Ed Rangers Turbo is a season of Ed Rangers.    

"Ed Rangers Turbo"
Writer: SuperSaiyanKirby
Series: Ed Rangers
Fanfic No.: 5
Title Reference: Power Rangers Turbo
Previous Fanfic: Ed Rangers Zeo
Next Fanfic: Ed Rangers in Space
Turbo Logo

Ed Rangers Turbo!


A fateful,lifeful day.Eddy loses his Gold Ranger powers,and the power is gone.However, a new evil is rising.A villain named Chaostic.Zordon and Alpha 5 gives them Turbo Powers.Will the Turbo Powers be enough to stop Chaostic?


Color Name Acts Like
Red Kevin/Trent Tommy Oliver/T.J.
Blue Lucas Justin Stewart
Green Ed/Wolf Adam Park/Carlos Vallerte
Yellow Jenny/Lee Kanker Tanya Sloan/Ashley Hammond
Pink Edna/Paulina Marx Katherine Hillard/Cassie Chan
Phantom Phantom Ranger Himself







  • 1.Shift into Turbo (1)
  • 2.Shift into Turbo (2)
  • 3.Shift into Turbo (3)
  • 4.Shadow Rangers
  • 5.The Whole Lie
  • 6.Transmission Impossible
  • 7.Rally Ranger
  • 8.Built for Speed
  • 9.Glyph Hanger
  • 10.Weight and See
  • 11.Alarmed and Dangerous
  • 12.Bicycle Built for the Blues
  • 13.The Millennium Message
  • 14.A Drive to Win
  • 15.Cars Attack
  • 16.Honey,I Shrunk the Rangers (1)
  • 17.Honey,I Shrunk the Rangers (2)
  • 18.Passing the Torch (1)
  • 19.Passing the Torch (2)
  • 20.Stitch Witchery
  • 21.The Wheel of Fate
  • 22.Trouble By the Slice
  • 23.The Phantom Phenomenon
  • 24.Vanishing Act
  • 25.When Time Freezes Over
  • 26.The Darkest Day
  • 27.One Last Hope
  • 28.The Fall of the Phantom
  • 29.Clash of the Megazords
  • 30.The Robot Ranger
  • 31.Beware the Third Wish
  • 32.The Gardener of Evil
  • 33.Fire in YOur Truck
  • 34.The Turn of the Wretched Wrech
  • 35.Spirit of the Woods
  • 36.The Song of Confusion
  • 37.The Accident
  • 38.Paulina's Best Friend
  • 39.The Curve Ball
  • 40.Wolf and the Count
  • 41.Little Strong Men
  • 42.The Rival Rangers
  • 43.Parts and Parcel
  • 44.Chase into Space (1)
  • 45.Chase into Space (2)

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