Ed Edd Eddy the video game is a 1st person shooter video game adaptation for the movie. It is only playable on the Xbox 360 arcade and is purchased on the Xbox live market place for 800 points. The game features 4 game modes, campagin( the sotry is the same as the movie with minor tweaks), Xbox live in which you can go online in various game types and maps, custom games in wich you can edit your own gametypes and just play locally, and challenge mode where you can play various mini games that are unlocked by finding hidden jawbrakers on the map. The game israted E10+ for cartoon mischief, cartoon violence, and mild blood.


A: Jump

B: Punch

X: Reload, Action

Y: Alternate weapons

RB: Ability 1

LB: Ability 2

RT: Shoot

LT: Grenade

Up on the D Pad: Alternate between Eds


Ed: Ed is the slowest Ed yet he has the strongest melee. His weapons include the M240 LMG that despite its large Mag and high damage is not very accurate and takes a while to reload. His second weapon is a M1014 shot gun that is best used for colse quarters. His first ability is to lift things and his seond ability is to do a short sprint to get to far places.

Edd: The fastest Ed but has the weakest melee. His weapon include the barret M14 sniper which is best for long range and a fully automatic commando rifle with a grendade launcher. His first ability is a hologram that distracts enemies and his second ability is a jet pack that lets him got to far places but for a short time.

Eddy: He has the srtrongest damage resistance. His weapon is the stinger missile which heat seaks enemy air craft. His second weapon are dual MAC 11 sub machine guns that burn ammo quickly but is epic in close range. His first ability is to cloak making him effective at surprise attacks. His second ability to deploy a shield that protects him from fire. Some times he will use the thumper grenade launcher instead of a stinger.

Story mode

The game begins wth a small introduction by Edd who says that some content in the movie was deemed too graphic for kids and was moved into this video games where teens could enjoy.

Level one, the carnage

The game begins with Kevin, Nazz, Rolf, and Johnny enetering the eds scam which turns out to be a magic show. The scam goes great until during the vanishing Ed trick in which Eddy uses the wrong button to transport Ed in which he accidently releases a barage of bear traps which bites of Rolfs flesh, cuts down a tree that smashes Kevin and Nazz, and hangs on to Johnny, pierces an ice cream truck that causes it to crash (the driver got out in time) leaving the EDs scared, to be ediited later

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