Ed Rangers Zeo is a continuity of Mighty Morphin Ed Rangers.

"Ed Rangers Zeo"
Writer: SuperSaiyanKirby
Series: Ed Rangers
Fanfic No.: 4
Title Reference: Power Rangers Zeo
Previous Fanfic: Mighty Morphin Ed Rangers
Next Fanfic: Ed Rangers Turbo
Ed Zeo Logo

Ed Rangers Zeo!


One fateful day,King Evil used the Orb of Doom to reverse the rotation of Earth and turn back time,reverting the rangers into powerless children (although they retained they're memories).The Command Center exploded,as if Zordon and Alpha 5 were destroyed,however,a base was under the destroyed place.A robotic army took over Evil Tim's Base.The rangers were chosen for new powers by Zordon and Alpha 5.


Color Name Acts Like
Pink Edna Katherine Hillard
Yellow Jenny Tanya Sloan
Blue Eddy Rocky DeSantos
Green Ed Adam Park
Red Kevin Tommy Oliver
Gold Trey of Triforia/Yang the Hedgehog/Trey of Triforia Himself/Jason Lee Scott



You know em(maybe)!C'mon!Think!


  • 1.A Zeo Beginning,Part 1
  • 2.A Zeo Beginning,Part 2
  • 3.The Shooting Star
  • 4.Target Rangers
  • 5.For Cryin' Out Loud
  • 6.Rangers in the Outfield
  • 7.Every Dog Has His Day
  • 8.The Puppet Blaster
  • 9.Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers
  • 10.Graduation Blues
  • 11.A Few Bad Seeds
  • 12.Instrument of Destruction
  • 13.Mean Screen
  • 14.Mr. Edd's Wild Ride
  • 15.There's No Business Like Snow Business,Part 1
  • 16.There's No Business Like Snow Business,Part 2
  • 17.There's No Business Like Snow Business,Part 3
  • 18.Inner Spirit
  • 19.Challenges
  • 20.Found and Lost
  • 21.Brother,Can You Spare a Arrowhead?
  • 22.Trust in Me
  • 23.It Came from the Cul-De-Sac
  • 24.Sarah Fiction
  • 25.Song Sung Yellow
  • 26.Game of Honor
  • 27.A Season to Remember
  • 28.The Power of Gold
  • 29.A Small Problem
  • 30.Oily to Bed,Oily to Rise
  • 31.Rock-A-Bye Ed Rangers
  • 32.Do I Know You?
  • 33.Revelations of Gold
  • 34.A Golden Homecoming
  • 35.Mondo's Last Stand
  • 36.Bomber in the Summer
  • 37.Scent of a Weasel
  • 38.The Lore of Auric
  • 39.The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold
  • 40.The Joke's on Blue
  • 41.Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?
  • 42.King for a Day,Part 1
  • 43.King for a Day,Part 2
  • 44.A Brief Mystery of Time
  • 45.A Mystery to Me
  • 46.Another Song and Dance
  • 47.Rangers of Two Worlds,Part 1
  • 48.Rangers of Two Worlds,Part 2
  • 49.Hawaii Zeo
  • 50.Good as Gold

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