Ed Rangers Time Force is a season of Ed Rangers.

"Ed Rangers Time Force"
Writer: SuperSaiyanKirby
Series: Ed Rangers
Fanfic No.: 9
Title Reference: Power Rangers Time Force
Previous Fanfic: Ed Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Next Fanfic: Ed Rangers Wild Force
200px-Time Force Logo

Time Force,Time Force,Ed Rangers!


A new police force called Time Force must travel to the past and future to stop a villain named Ransik from preventing Time Force to exist.


Color Name Acts Like
Red Billy/Cole Alex/Wesley Collins
Blue Mikey Lucas Kendall
Pink Liz Jen Scotts
Yellow Magia Katie Walker
Green Tripper Trip
Quantum Dan Eric Myers


  • Circuit
  • Captain Logan
  • Cole's Dad
  • Philips
  • Lightspeed Rescue Rangers
  • Wild Force Rangers


  • Ransik
  • Nadira
  • Frax
  • Gluto


1. Force Saving the Future,Part 1

  • Ransik,Nadira,Frax,Gluto,Circuit,Billy,Liz,Mikey,Tripper,Magia, and Captain Logan introduced.Billy thought to be killed.

2. Force Saving the Future,Part 2

  • Cole and Cole's Dad are introduced.Time Force Rangers are introduced.

3. Something to Fight For

4. Ransik Lives

5.A Blue Streak

6. A Parting of Ways

7. Short-Circuited

8. Liz's Revenge

9. The Legend of the Clock Tower

10. The Time Shadow

11. Future Unknown

12. Uniquely Trip

13. Worlds Apart

  • The Silver Guardians and Dan are introduced.

14. The Quantum Quest

  • Quantum Ranger introduced.

15. Clash for Control,Part 1

16. Clash for Control,Part 2

17. Bodyguard in Blue

18. Trust and Triumph

19. Tripper Takes a Stand

20. Quantum Secrets

21. The Last Race

22. Lovestruck Rangers

23. Full Exposure

24. Movie Madness,Part 1

25. Movie Madness,Part 2

26. Time Force Traitor

27. Frax's Fury

28. Dawn of Destiny

  • Billy reavealed alive.

29. Fight Against Fate

  • Billy takes Red Ranger powers.

30. Destiny Defeated

  • Cole takes back Red Rangers powers.Billy heads back to 2009.

31. Undercovered Rangers

32. Beware the Knight

33.Time for Lightspeed

  • Lightspeed teamup. Vypra returns.

34. Reflections of Evil

35. Nadira's Dream Date

36. Circuit Unsure

37. A Calm Before the Storm

38. The End of Time,Part 1

39. The End of Time,Part 2

40.The End of Time,Part 3

  • Frax destroyed.Gluto in containment.Ransik and Nadira surrender.4 head back to the past.Cole joins Silver Guardians.

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