Before we get to this game, let's find out what Eddy's latest scam is. He has called cartoon characters from all over the world, maybe even different worlds to be in his Mega Racing Championship in order to win the Gibble Cup.

Gibble cup

PS The Gibble cup was based on a Pokemon called Gibble. This is a picture of the Gibble Cup.

Playable Characters

* Ed - Car: TrashBasher, Special Attack: Chunky Puff Blast

* Edd - Car: DD Mobile, Special Attack: Freeze Ray

* Eddy - Car: The Money Lover, Special Attack: Exploding Jaw Breaker

Unlockable Characters

* Jimmy - Car: The YumYum Mobile, Special Attack: Crying, How to Unlock: Cross the finish line in any kind of race.

* Sarah - Car: The Chomper, Special Attack: Annoying Yell, How to Unlock: Cross the finish line in any kind of race using Jimmy.

* Kevin - Car: Kevin's Bike Duh, Special Attack: Road Burn, How to Unlock: Win the first tournament.

* Rolf

* Nazz

* Johnny 2x4 and Plank

* Marie

* Lee

* May

* Eddy's Brother

Unlockable Secret Other-Worldly Characters

* SpongeBob SquarePants

* Patrick Star

* Squidward Tentacles

* Sandy Cheeks

* Mr Krabs

* Plankton

* Gary

* The Flying Dutchman

* Mermaid Man

* Barnacle Boy

* Manray

* Mrs Puff

* Pearl

* Squilliam

* Larry

* Karen

* Zim

* Gir

* Dib

* Gaz

* Tak

* Mimi

* Timmy Turner

* Cosmo

* Wanda

* Poof

* Jurgen von Strangle

* Vicky

* Crocker

* Chip Skylark

* The Crimson Chin

* Chester

* AJ

* Pikachu

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