • 36.In the Limelight
  • 37.Wrath of the Queen
  • 38.Rise of the Super Demons
  • 39.The Fate of Lightspeed,Part 1
  • 40.The Fate of Lightspeed,Part 2

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