Ed Rangers Lost Galaxy is a season of Ed Rangers.

"Ed Rangers Lost Galaxy"
Writer: SuperSaiyanKirby
Series: Ed Rangers
Fanfic No.: 7
Title Reference: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Previous Fanfic: Ed Rangers in Space
Next Fanfic: Ed Rangers Lightspeed Rescue


Five rangers must travel on the Terra Venture to stop a villain named Trakeena from taking over the fictional universe of the Lost Galaxy.


Color Name Acts Like
Red Dick Leo Corbett
Green Rolf Damon Henderson
Blue ThugLife64 (Character) Kai Chen
Yellow Nazz Maya Zephyr
Pink May/Karone Kendrix Morgan/Herself
Magna Defender Magna Defender/Jack Himself/Mike Corbett



You know 'em!Guess!


  • 1.Quasar Quest,Part 1
  • 2.Quasar Quest,Part 2
  • 3.Race to the Rescue
  • 4.Rookie in Red
  • 5.Homesick
  • 6.The Lights of Orion
  • 7.Double Duty
  • 8.The Blue Crush
  • 9.The Magna Defender
  • 10.The Sunflower Search
  • 11.Silent Sleep
  • 12.Orion Rising
  • 13.Orion Returns
  • 14.Shark Attack
  • 15.Redemption Day
  • 16.Destined for Greatness
  • 17.Stolen Beauty
  • 18.The Rescue Mission
  • 19.The Lost Galactabeasts,Part 1
  • 20.The Lost Galctabeasts,Part 2
  • 21.Heir to the Throne
  • 22.An Evil Game
  • 23.Memories of Mirinoi
  • 24.Green Courage
  • 25.Blue to the Test
  • 26.Mean Wheels Mantis
  • 27.Loyax' Last Battle
  • 28.A Red Romance
  • 29.The Chamelic Warrior
  • 30.To the Tenth Power
  • 31.The Power of Pink
  • 32.Protect the Quasar Saber
  • 33.Facing the Past
  • 34.Turn Up the Volume
  • 35.Enter the Lost Galaxy
  • 36.Beware the Mutiny
  • 37.Grunchor on the Loose
  • 38.Until Sunset
  • 39.Dream Battle
  • 40.Hexuba's Graveyard
  • 41.Raise the Titanisaur
  • 42.Escape the Lost Galaxy
  • 43.Journey's End,Part 1
  • 44.Journey's End,Part 2
  • 45.Journey's End,Part 3

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