Ed Rangers Wild Force is a season of Ed Rangers.

"Ed Rangers Wild Force"
Writer: SuperSaiyanKirby
Series: Ed Rangers
Fanfic No.: 10
Title Reference: Power Rangers Wild Force
Previous Fanfic: Ed Rangers Time Force
Next Fanfic: Chouriki Sentai Edranger
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A wild person from Africa(who is American skin weirdly) going to America and meets the Wild Rangers.Now could this team stop Master Org?


Color/Animal Name Acts Like
Red/Lion Eddy Cole Evans
Yellow/Eagle Lee Taylor Earhardt
Blue/Shark Ed Max Cooper
Black/Bison Edd Danny Delgado
White/Tiger Marie Alyssa Enrile
Lunar/Wolf May Merrick Baliton


  • Princess Shayla
  • Animus
  • Time Force Rangers
  • Past 9 Red Rangers
  • Kite


  • Jindrax
  • Toxica
  • Master Org
  • Retinax
  • Nayzor
  • Mandilok
  • Zen-Aku
  • Onikage
  • Machine Empire


1. Lionheart

  • William,Taylor,Freddy,Johnny,Carrie,Princess Shayla,Wild Force Rangers,Toxica,Jindrax,Crystal Sabers, and Wild Force Weapons are introduced.

2. Darkness Awakening

  • Master Org introduced.

3. Click,Click,Zoom

4. Never Give Up!

5. Ancient Awakening

6. Wishes on the Water

7. The Bear Necessities

8. Soul Searching

9. Soul Bird Salvation

  • Retinaxe introduced and destroyed.

10. Curse of the Wolf

  • Nayzor introduced. Zen-Aku introduced.

11. Battle of the Zords

12. Predazord, Awaken

13. Revenge of Zen-Aku

14. Identity Crisis

  • Animus introduced.

15. The Ancient Warrior

  • Carl introduced. Zen-Aku destroyed.

16. The Lone Wolf

  • Lunar Wolf introduced. Nayzor destroyed.

17. Power Play

18. Secrets and Lies

19. The Tornado Spin

20. Three's a Crowd

21. A Father's Footsteps

22. Sing Song

23. The Wings of Animaria

  • Nayzor returns and destroyed again and The Animaria Armor introduced.

24. Reinforcements of Time,Part 1

  • Time Force team-up.

25. Reinforcements of Time,Part 2

  • Time Force team-up.

26. The Master's Last Stand

  • Master Org finished. Mandilok introduced.

27. Unfinished Buisness

  • Zen-Aku returned and destroyed again.

28. Homecoming

29. The Flute

30. Team Carnival

  • Jungle Blaster introduced.

31. Taming of the Zords

32. Monitoring Earth

33. The Soul of Humanity

34. Forever Red

  • Red Ranger team-up.

35. The Master's Herald,Part 1

  • Toxica and Mandilok destroyed. Master Org returns.

36. The Master's Herald,Part 2

37. Finishing for a Friend

  • Toxica returns.

38. Sealing the Nexus

  • Toxica and Jindrax takes off the road.

39. The End of the Power Rangers,Part 1

40. The End of the Power Rangers,Part 2

  • Master Org destroyed. Rangers no longer needed.

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