Ed edd n eddy babies

ed edd n eddy baby mode is a fanon story created by lordmakeup.

"Rolf's has been reduced to that of a size of a baby's bazoo."-- Rolf

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These are the events that orcured during the time all the kids in the cul-de-sac were babies and Edd just met the othe to Ed and Eddy. Eddy's Brother is only 9 and still live here, so he is teaching Eddy scams. The first episode is when Edd moves to the cul-de-sac and sees Ed and Eddy at the 'Bottomless Ed' scam (the first one Eddy thought of by himself.) Edd falls for the scam and somehow becomes their friends, thinking they're the cool kids. Edd soon meets Kevin, Jonny, Plank, Nazz, and Eddy's Brother the only other kids in the nieborhood. Weeks later Rolf moves in and Edd sugests they help him but Eddy's Brother tells him how to scam a kid from a different country.


  • Jimmy and Sarah are not in this series untill the last episode of season 1, after they're born .
  • The Kankers make their brief appearance as month olds, they make a peek on The Eds and decide to capture them when they grow up.
  • Eddy's Brother moves away the episode before Jimmy and Sarah are born.
  • Eddy's Brother's name is revealed to be Matthew
  • Rolf does not move in untill the 2nd episode.
  • Eddy askes if he can wear Edd's hat but Edd yells no and backs away.
  • Ed sees a chicken for the first time when when Rolf moves in, Ed tries to steal one as a pet.
  • Jonny is first shown making Plank when he is sick in his bed after he was born in Season 2.
  • Edd asks Eddy how he met Ed.
  • Plank is made from a piece of wood from the old abandoned house.
  • Eddy's Brother gives Ed over 500 monster movies.
  • Eddy's Brother does teach Eddy about the El' Mongo Stink Bomb.


Matthew: Hey, pipsquek! Some new family is moving into town today.

Eddy: Really?

Matthew: Yeah, their kid is about your age.

Edd: Ed follow me I think I know how to scam this kid.

Matthew: Ed, here are some movies I "purchased" at a store don't tell the cops I ave them to you.

Ed: Okay, but can I watch them all on Halloween?

Matthew: Sure, but when you're 12.

Ed: Why then?

Matthew: Cause I have to give Eddy a map.

Ed: Why?

Matthew: So you can go to see monsters and he will never forget that day.

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