The Eds try in to fight against Eddy's Brother in Ed War II.


Eddy's Brother, general of his army, atempted to make a new world thing Peach Creek has ever seen. Led by a so called race of supermen. Spreading a reign of terror unlike any other Peach Creek has ever known. "Sieg Ed! Sieg Ed!" Eddy's Brother's Nazis began searching the top of Peach Creek for evidence of acient jawbreakers. For they beieved they were made by their blood ancestors. They thought their ancestors formed the foundation of Peach Creek's candy. A foundation with Eddy's Brother as a high leader.

Inspiring Eddy's Brother's evil crusade, were the beliefs of pure Cul-de-Sacian blood that was being contaminated by so called inferior kids. And a new race of Cul-de-Sacian supermen would rule Peach Creek. He needed to eliminate competing kids. He kept them in a concentration camp where they would be tortured and forced to work. The Nazis tortured them by getting a peacock feathers and tickled them until they would join them.

The Eds, the kids, and the Kankers tried to stop Eddy's Brother by wiping out his Nazis then knock him out. When Eddy's Brother saw his private talking about surrendering, he fired him. He then got scared and comitted suicide by eating a rotten jawbreaker, and hitting himself in the face with a door.


  • Kevin: Give it up man! We know it's you! Don't hide it
Eddy's Brother: It wasn't me! I didn't even know there was a war! I was just standing around, minding my own business, and whistling at a 2 feet distance away! (Whistles Der Lindenbaum)
Ed: Okay then. Let's go guys!

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