Ed Trip is a special part of The NEW Edventures of Ed,Edd,N Eddy


Edd's on stage!!!

Title reference:Field Trip
"Ed Trip"
Date written: August 1,2009
Writer: SuperSaiyanKirby
Series: The NEW Edventures of Ed,Edd,N Eddy
Fanfic No.: 6
Title Reference: Field Trip
Previous Fanfic: Ed the Movies!
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Edd's going under cover.

Ed Edd Eddy68

Ed just hit a tree in the park.

The Kids of Peach Creek Jr. High goes on a field trip to Disney World.


  • Guard: Do you have a guardian?
  • Johnny: Watch it! If you ask us that, Plank will call your boss and you'll get fired!


Kevin: (To Nazz.) Eddy's a dork. (Throws a paper ball at him.)

Eddy: Hey! Stop that, will ya!? (Bell rings.)

Ed:Guys, the school field trip is tomorrow!


Ed as a Chicken Wrap when they are at McDonald's.

Ed: What is the place?

Edd: According to Section 9 of the paper,we go to....

Eddy: Spit it out, Stupid!


Eddy: Tomorrow boys, we're going to Disney World, Home Of Mickey Mouse!

(Scene cuts to the next day.)

Edd: Hurry! They're about to dismiss to Disney World!

Bus Driver:We need 3 more kids and we're off.

Kevin: I bet the dorks didn't heard about the-

Eddy: We're here!

Kevin: Dang.

Bus Driver: Now we are off,kids.

Kevin: Just wait til next year!

Jimmy: This is gonna be fun, Sarah!

Sarah: I know exactly how you feel, Jimmy!

(Scene cuts to the bus in Ohio.)

Bus Driver: Okay kids, it's lunch break.What do you wanna eat?

Ed: I know! Let's go to McDonalds!

Everyone: OK!

Bus Driver: McDonald's it is.

(Scene cuts to a McDonald's restaurant.)

???: Hello.May I take your order?

Bus Driver: We're on a field trip, so we'll have the field trip special.

???: You guys got yourselves a lucky meal. COMING UP!

(Bus Driver sighs.)


Ed is seen as a Chicken Wrap.

Sarah (to Ed): HURRY UP STUPID HEEEEEAD!!!!!!!!

Ed: Here's your chicken.

(The scene cuts until they got to the bus)

Nazz (to Kevin): Dude, are you alright.

Kevin (to Nazz): that was gross


Nazz (to the Eds): You guys are really immature!!

Eddy: (Laughs and stops after 5 minutes) man that was killing me.

(The scene cuts until they arrive to Disney World in Orlando, FL. )

Ed: YAY!

Eddy: Yes.

Edd: That was lengthy, also we arrived here from the departing location at approximately 12 hours.

Announcer on Speaker: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Magic Kingdom park!

Eddy: Can we go on Big Thunder Mountain first?

Bus Driver: Sure, have fun y'all.

Eddy:Let's go!

Operator: How many guests in your party?

Edd: 8, excluding Plank.

(The Peach Creek kids Ride the roller coaster)

Edd and Ed: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nazz: THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!

Kevin: I KNOW!!!!!

Jimmy: (crying)


Johnny: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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