The Eds and Emily relax and sit until Emily gets a idea: why can't they go the the candy store that can make a candy store for lots of Jawbreakers? Everyone enjoys it until The Gourd and Timber the Dark shard capture Emily and take her to his Evil Lair and ask her to join them and so she did, and turned into a black widow called Mistress Emily. The Gourd's plan is to swap Jawbreakers with fake Apple Jawbreakers and with a little help from Eddy's Older Brother later The kids are growing fat because of the Eds' scam. Then Mistress Emily and The Gourd tell Eddy's Brother to swap Jawbreakers with fake Apple Jawbreakers and then take over The Cu-de-sac. The kids eat The fake Jawbreakers and feel sleepy and the villains take them back to thier Lair and are about to eat them. The Eds were not happy because Emily is now Mistress Emily. Meanwhile, at the Gourd's Lair he is ready to have his desert until Professor Scam and his henchmen comes and wants Mistress Emily Back. The Gourd fights Professor Scam. during the fight, Emily freed the kids and The Gourd is defeated and Professor Scam and Mistress Emily went back to the lane and continued what they were doing earlier.

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